Your favourite on screen ship?

Which is your favourite ship from Babylon 5?

  • Omega/Hyperion/Nova

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  • Sharlin

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  • Primus/Vorchan

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  • T'Loth/G'Quan

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  • Whitestar

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  • Shadows

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  • Vorlons

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  • League ships

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  • Drakh

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  • Other (please specify)

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Chernobyl said:
Omegas. They had some of the best sound effects.
Nah, best sound effect was the Xill firng on the Shadow Fighters in Shadow Dancing... :shock:

My favourite is... none of them and all of them. The whole attraction of B5, initially, was the incredible diversity of ships. G'quan, Sharlin, Omega, Warbird, Xill, Vorlon, Shadow... no design the same, many radically different from one another. I can't pick one based solely on looks.

The Centauri Sentri fighter as it's very graceful, fast and deadly looking even by usual fighter standards 8)
allthough True Centauri, my choice is the G'Quan. It explodes so nicely in season 2 8) And with the best warpaint.

And on the second place the menacing shadow vessels. Just listen to the menacing description Delenn uses in season 3 episode 1. :evil:

Earth Alliance is just plain ugly (although Sinclair would disagree, he votes for the Sharlin to be the ugliest around).
The Vorlon ships with energy arching between their tendrils are the best, very alien looking and insanely powerful (well in the show...)
Omega, S-Fury and T-Bolts, Hyperions and then Novas.

The scream for the Shadow vessels make it my faviourite non human vessel, but the Vorlons firing, hard pressed to choose between em, but the shadows win out, just.
I love the Omega. The rotating section is cool and when firing it's Lasers and Pulse Cannons in Endgame it looks even better. 8)
The Shadow Ships. How can you not love them. Especially when you actually see them use the fighter dispersal tubes and JP disruptor. Sooooo good.

Second place i'd say Shadow Omega. The first time i ever saw them on screen... well, the less said the better lol
lastbesthope said:
White Stars, power and grace in one teeny tiny ship!

And handbrake skids to boot!

Personally I agree with that maintanence tech. They look like plucked turkeys.

And G'Quan for me followed by the Omega.
prelude_to_war said:
They do look like plucked turkeys - especially the wings...

Yes... a plucked Turkey... however...


its a very sexy plucked turkey...

(blame random boredom)
Shadow ships hands down. They are sleek and sexy. You can actually hear them *inside your mind!* when they fly past. They are hella cool and have the best way of getting in and out of hyperspace. The ripply effect is sooo nice. They are capable of ripping a planet apart. They have personality!