A few questions.


Banded Mongoose
While I've been into RPG's since I was a kid I had never heard of Paranoia until I got into Traveller a couple of months ago (40+ years too late but not a day too early). However as I've been running through the Mongoose site checking up on Traveller material I keep getting notifications about this game and I must admit, that artwork and use of color (yes I am a Rubens lover) is stunning!!! Watching a few Youtube channel reviews tells me this could be a game near and dear to my black humored irrelevant tongue in cheek heart.

One potential big problem, the days of having friends into RPG's are decades in the past, having gone through the whole mid life thing where work and family take up the vast majority of your time I settled into mastering how to play games solo. D&D and ASL especially. I think I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this Paranoia but unless I really mistaken it does not make for a game that can be played solo unlike many others. I mean it often described as a player v. player kind of game. Fricking hard you would think to play solo.

So??? Is that a fair acessment of the game? Pretty much 0 suitablility for solo play, and if so. Is there a large community out there for perhaps playing online. With the caveat that I severely tech stupid and have only heard of things like Discord but never used it..

I want this game, may still get it just to enjoy the art and reading it, but I'd love to be able to play it.
yeah I thought as much. Thanks Matt! Guess this is the game that will get me tech smarter... I'm getting it for sure but I'll want to be able to play it as it should be played. Cut throat against other players not trying to against myself haha. I'm good.. but don't think I am that good to carry it off with this game.
thanks for the replies and will be impatiently waiting the mailman today.. decided to take the plunge yesterday and ordered a copy of the Core book. Really looking forward to reading this and perhaps exploring online play, something a bit outside my comfort zone but if this game is half as good as it seems, and many say it is, it should be a worthwhile leap into the great cyber unknown.
MadBeardMan did mention on Bluesky the other day that he has very initial thoughts about Paranoia on Alchemy so the Mongoose VTT team looks to be working on several fronts behind the scenes.

It will be very good to see things coming out later this year for multiple games on multiple platforms.
I did get and read through that Core book. Absolutely now want to be able to play it as it should be played, not try to make it work solo. I'm looking closely at my options at virtually playing it with others. Well done Mongoose, and what I read of it seems spot on. Fabulous game and you all seem to have done a fabulous job with the new edition of the original game.