Stygia Delayed?

Solomon Kane


I just recieved an email from Barnes & Nobles stating that the Stygia book was delayed. Is this because of their mistake for pricing the book at $19.99 and discounting it to $15.95. I am hoping that they are not trying to get me to cancel my order. So I am hoping that Matt or someone else at Mongoose can explain what is going on with Barnes and Nobles.

In a hurry ? Order directly from Mongoose. My copy of Stygia came in about 10 days after ordering it.

Mad Dog
I ordered Heretics of Tarantia from and they were very quick plus you earn 5% back on every order AND you qualify for Mystery Swag with every order over $15! With the Heretics order I added a t-shirt and my Mystery Swag was En Route II - By Land or Sea D20 supplement. It's loaded with 14 quick encounters either on land or sea and many of them could easily be converted to Conan. $20 dollar book for free.

The only problem with Stygia is the RPG shop wouldn't take my $25 Amazon gift certificate. :eek: