Brave New Missions is now with Roll20. The 5, yes 5! Missions are all converted, tested and looking good.

We noticed during testing a few bits on the character sheet, which will get fixed in the week and then sent over for Roll20 testing.

Onto Compendium #404 when it arrives.

Please enjoy!
Still waiting on Brave New Missions to be approved by Roll20. But work on 404 Compendium has begun.

Updated NPC sheet coming next week as well, just adding a place to add in the NPC avatar.
Now that Brave New Missions is live, I've completed 404 Compendium - I've found a bug with Roll20 itself so sent them an email to fix it.

Around 100 NPC and major Traitors, plus tons on Bots (see here for example) and a mini-game used for rolling up Troubleshooters! This book has taken me too long, as there's a lot of CSS changes required which was me learning!