Your favourite on screen ship?

Which is your favourite ship from Babylon 5?

  • Omega/Hyperion/Nova

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  • Sharlin

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  • Primus/Vorchan

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  • T'Loth/G'Quan

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  • Whitestar

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  • Shadows

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  • Vorlons

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  • League ships

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  • Drakh

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  • Other (please specify)

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Leading on from the favourite fleet poll I thought I'd ask which is your favourite ship as seen in the show?

I had to cram a few choices in together due to restraints on the number of poll options :evil:

So in the case of a multiple choice just pick the most applicable

For me, in spite of my love of Centauri designs I'd have a tough choice between Vorlon ships and the Hyperion

the Hyperion just shades it for me
reaverman said:
I know its not a ship, but the Firefuries are just soooo cooool
Whats a Firefury, a cross between a Starfury and a Firefly?
A freighter with 4 directional thrusters or a fighter with a huge glowing abdomen?
The G'Quan ship also looked great, a real show piece but after that I liked the EA ships as they had that basic look, designed for purpose and not style.
reaverman said:
emperorpenguin said:
reaverman said:
I know its not a ship, but the Firefuries are just soooo cooool

what the hell are Firefuries!? :shock: :?

LOL sorry was watching Serenity, while reading this post. I meant a Starfury :oops:

I didn't have space for enough ships so I left out fighters

I thought about a fighter poll too but is there really any doubt that the Starfury would win? :D
Omegas. They had some of the best sound effects. My favorite scene is when Major Ryan opens fire on the earth ships coming to babylon five, listening to those rapidly firing foreward pulse cannons hammer away really sold me on the Omega.

I wish I could get a wav of that cannon fire.

I have to say the G'Quan, very cool looking ship, and after that always had a soft spot for the Hyperion, so clearly an older desing looking a little out of place amongst the newer ships from the EA
Shadow Cruiser. Everything about it is menacing. And the Scream, awesome. Also, the unique way it deploys fighters, a "wow isn't that just to cool" moment :)
I voted White Star first-
Runners up ahve been Shadow Ship and G'quan.

A lot of cool ships in B5 8)
The Excalibur!!!

Second the Omega destroyers, the look of those ships always gave me the 'it' for Bab5, kinda like the original refit of Enterprise (the movie version) did it with me for Star Trek.