Please Mongoose Fix the Vehicle Handbook

Geir is definitely right the Fusion Power in the Vehicle Handbook is designed completely different from Fusion power in every other T2 book. It even goes against other parts of the VH. Having a vehicle use Fusion + PP shouldn’t add 2.5+ DTs to the size of a Vehicle and giving it a 50+ life span also makes no sense. Shoot even the Fission plants make no sense considering a nuclear Carrier has to be refueled 25 years yet the VH has it every 50 years at TL8 which is our basic tech level.

A Fusion plant shouldn’t take any extra space and should be refueled either every monthly or possibly every 3 months. That makes sense with the rest of T2 lore/mechanics
Couple of other notes much of what we call physics is more theoretical than fact and we tend to forget that. We observe something and create a theory as to the cause than we do experiments to prove our theory right. The problem is we often find later something that either invalidates our theory or completely changes how we perceive what we seen in the first place. That why and good scientist keeps a open mind and accept the possibility that they are completely wrong.

Another note even if we get the ability to detect gravitational manipulation down to a point where we would in theory be able to detect a grav tank that doesn’t mean we will be able to pick it out from the background noise. Even a planets Gravitational field is not uniform on the surface. Same with detecting the Fusion Power Plant unless your two high tech armies fighting over a low tech world you’re going to have to filter out a lot of background noise. Nuclear Dampers, Civilian Fusion Plants, Fusion powered small craft buzzing around, shoot even the FGMPs of the troops. On top of all this you have ECM and intention noise. There are reasons why for ground combat we tend to use Mark 1 Eyeballs.