updated Ref. Sheet

Fat Chelsea

Having played SST from the off, i'm now woundering if Mongie will release a ref. sheet with ALL the new weapons in it as things have moved on since the original was posted.

In the event that this has happened then i'd look less dumb if some one could point me in the direction.

Cheers for now...
Um... Don't you get a referance page with everything at the end of every armybook? Just a quick photocopy and you're off. Well, AFAIK there's no 'Permission to photocopy for personal use only' thingy on those pages, but I guess MGP won't send a strike team your way if you do a photocopy just for ease of play.
who would care? they would just send few missiles.
AFAIK You can make one backup of anything (books, CDs, DVDs etc) for Your personal use..
Yep know that. But was hopeing NOT to have to bend the buggery out of my lovely books. What i ment was is there a download version i could get hold of.