Simple Character Sheet 1.8


After our first gameplay test of the new rules, I realized there was need for another addition to my Character sheet.

To version 1.6 I have added a check for each hit location where you can mark Serious (S) and Major (M) wound. This makes it much easier to keep track of how many times you have to roll at the end of a combat round when you have several Seriously or Major wounded hit locations.

You find the character sheet at the link in my signature, in the RuneQuest section.
Unfortunately I have a problem with the FTP login for the page at the moment, and has not been able to upload the new character sheet.

However, I have a bit of a good news, instead of 1.6, I will put up 1.7 that has some slight changes. The most important being the record keeping for Hero Points being on the front page instead of the back, which leaves some more lines to write Legendary Abilities on.
There, finally the issues with the FTP server on my ISP was resolved and the new character sheet 1.7 is online.
And no sooner than I had uploaded the 1.7 version I realized there was some more things I could change. Added a Armor Penaly and a Notes space to the Armor/Hitpoints/Hitpoints part of the character sheet, as well as an extra line to write an extra Basic skill and advanced skill.

Version 1.8 available, you know where to find it by now :)