Your Mongoose accolades


Open a new Thread, with dtats ONLY and only ONE post per User or shift all not-stat-posts to another Thread, then I'll join - though I have not yet a tourney game to report and are not yet in the MI (but will soon be).


Games Tournaments:
A Call to Arms: Q-Con XIII 2006: 1st out of 8 (Shadows)
A Call to Arms: Yeovil 2006: 4th out of 16 (Shadows)
A Call to Arms: Mongoose - Into the Fire II 2006: 3rd tied out of 24 (Centauri)
A Call to Arms: Gaelcon 2006: 3rd out of 8 (Shadows)
A Call to Arms: Mongoose - Masters of War 2006: 13th out of 18 (Brakiri)
A Call to Arms: Wargames Workshop Dec 06: 6th out of 12 (Shadows)
A Call to Arms: ID Gaming - Fleet Admiral Jan 07: 5th out of 6 (Drazi)
A Call to Arms: SRGS - Conflicts of Interest 17 Mar 07: Organiser

Other Accolades
Sentient Rabbits Gaming Society - ACTA pages
Sentient Rabbits Gaming Society (SRGS) - Founding Member
Attended 2nd Mongoose Open Day, June 4th 2005.


2006 Open Day Breakfast Club Member
ID Gaming 12th Aug 2006 4th (wow) (Early EA)
Into the Fire II: 17th (Darn pesky dice) (and yes proud of my 17th) (Early EA)
ID Gaming 7th Oct 06 4th (Early EA)
Masters of War 11 Nov 06 - 2nd place (pesky Abbai) (Early EA)
Wargames Workshop 9th Dec 06 - 1st of 12 and a cheesy photo (Early EA)
Wargames Workshop 17th Feb - Joint Second to Last of 14 (Brakiri) :cry:
Sentient Rabbits 17th Mar - Second to Last of 14 (Brakiri) (It can only get better, surely?)
Wargames Workshop 31st Mar 07 - 1st of 12 (Minbari) (It did get better :lol: )
ID Gaming 29th Apr 07 - Joint 4th with 5 others of 10 (Dilgar)
Wargames Workshop 6th Oct 07 - 2nd of 10 (Early EA)
Wargames Workshop 17th Nov 07 - 3rd of 8 (3rd Age EA) (Darn Vorlons!)
Sentient Rabbits 16th Feb 08 - Organiser and not quite last of 20 (Rubbish Early EA)
Sentient Rabbits 3rd May 08 - 10th of 18 (Early EA)


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