Your Mongoose accolades


Other Mongoose:
-Member of the Six Men
-LT. for Virginia (and southern Maryland and D.C.) in the Mobile Infantry
-Maker of colorful unit cards


AAAhh The falklands . MPA , not the end of the world..... but you can see it from there. Port stanley...... where the Bennys have straight hair and curly teeth. 4 months was enough for me...... now I hate mutton because of it.



I think mine would be something like this

"Most Likeliest person to have playtested whatever book you happen to be holding by mongoose Publishing"

"Referred to as the "old man" of Playtesting by Ian Belcher.

"Author of numerous SST RPG articles for Signs and Portents".

"The guy responsible for how tunneling now works in SST Wargame, via playtest comments".

"He who has posted in the Gooses defence when necessary since the very beginning because he saw the potential when others doubted"... its good to be proven right :D

Mongoose Playtest Credits to Date
Quintessential Dwarf
Encyclopedia Arcane: Elementalism
Encyclopedia Arcane: Chronomancy
Quintessential Monk
Quintessential Witch
Encyclopedia Arcane: Enchantment
Encyclopedia Arcane: Star Magic
Quintessential Psychic Warrior
Encyclopedia Arcane: Illusionism
Quintessential Druid
Quintessential Samurai
Quintessential Psion
Quintessential Paladin
MechWar: Armageddon 2089
Quintessential Barbarian
Encyclopedia Arcane: Crossbreeding
Babylon 5 RPG
Babylon 5 Fiery Trial Story Arc
Quintessential Bard
Encyclopedia Arcane: Dragon Magic
Encyclopedia Divine: Divination
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Conjuration
Quintessential Gnome
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Familiars
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Blood Magic
Babylon 5: Coming of the Shadows
Babylon 5: Earthforce Sourcebook
Babylon 5: Minbari Federation Sourcebook
A2089: High Frontier Sourcebook
A2089: Soldiers Companion Sourcebook
Strongholds & Dynasties
Ultimate Prestige Collection 2
Quintessential Half Orc
Quintessential Drow
Quintessential Human
Quintessential Halfling
Encyclopaedia Arcane: Components
Conan D20
Book of Dragons
Quintessential Fighter 2
Babylon 5: Point of No Return Sourcebook
Quintessential Chaos Mage
Horror OGL
Steampunk OGL
Babylon 5: Companion
Babylon 5: Technomages
Babylon 5: The Narn Regime
Rookies Guide to Atlantis
Book of the Sea
Ancients OGL
Judge Dredd: The Awakening Scenario
Babylon 5: No Retreat, No Surrender
Babylon 5: Zocalo
Babylon 5: League of Non Aligned Worlds
Babylon 5: Psi Corp
Babylon 5 A Call to Arms
Conan D20: Atlantean Edition
Jeremiah RPG
Lone Wolf RPG
Paranoia XP
Starship Troopers Miniatures Game
Wild West OGL
Book of Immortals
Babylon 5: Rangers Sourcebook
Babylon 5: Into the Crucible
Babylon 5: Galactic Guide
Babylon 5 A Call to Arms Supplement 1
Babylon 5: Free Mars
Infernum: Book of the Damned
Infernum: Book of the Tormentor
Starship Troopers RPG
Babylon 5: Crusade Sourcebook
Infernum: Book of the Conqueror
Babylon 5: The Athena Strain
WARS: Incursion Adventure
WARS: Battlefront Sourcebook
Babylon 5: Dilgar Invasion
Babylon 5: Merchants, Traders and Raiders
Babylon 5: Earthforce Campaign Sourcebook
Babylon 5: Darkness & Light
Starship Troopers: Boot Camp
Starship Troopers: Citizens of the Federation
WARS: Nowhere to Hide Adventure
Conan: Argos & Zingara
Conan: Stygia
Conan: Faiths & Fervour
Conan: Tito's Trading Post
Starship Troopers: Ambush at Altair V
Starship Troopers: Arachnid Empire
Starship Troopers: MI Field Manual
WARS: Soul & Steel Equipment book
Babylon 5 2e: Complete Season Guide
Babylon 5 2nd Edition RPG
Babylon 5 2e: Jagged Edge
Babylon 5 2e: Cold Equations
Babylon 5 2e: Shipbuilders Manual
Babylon 5 2e: Ships Manual
Babylon 5 2e: the Trouble With Drazi
Babylon 5 2e: Bounty Hunters
Babylon 5 2e: Heroes & Aliens
Babylon 5 2e: IPX
Babylon 5 2e: The Rim
RuneQuest RPG: Main Rules
RuneQuest RPG: Companion
RuneQuest RPG: Monsters
RuneQuest RPG: Arms & Equipment
RuneQuest RPG: Legendary Heroes
RuneQuest RPG: Magic
RuneQuest RPG: Cults 2
RuneQuest RPG: Lankhmar
RuneQuest RPG: Nehwhon
Babylon 5 2e: Leap of Faith
Conan: Reavers of the Vilayet
Paranoia: Sector zero
Babylon 5 2e: Thirdspace
Babylon 5 2e: Pak'ma'ra
Babylon 5 2e: Legend of the Rangers
Conan 2nd Edition RPG
Elric of Melnibone
Elric: Bright Shadows of Melnibone
RuneQuest: Blood of Orlanth
RuneQuest: Spellbook
RuneQuest: Gamesmasters Book

The Quartermasters Store - S&P RPG issue 31
Advanced Training - S&P RPG issue 33
The Black Cross Mercenaries - S&P RPG issue 34
Babylon 5 Techno Mages 2nd Edition (part one) - S&P RPG issue 39
Babylon 5 Techno Mage Prestige Classes (part two) - S&P RPG issue 40

Greg Smith

In a similar vein:

"Always caught in the same pose when Old Bear is taking pictures for S&P"

"S&P Dilgar writer"

"Armageddon tease"

"LBH mocker"

"ACTA tourney winner"

Low Roller 1-1

1st Mongoose Open Day, November 6th 2004 attendee

Into the Fire, Feb 26th 2005 (1st ACTA tournament, ) one of the Lucky 14, I came 6th with my EA fleet

SST Miniatures game, Pre release open night, Thursday 12th April 2005 - "destroyer of churches"

2nd Open Day, June 4th 2005. Claudia Christian in attendance- a very nice lady.

SST Minis Tournament, Alpha Strike, September 17th 2005, came 6th with Bugs.

GENCON UK ACTA tournament 5th November 2005, Won with my EA fleet- the cheesy 10 Olympus fleet .

2nd MGT ACTA tournament, Into the Fire, Nov 26th 2005, attended due to bad planning :cry:

B5 RPG 2E Launch Day, March 25th 2006, let LBH take my place in the B5 2E RPG session, GM'd by Mongoose Steele, guest player Claudia Christian as Ivanova "because his little face was sooooo sad"

SST Minis tournament, War of the Species I, April 29th 2006, played bugs again came 8th (next time might try MI)

22nd July 2006, Openday - attended, had a good time with

Member of the Openday breakfast club

Must say cheers to LBH for the list - I could not remember all the dates only that i have beat him on most of them :lol:


Writer: Starship Troopers - Extinction Protocol

Playtester Credits: Gangs of Mega-City One, Mighty Armies, A Call To Arms, Starship Troopers: The Miniatures Game, Klendathu Invasion

Member of the "6 Good Men" of SST:TMG

Drafted into the 11 Good Grunts 7/8/06

Attended first and third Mongoose Open Days


Member of the Sunflower Breakfast Café Brigade
Babylon 5 2nd Ed. Grand Opening - Attended
War of the Species - 3/14
Mongoose Open Day July 22nd - SST Demonstrator
Colours Wargaming Show, September 8&9 2006 - ACTA & SST Demonstrator
Mongoose Infantry, LT Oxfordshire
Battlefield Evolution Playtester
Starship Troopers Evolution Playtester
Noisiest Intern of the Year 2006
Masters of War (SST) - 2nd Place

Greg Smith

At LBHs request, here are my accolades:

Mongoose tournaments/events:

1st Mongoose Open Day, November 6th 2004, attended, participated in ACTA demo and played Lone Wolf with Joe Dever!

1st MGT ACTA tournament, Into the Fire, Feb 26th 2005, Battleground of the Lucky 14, I placed 2nd.

SST Miniatures game, Pre release open night, Thursday 12th April 2005

2nd Open Day, June 4th 2005.

SST Minis Tournament, Alpha Strike, September 17th 2005, came 10th.

2nd MGT ACTA tournament, Into the Fire, Nov 26th 2005, WINNER!

B5 RPG 2E Launch Day, March 25th 2006, ran War Withou End demo.

SST Minis tournament, War of the Species I, April 29th 2006, came 6th.

22nd July 2006, played lots of ACTA.

Into the Fire II, placed 12th. Winner of Vickers Trophy.

Attended SST Evo day

Nov 11th 2006, Masters of War tourney, came 8th

Attended BF:Evo day

17 March 2007 Conflicts of Interest touney (at Aldershot) - placed joint second.

5th May 2007 Final Victory - placed last but one.

4th August 2007 Mongoose Hall '07, ACTA tourney WINNER!

Other Mongoose Accolades

ACTA playtester (tournament pack, Drakh, Armageddon, 2nd Edition) - one of the 'Five Good Men'.

Writer Signs & Portents articles:
'Corporate Strategy' (issue #9)
'Running an Epic Campaign' (#10)
'Toranese Archer' (#23)
'Suffer the Little Children' (RPGer #27)
'Clash of the Titans' with Andreas (WG #31)
'Boompowder, Treason and Plot' (RPGer #32)
'Battles from the Dilgar War' (WG #32-35 and more to come).
'Proxy War' (WG38)
'Shakedown' (WG38)
'Giant Slaying' (WG39)
'Frontier Clash' (WG39)
'Old Rivalries' (WG40)

toothill man

played lone wolf in first open day DMed by august
shopped on a few of the other days
ran 2 fatties at salute that wiped them all out

appeared in signs on the throne of power and also runner up on one of the caption comps
number 1 slaine head
creator of the monkey thread(on 99 pages and counting)
GM challenge of the gulls
follower of mongoose from start(had the first copy of slayers guide to bugbears from spot on hobbies in swindon )
complete lines in slaine,conan,lone wolf,slayers,enclopedias,and alot alot more.
2nd highest poster
and can say friend to both old bear and LBH(at same time)


Sneaky said:
Once recieved a PM off LBH 8)

You did? I'm not saying you're lying I just honestly can't remember sending you one, and more importantly was it a reply to one you sent me or a PM initiated by me, the latter would buy you more kudos. :lol:



Off you - I was trying to sell off raider fighters, traded for some SF theme track CDs.

Many moons ago :p

Greg Smith

lastbesthope said:
Welcome to the roll of honour Greg, if anyone of us deserves to be here, you do.


Thanks. Shame I couldn't spell 'writer' right. :oops:

Now if I could just figure out how to link to my post above.


Greg Smith said:
lastbesthope said:
Welcome to the roll of honour Greg, if anyone of us deserves to be here, you do.


Thanks. Shame I couldn't spell 'writer' right. :oops:

Now if I could just figure out how to link to my post above.

You can edit your post Greg, that's the idea, to add on new stuff later

Here's the link you'll nbeed for your sig:

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