Rules vs. Settings, Update Books, & What-Ifs


Banded Mongoose
There are several active threads that have intersected or at least glanced off each other in terms of topics around Traveller rules, how the Third Imperium can/should be distinct from the rules, tech discrepancies in the books (weapons, vehicles, ships), and how updates are introduced in the Update volumes and potential corrections or changes would be introduced in future books or a new edition.

Rather than derail those conversations or post the same feedback multiple times, I’m starting this thread for how I feel about the game and it’s future:

1. I love Mongoose 2e. I’m prepping for my first real campaign and am still learning, but this is the best edition of Traveller I’ve ever owned. The books are of great quality, I love the Update format and new art, my books arrive quickly. They’re some of my most prized RPG possessions. Thank you all.

2. I appreciate the Third Imperium for its rpg legacy, but I don’t care about it. In 3 previous campaign attempts over the years, 3 separate groups all bounced of the setting - Not Traveller; not the rules; the setting. I love the 2300 setting but like Jump Drive and horizontal deckplans. I'm glad the TI is there for those who use it.

3. I’m firmly in the Rulebook vs. Setting book camp. I buy sourcebooks and adventures for inspiration or adapt them to MTU. I buy both TI & 2300 supplements. I prefer books like Robot Handbook that can be used regardless of setting.

4. I much prefer the Update approach that is underway vs. an edition reboot. I want tweaks, not surgery. I’m always up for new books (3 arrived today), but I don’t see a new edition investment in my foreseeable future, if ever.

5. I struggle with the appreciation of the insane effort it must take to create starship, vehicle, and weapon systems vs. the bickering about things that are “useless” or “broken” or "filled with errors". I don’t have enough direct contact at the game table to know where the truth lies, unfortunately. I hope that the claims are incorrect or overblown. I’m not seeking real-world accuracy: it IS a game. But it’s disheartening to read that my AEH is “useless” and my Vehicle book “doesn’t work”. I’m NOT saying those are true statements. I haven't been able to verify or refute. But I've seen multiple posts along those lines, and it makes me pause and consider if I should look at a different ruleset. Yes, I'm aware that the last point is a failing of mine, not the game. Regardless, it happens.

6. I do know this, however, if I’m investing this much money, time, and effort for a fleshed-out science fiction rules set, I want to be able to use it without glaring inaccuracies. If “it’s a game, design systems with glaring flaws are good enough” is where we land, there are far cheaper & easier alternatives: various Cepheus rules, and the current Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion Kickstarter come to mind. Note: I'm saying that I don’t want that to be true for any of the Traveller books I buy. Otherwise, why shouldn’t I just go for a “good enough” option?

In any case, thanks to Team Mongoose. I love this game and want to support it for years to come.
"Useless" is going to depend on your purpose. Most of the issues come from comparing things from one system to the other. So trying to put vehicle weapons on a starship or starship lasers on your tanks. But if you just want your car to do car things and your spaceship to do spaceship things, it generally works.

I don't have the AEH, so I could be wrong, but I thought mostly the problems there were with it not producing results compatible with older editions. But I am sure someone will pop in and let us know if it more comprehensive than that.
I hope that the claims are incorrect or overblown.
Of course they are overblown; it's mostly entrenched decades-old arguments about fine points of prejudice. Unfortunately I can't say I'm immune or an exception...

But it’s disheartening to read that my AEH is “useless” and my Vehicle book “doesn’t work”.
Of course they are not useless or unworkable. The Vehicle book might be a bit too simplified and lead to what I would consider silly results, but of course both the design system and the presented vehicles can be used.

We had more detailed and more consistent design systems in the MT & TNE editions, and nearly no-one used them because they were too complicated. Be careful about what you wish for, you might get it...
Thank you both for that context. I could give a rat's fart about prior systems. I'm buying and playing Mg2e. I understand wanting to be setting & thematically consistent, but I don't expect all of the editions of a game, especially under various publishers, to be 100% compatible/consistent.

Thanks again.
The problem is the Vehicle Handbook primarily the Fusion power plant rules. For some reason the original author made the fusion power plant an improvement of the fission power plant with an insane longevity as well as a massive size cost while stating that at TL 12 fusion powered vehicles are ubiquitous. Not only does this counter dictates itself but it also doesn’t work with either Robots or Highguard. Geir has proposed a fix that brings vehicles fusion power plants in line with the rest of the books and setting. The rest of the problems with the Vehicle Handbook are more along the line of small changes and expanding the bas3 system. It has been confirmed that we will be getting a update next year that should fix the issues