Travellermap World Data in Multi-Star systems


Cosmic Mongoose
Curious how others interpret the travellermap list of non-Mainworld planets in the Mainworld drop-down pane.

For instance, 3 Gas Giants, 2 Planetoid Belts and 4 Other Worlds in a system with two stars. Do these world counts apply to the primary star only or to the entire binary system?

I’ve checked the travellermap help/info pages, as well as T5 but it’s not clear to me what the intent is. I’ve got a little procedure I use IMTU but I’m wondering if there is a canonical answer and how others approach populating multi-star systems.


Emperor Mongoose
It isn’t clearly defined, and you can appoint planets to one or both stars as desired.

You’ve probably read a number of planetary system descriptions in various books. Sometimes they’ll describe that the star is a close companion, and sometimes that it is far away. Sometimes the description will inform you how many planets orbit each star.

Geir’s new World Builder’s Handbook might add more guidance.


Cosmic Mongoose
It's by system. One, two, three, er, seven, maybe eight stars... well rarely more than three.
Kind of a trade-off really. The more stars you have, the more star than can have planets orbiting them, but also the more planets that get throttled at birth or ejected by the other stars. A wash.


Cosmic Mongoose
Oh, and yes, there is an overly elaborate method for allocating the worlds coming in the World Builder's Handbook. For those who care to do so. Lots of things in the book, but as I think I've said before, the referee can choose which details to develop for a particular world or system.