Conan and the Shadow of the sorcerer boxed set

Do you want the release of Conan and the shadow of the sorcerer boxed set?

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The King

Cosmic Mongoose
Would you buy the campaign should Mongoose decide to publish it?
I hope this thread and this poll can convince Mongoose that Conan the RPG needs such a campaign. So this is a sort of petition.
I hope we will be numerous enough to see it released.
To be honest; I would probably buy it even if it was priced at something like $100. I really want that sucker!
René said:
I'm wondering, if anyone here will vote for options 2-4?
I believe many people want it but there are also some GM's who only play with their own adventures.
Didn't you know: I'am doing some marketing for Mongoose. :wink:
I voted option #1. I would've ordered this right away. And the information we were given that we would get it by Xmas was just icing on the cake. :evil:

Good poll King - I'm hoping Mongoose will realize a campaign that takes characters from 1- 20 levels needs to be amped up on the product schedule! Amped up! :D
Just out of curiosity - since the source material are mostly unconnected short stories (well, other than the main character), why is a campaign this necessary? Why not 20 unconnected adventure modules?
Because it would be another choice (and a popular one at that) available for the game-line. Why think small?

And it would be in Hyboria. And rock.

Amp it up! :D
VincentDarlage said:
Just out of curiosity - since the source material are mostly unconnected short stories (well, other than the main character), why is a campaign this necessary? Why not 20 unconnected adventure modules?
As original source we already have The Hour of the Dragon, but I am sure there is much possibilities for campaigns in Conan and while staying near to R.E. Howard.
The main reason is that Conan RPG authors wouldn't write pastiches work like many bad pastiches trying to imitate Howard, but they would write the adventures they want in a setting they love. They don't have to make Conan think or talk but "merely" to develope plots and threads. GM's make the other (narrative) part.
Of course such a campaign would still have to be Howard-like: involving kings and major personalities directly, with kingdoms and cities at stake.

It could just involve a plot to overthrow the king of Zingara with the help of Argos or to stop an ambitious sorcerer to summon forth the chaos in a region (with reference to Maddox's Conan the valorous).

Because this world is also alive and to the contrary of the Forgotten Realms (tm), a kindgom can disappear in the following day in the thunder of revolution or invasion.

The PC's must also feel that they aren't just petty thieves or warriors in this world but as for Conan himself they must feel that power, whatever the form it may have for them, is also within their reach. Conan always knew he would make someone out of himself or die in the attempt.
Yes, probably.

The thing is that I'm just starting, so I'll use the Shadizar Box set and the book of Aquilonia before getting new material.
René said:
It would still be interesting to heat something official to the WHY...
There is no mystery to it.

The project got off to an extremely late start due to some serious miscommunications between Mongoose and myself, and a lack of info I needed to start. It was announced too early (before I'd even submitted a full outline), and major questions I needed to begin went unanswered for a month after the initial announcement.

I was late with the manuscript due to a run of health issues I wouldn't wish on an enemy. I had missed a couple of earlier, tenative deadlines (a deadline was not part of the original contract), but Richard Neale, the line editor, was understanding. I let them know what was up, healthwise, and they gave me some space.

Unfortunately, life also intervened with my day job taking an inordinate amount of extra time, and involving four work-related business trips and one personal trip in the space of five months. A laptop died with some of the manuscript on it, I managed to slice my right index finger to the bone in a small mishap, and other maladies cursed the project.

In the end, to get to press as a boxed set for release this year, it had a drop-dead due date.

When I edged past that, I inquired if Mongoose would be interested in printing it in an alternate format than the boxed set, they said no.

I told them I was going to finish it anyway, but was told that Mongoose has no interest in publishing it in any form. Conan line developer Richard is no longer at Mongoose, and this was his pet project.

I had been working as a proofreader for Mongoose on other products (including Conan), and was told that my services there were not required any more with that task, either.

I appreciate the support and continued interest from folks here, but as far as I know, the project is dead as far as Mongoose is concerned.

I am nearing completion on it (with the cancellation, I took time off to complete some more lucrative work - the box set was a labor of love and was being done at a lower rate than I usually get), but I am certain Mongoose will not publish it in any form.

I wish the best for the Conan line, and am sorry that The Shadow of the Sorcerer won't see press as a part of it, but they've indicated that the door is closed, and I see no reason to disbelieve them.

And to answer the inevitable question, no I can't e-mail anyone the finished campaign. I'd love to, but it's something like 225,000 words of work, and my wife would kill me if I gave it away.

I'm exploring other options for seeing it published, and will let folks here know what becomes of it.
Thank you for the explanation Jason. This all looks like as a cursed nightmare :cry:
The circumstances were definitly not on your favour.
However I created this thread to give the campaign a chance whatever the odds so don't trash it away.

With this poll I strongly believe firstly that we can show Mongoose how eager we are for it.
Second I also consider that the Conan line needs a campaign because this is usual in the gaming industry and all great RPG's had theirs (dragonlance, slaine, cthulhu, star wars, etc.)

And third, wouldn't it mean a victory against the adversity you met during this cursed write-up to see it released ?

So please all shout after me :
Man - I can't believe the string of bad luck for Shadow has followed this thread! You have to go back to page 1 of the thread just to read Jason's explanation of what happened! If anyone needs an explanation of how the curse spell works - send them to any thread concerning The Shadow of the Sorcerer!

Well, I'm glad you are feeling better Jason. That's good news. I wonder why Mongoose has changed their mind and why the product had to be delivered this year - seems they could've just delayed it until '06?
dont think that the licence allows anyone else to publish conan rpg stuff :shock: so be careful or the lawyers will have a field day the best thing would be that mongoose keep its promise too there fans as I want this box set and the best adventures are those which are labours of love during hard times 8) so come on mongoose you know you want too :wink: :lol:
toothill man said:
dont think that the licence allows anyone else to publish conan rpg stuff
I was going to suggest Jason to publish it in pdf form on RPGNow, but this will probably prevent that. I'm not sure whats allowed and not; Misfit Studios have published stuff thats clearly for Conan, but without using the name Conan, Hyboria etc.

Maybe Mongoose could publish it as a pdf....? Please...?
Thanks for your explanation, Jason!

It's a pity that they don't ant it any longer. Maybe it is possible to publish in the way of Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia, i.e. as a regular d20 module with some online-suggestions from the author how to make it into CONAN.