Which Tac Config do you use most

  • Air Superiority

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  • Ground Support

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  • Tactical

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  • Atomic (da bomb)

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I was looking at the army list for the marauder platoon and the fighter ther is for 200 points while its 250 on all the other pages. i just wanted to make sure what the cost is since fifty points can make a diffrence.
also a poll just for fun

rico chay

i chose da bomb bcos of the thoght of wiping out a swarm in 1 hit!
eat radiation and vaporisation, bugs! :p :p

woo! hell yeah!


When I first stared using TAC fighters (yes more than one :p) I was using the ground support option... But i simply found like all other 'artillery' mode weapons to simply be too inaccurate to be effective :/

Firestorm bombs are simply fantastic however even when those warrior bugs are packed together as tight as possible once the thing starts scattering youll be lucky if you hit 2 or 3 of them in the blast.

On the otherhand with a Ground Attack Missile you can ssure your hitting exactly where you want to hit to optimize the casualties... and even avoid your own models with pin point accuracy.

I also find the prospect of firing a nuke without knowing it will hit exactly where you want it somewhat idiotic :(

Needless to say Ive switched over to Tactical and never looked back.

- g0dzilla


The Atomic payload make the TAC very expensive IMO. I like the ground support option the best I think, but I have not experimented with the TAC too much yet. I am thinking of using more Air Support with a LAMI list.


Mr Evil

i want to do a mix of 3 i recond they all have strenghts.

you need MI on the Ground to mop up after the Tac fighters though.


weve been useing the tac.(cant wait for the model!!!) its nasty . i just about took one out with 6 hoppers . but hoppers are needed to much on the ground to assiasinate ncos and other leadership. when i get a plasma then ill do better against them.


I kinda went with ground support, but I didn't have a great deal of joy with the tac Fighter,

So I dropped in in place of a extra MI sqd and another CHAS!