Story Hour: Beyond Babylon 5


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Episode 11: To Kill A Thief.
May 27th 2258.

Guest Stars:
Jurgen Prochnow as Roland Anderson.
Michelle Rodriguez as Alison fernandez.
Brenden Gleeson as David McCollugh.
Fisher Stevens as Rasheed Isanda.
Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi.
Andrea Thompson as Talia Winters.

Concerned by the recent appearance of the drug Tempest, Ben and Rathenn decide to visit the one place where someone must know of it, Babylon 5. A nice easy flight brings them to the station.

Scouring the Zocalo and Down Below proves fruitless, no one seems to know much more than rumours of a new addictive drug appearing in Centauri space. It is then that they run into David McCollugh at a bar in the Zocalo. He is surprised to see them but feels this was a fortuitous meeting. He says that Anderson is onboard the station and looking to prepare another expedition, if Ben and Rathenn would be interested. With no leads on Babylon 5, they agree to meet with Anderson and see what the job entails.

McCollugh contacts Roland Anderson and they arrange a meeting in one hour. Ben takes this time to speak with his old boss, Michael Garibaldi. They discuss Ben’s life on Tantalus, and about Tempest. Garibaldi has heard nothing of the drug, and with his contacts and ear to the ground, would have heard something if it was being brought aboard the station.
Rathenn waits in the Zocalo for Ben to return, and notices Talia Winters engaged in a meeting with two businessmen. Curious about the Psi Corps, he tries to ascertain if she is scanning the two men. He is sensed by Talia though she cannot say who was using telepathy in the area. After her meeting she leaves in a bit of hurry.

Soon everyone involved is at a bar in the Zocalo, though Anderson makes a point of sitting across the bar from Rathenn. He explains that a survey ship belonging to one of his clients has ceased communications and Roland has been asked to assemble a team to investigate.

Anderson explains that the survey ship had been sent to a backwater system named Ulata, and that the ship had several scientists of differing fields onboard. One of their last transmissions said that they had found something, and were very excited, though they did not mention what it was.

He says that he will have the last transmission logs readied onboard the Liberty, but Ben says they have their own ship and would prefer to use that. Anderson agrees, but days that the rest of the team must go as well, which Ben and Rathenn have no problem with. So, with the mission laid out, Anderson says he’ll have supplies transferred to their ship from the Liberty.

Within an hour they are loaded and ready to depart the station. Rasheed is the more experienced pilot so he takes the helm. During the flight, Rathenn runs through the last logs sent by the expedition. They had found several animals on one world and then, the records state that they found the wreckage of a crashed vessel. On the back of the pilot’s corpse was a black device connected to him by several long cables. When they removed the box, the cables were absorbed back into the box. The last transmission says that they have been called back to Earth, but artificial static blanks out who has recalled them.

Their first stop is the Yolanda system, which sits on the coreward edge of EA territory, and houses a small outpost. The ship is buzzed by a small flight of Starfuries and Rasheed transmits their flight plan to the station. At least if something goes wrong, they won’t be far from help.

Four days after leaving B5 they reach the Ulata System and perform a scan of the area. They detect several worlds but no sign of any vessels in orbit. Checking the logs, they head for the seventh planet, where the expedition found the crashed ship. Scanning the surface finds the dig site, so Rathenn and the others take a shuttle down to have a look around.

The wreak has been corroded in the atmosphere of this planet so very little is left apart from a few chunks of black metal and a lot of dark coloured dust. Other then the expedition and them selves, it does not look like anyone else has been here.
Meanwhile back onboard the character’s ship, Ben notices the JumpGate open to allow something out of the system but his scanners cannot find a vessel leaving the system. Then, just as quickly as it opened, the JumpGate closes.

After returning to the ship, and learning from Ben about the mysterious activity at the JumpGate, they do a quick flyby of the planet where the expedition picked up animal life forms, and then head for the Gate. As they reach the gate, it activates and throws an EA model shuttle tumbling towards them. Ben is not quick enough to dodge the incoming shuttle, and they collide with a bang. Regaining control, Ben turns his ship around and tries to grapple the other ship. Once that is complete, they realise that this is from the expeditions main ship.

After bringing it aboard, they find the pilot dead from a deed knife wound to the chest. His Identicard reveals him to be one of the scientists from the expedition, and a check of his logs reveals that the captain of the expedition has gone mad and started murdering the crew! He has set the ship on course for the Djinn system, which Rasheed says is quarantined because the main world has a bronze-tech society. After a brief discussion, everyone agrees to head to Djinn and try to stop whatever it is the Captain is up to.

The Djinn system is asteroids and one habitable world. The scanners detect the Survey Ship in orbit. Scans of the ship reveal numerous life signs but only one of them is human. They bring the ship into the hanger of the larger vessel. Ben and Ratheen done spacesuits and head out into the hanger, to seal the doors. As they approach the remaining shuttle in here, a woman runs out brandishing a length of pipe! Quick thinking and diplomacy calm her down.

She is Dr. Helen Taylor, head of Xenobiology on the expedition. Once given food and water, she explains that several days ago, after they brought the wreckage and black box onboard, the Captain lost it. He stalked the corridors slaughtering the crew. She hid in the spare shuttle and he left her alone. Two days ago he took the last shuttle and headed down to the planet.

After putting Doctor Taylor safely aboard their own ship, Ben and Rathenn explore the Eagle Eye (the survey ship). They find several dead bodies murdered by the maniacal captain. One of them, strangely enough, is dressed in a Psi Corps uniform. As they approach the storage areas, they find chunks of black metal and samples of the black dust. Rathenn takes a vial of the dust and lump of the alien metal. There are also plenty of dead animals – lack of food and water.

At the rear of the ship, they detect movement in the darkness. A large alien spider-like creature floats through the zero-gravity to attack them! It seems to concentrate its attacks on Ben, biting him once or twice, and injecting venom. It seems to shrug off most of his PPG shots. Rathenn has a clever idea, and races back to the science labs to collect vials of acid and other chemicals, which he throws over the creature. Writhing in pain, the Spider vanishes back down into the engineering corridors. Ben drops the pressure doors and vents the air in that section, killing the spider and its brood.

Now, they check the ships logs, and learn that the expedition was financed by IPX (InterPlanetary Expeditions), and that the corporation called them back to Earth after they found the black box on the pilot’s corpse. Does this mean that Anderson works for IPX?

Next course of action is to find the Captain. Scans of the planet easily find the power source, and so Ben and Rathenn decide that they will get the box back and deal with the captain. They head down in a shuttle, and land a few miles south of the settlement where the energy source was detected. Unfortunately they are spotted by a hunting party, who charge at the “demons from the sky!” Ben scares them off with a few PPG shots into the air.

Now having seen the native dress, Rathenn makes two suitable cloaks to cover himself and Ben, allowing them access to the settlement. A plan that works well. They wander the markets looking for anything unusual and then Rathenn sense telepathy being used in a shrine. They investigate and find a priest, who speaks English. He explains that he knows they are sky gods, and that the mad one is not the promised one that he claims to be. He has sent out many of the locals to dig up something in a quarry several miles to the north. When asked how he knows their language, he says he learnt it through reading the mad one’s mind.

With the priest in tow, they approach the palace. The priest gets them in past the guards to the throne room. Rathenn then tells him to get his people away from the dig site for their own health. Enraged at this intrusion, the Captain (now with the black box and its tendrils visible on his back) draws a knife and attacks. Ben and Rathenn do their best to fight but the Captain is too strong, and it takes all their efforts to just keep him at bar. Rathenn then grabs a spear from a guard and plunges it into the black box on the captains back. The box crumbles to dust and the Captain drops to the floor dead from his wounds at last.

They take his body back to the shuttle and do a fly by of the dig site. The locals had been forced to start uncovering another black ship. Back on board the suvey ship, Rathenn collects drilling explosives and returns to the ship, burying it again beneath tons of rock.

Episode 12: The Curse of Tantalus.
June 8th 2258.

Guest Stars:

Mira Furlan as Ambassador Delenn.
Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.
Juaquin Phoenix as Lt. Jean-Paul Barbeau.
Stephen Fry as Ezra Molitor.
Julianna Margulies as Doctor Marissa Fletcher.

The episode starts with Rathenn and Ben sitting in Rathenn's office talking work. The door opens and Lt. Barbeau enters with a small security team. The two of them are to be taken to the Ombuds office immediately. Ben instantly realises that this is probably because of the breach of quarantine at Djinn. They go along with Barbeau without protest.

Arriving at the Ombuds court, they find the investigation in full swing. Ombuds Wellington thanks them for coming and explains that this is indeed an inquery over the events at Djinn. He explains that they have heard testimony from Roland Anderson, Michael Garibaldi (both by Stellarcom), IPX and Captain Cunningham. All that is needed now is their explanation. Ben steps up and offers testimony, while Rathenn remains quiet. When asked if Rathenn has anything to add, he says that Ben covered it well. Ombuds Wellington accepts that their actions were a result of events beyond their control and that both acted appropriately, no charges will be brought forth.

Ben is upset to say the least, and catches up with the Captain to ask what that was all about. All Captain Cunningham knows is that IPX filed a report with Earthdome and this was a natural result of that. He does have some good news at least... later this evening, Tantalus finally gets it's Chief of Medlad and Centauri Liasion Officer. Both Ben and Rathenn are invited to the party in the officers lounge at 21:00 hours.

That night, Ben and Rathenn attend the party and meet Doctor Fletcher, though Ezra Molitor spends his time with prominent Centauri present. Ben invites the doctor to their table, and the three of a good chat until Captain Cunningham steals her away to meet the other command staff. Shortly, Ben notices that the Captain recieves a message over his link, looks concerned, makes his excuses and leaves. Ever curious, Ben sneaks out to use a terminal, which he uses to access the records to see what was so important. The records show that a Minbari cruiser just entered the system and is on approach to the station. Ben quickly informs Rathenn and both head up to C&C.

Upon arrival, Captain Cunningham informs Rathenn that Ambassador Delenn has arrived and is asking to speak with him directly. He also informs Ben that if he is found accessing restricted files again, his record will receive a black mark.

The three of them head to the docking bays in time to see a Flyer enter. Delenn emerges with four religious caste aides. Captain Cunningham welcomes her onboard though he expresses some concern that he was not informed. The ambassador says that she is not here for an official visit, instead she came to speak with Rathenn. Rathenn and Delenn retire to a private office, while Ben and the Captain relocate back to C&C.

Rathenn and Delenn speak of the Shadows and what it was that they found on both Djinn and the site of the original expedition (see l1). Delenn says that the parts recovered are reminiscent of a Shadow Scout Vessel. It certainly appears that the agents of the Ancient Enemy are preparing for their return. Following their talk, Rathenn arranges quarters for the ambassador and her aides.

Ben and Rathenn return to the party, but notice that Ezra is not present. Ben attempts to track him down with the computer but fails because Ezra has not been given a link as yet. Eventually the new Liaison Officer turns up, and makes the rounds of the party. As the early hours dawn, everyone makes their goodbyes and heads to bed.

In the morning, there has been a problem. A man has been brought to medlab, suffering from an unknown condition. He is running a dangerous fever, and coughing up blood. By the time the characters arrive, he is unconscious. Records show that he was picked up on the deck above the two sealed levels. At first, Rathenn suspects that it is the same drug they have been chasing down but Doctor Fletcher confirms that it is some kind of infection. Rathenn performs a difficult mind scan and senses fear, terror and gets a brief image that makes him think of empty maze-like corridors.

Ben and Rathenn head down to the sealed entrances, but find the seals still intact. They spend a good while searching the area and do find a concealed entrance behind a fake bulkhead. Opening it reveals an airlock that has been used recently. They inform Cunningham, grab a med-kit, torches, and containment suit from medlab. Cunningham sends a recorder with them, just in case. Thus prepared, they head inside.

The corridors are maze-like, just as Rathenn saw in the patient’s mind. As they wander, they find a couple of Centauri corpses laying the passageway. Checking them over reveals they died from explosive decompression. They take a sample and head on, eventually reaching a chamber containing mining equipment and over a hundred dead bodies piled against the walls, all the same as the two in the corridor. They inform the Captain what they have found and notice that none of the bodies show any markings or indication of what houses they belonged to, despite some being obvious noble Centauri.

Further through the corridors and down a level, they find dozens of bodies in a medbay, all shot with energy weapons before the decompression. A search finds a data crystal that contains information to partially explain the situation:

The miners found a buried alien hanger on one of the outlying moons. Although there was no ship present, there were canisters marked with unknown symbols. The Centauri had opened them to find a powder inside (checking records, Rathenn realises that this powder was similar to the powder found onboard the derelict at Endregaard), and shortly after everyone began to fall victim to a fatal disease. House Molitor sent help, but in fact their guards forced everyone down here. Ezra Molitor lead them, per his fathers instructions. Ben suggests brining Ezra in for questioning, but its too late and he is in medlab unconscious with the illness.
Following this, Captain Cunningham seals down the station pending the outcome of this infection.

Rathenn and Ben return to the main chamber where all the bodies are, and Rathenn comes to the conclusion that the bodies have been moved recently. Pushing the bodies aside, he finds four small metal plates have been welded onto the interior wall. With this information, Cunningham sends a maintenance-bot to investigate. It finds four circular holes in the exterior wall that could well have come from a slug thrower by the looks of them.

Returning to medlab, they find a number of other people (mainly Centauri) have fallen afoul of the disease. Ben grabs a scanner unit, and after wandering the station realises that the virus is airborne and now (thanks to the air recycling) is on all levels of the Tantalus Station.

Rathenn scans Ezra’s mind and senses fear, and disgust. He also catches a glimpse of Centauri House guards forcing victims into the hanger, and Ezra raising an old earth style revolver. Part of the puzzle is explained.

Ben puts a call into Mika on Centauri Prime. Mika is not available but he does get to speak to an aide. Ben explains the situation on the station and asks if Mika could send the vaccine that was used on Endregaard. The aide says he will forward the information to Mika.
Shortly, Mika makes contact and says that he will send a shipment of all that he has to help combat the outbreak. He asks how this happens, and Ben explains about House Molitor and Ezra’s actions here. Mika is most interested by this revelation.

In less than two hours (rather too quickly), a Centauri ship arrives with the medical supplies, but too late to save Ezra. Along with the vaccines, Mika has sent a purifier that if placed in the air recycling system will remove the airborne particles. Also, it seems that to avoid a political embarrassment, House Molitor has been folded into Mika’s House. An interesting outcome to the events of Tantalus.

With the outbreak contained, Ambassador Delenn boards her ship and departs for Babylon 5. Ben and Rathenn take a flight out over the site of the hanger but find a quake has covered it up in the years since the events onboard the station. All they can tell is that by an examination of the site, and the records the Centauri left, this hanger would have held a single vessel of incredible size.

As a final parting gift, Mika (the new owner of Tantalus) hands it over to the Earth Alliance as a good will gesture.


Episode 13: Visitors from Earth.
June 10th 2258.

Solo session for TPO Rathenn.

Guest Stars:
Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.
Julianna Margulies as Doctor Marissa Fletcher.

Ben has been sent off station by Captain Cunningham for extended flight training, leaving Rathenn all on his own. This particular morning sees him receiving a visit from a gentleman in a Psi Corps uniform. With little more than a friendly greeting, he begins to measure up the office, explaining that he is being assigned to Tantalus as a replacement for Rathenn. After a few minutes, he leaves and Rathenn contacts the Captain to see what he knows of this. It seems that since Tantalus Station is now an Earth Alliance installation, that the Psi Corps are pushing to have a licensed commercial telepath onboard rather than an unregistered alien.

Rathenn heads up to C&C only to find Captain Cunningham arguing with two Psi Corps gentlemen, one of whom is the man Rathenn met. Being the diplomatic one, Rathenn suggests taking this conversation into a private office so as not share the matter with everyone else on the station. The man Rathenn has already met introduces himself as Mr. Hanlan, and his superior (doing all the arguing) is Mr. Gillian. Hanlan asks a few questions about the station, Rathenn himself, and the recent outbreak. Rathenn explains as best he can but Mr. Hanlan seems most interested in the alien hanger that was discovered as the source of the virus. Rathenn decides to keep closed mouthed after Hanlan takes an interest.

After much debating, Rathenn is finally asked by Cunningham what he wants to do. Rathenn says that he is happy with his position on the station but if Psi Corps regulations say that he can’t work here then he will step down. More arguing ensues, and Cunningham is forced to call a break and everyone goes their separate ways.

His first stop is Medlab, where he talks to Doctor Fletcher, asking if she has had any luck with the Tantalus Virus. She says that she has compared it to the dust that Rathenn and Ben brought back from Endregaard, and that the two things are somehow related. Both are artificial and both contain traces of DNA from several known races. She can’t explain it, but promises to continue investigating.

Rathenn then heads down into the market levels to relax. Whilst down there he wanders the seedier areas speaking to Centauri traders and asking if they have heard of Tempest or anything else unusual. Tempest seems confined to Centauri space and a few colonies among the nearer League worlds. One captain, after a few Brevari’s, says that whilst on his way to Tantalus from Babylon 5 yesterday, his sensors picked up a brief image in hyperspace. He doesn’t know if it was a ship or just an anomaly in the tides of hyperspace, but if it was a ship it was bigger than anything he had ever seen. After a few more drinks, the Centauri captain supplies Rathenn with copies of the sensor logs. As he said, they are difficult to make out, and Rathenn puts them safe.

Rathenn then heads down into the engineering levels of the station to ask about the filtration system that Mika gave to the station a few days ago. The head engineer shows him the device and explains how it works. It seems to be reasonable enough and Rathenn leaves none the wiser as to why Mika would freely supply the device.

On his way back to the Bridge, Rathenn meets a man in the transport tube who at first makes small talk and then turns out to be a salesman selling the latest Acme “handy-dandy” gadgets. Not sure what to make of the guy, Rathenn is caught off guard when the salesman pulls forth a canister and sprays Rathenn with some kind of gas. Rathenn fakes having been knocked out and then tries to grapple the man. He fails and is knocked unconscious as the man plunges a syringe into his neck.

When Rathenn comes around, he has been locked into a metal chair in a room he doesn’t recognise. Listening carefully he makes out the sound of a ships engines and realises that he’s not on the station anymore. Shortly, Mr. Gillian enters the room, explains that Rathenn has been administered a series of telepathy-depressing drugs and that he is going to ask him some questions. For over an hour Mr. Gillian asks Rathenn about IPX, the recent events at Djinn, Roland Anderson, Alison Fernandez, and most importantly the recent outbreak and the alien hanger.

Rathenn speaks truthfully, though he neglects to mention the ship hidden on Djinn and despite probes by Mr. Gillian, that information remains hidden behind a mental block. Gillian leaves to get Rathenn some food and water. Once he leaves, Rathenn manages to free one hand and then escapes the chair. He uses the com’s system in the room to transmit a message to the station engineer, covering his tracks as background noise, and asks how he could disable the ship’s weapons. The engineer doesn’t quite know but gives Rathenn a crash course how to do so via the computer terminal. His skills fail him a little as the adrenaline surges, but he is able to shut down the main weapons of the ship. He also checks the systems and finds that he is onboard a Psi Corps ShadowCloak shuttle headed for a destination deep in hyperspace. Rathenn then places himself back into the chair and hopes no one notices.

When Gillian returns, he says that he has everything he needs from Rathenn and that its time to let him go. Rathenn is escorted through the ship to the escape pods, forced in and launched into the swirling tides. As he drifts, still bound, Rathenn watches helplessly as the Shadowcloak spins around to blast him into dust. At first the weapons fail to work, but as it nears closer to bring its secondary guns to bare, a vast shape looms out of hyperspace and blasts the Psi Corps shuttle away.

Rathenn can only watch in awe as the Vorlon Cruiser approaches his tiny lifepod…


Please keep it coming! It is a very interesting read. And gaining all another view of a campaign that is on-going! Thank you for sharing! :)


No problem. Glad people are finding it interesting. :)

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Episode 14: Reunion.
June 18th 2258.

Guest Stars:

Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.
Julianna Margulies as Doctor Marissa Fletcher.
Juaquin Phoenix as Lt. Jean-Paul Barbeau.
Morgan Freeman as Captain Elias Mebuto.

Opening Cutscene:

Teeptown. Earth. 10:00 EST.
We see an office, with a woman working away at a computer console. There is a knock at the door, and two men enter. One is dressed a black Psi Corps uniform, and the other in a green-grey business suit. Both men sit down across from the woman working away at the console. They briefly talk about the good results coming in from IPX, before the topic changes to the recent situation onboard Tantalus. No one gave the Corps any orders with regards to Rathenn, and that with the disappearance of their operatives, the whole project could be endangered. The Psi Corps gentlemen replies that while the operatives worked on their own back, there is nothing that could lead back to the project. “Besides,” he says. “Rathenn vanished right along with the operatives.”


We open on a Centauri ship entering the Tantalus system and heading for the station. Then we see Rathenn on a gurney being pushed to the Medlab facility. Finally we see Rathenn, still unconcious, surrounded by Dr Fletcher, Ben Noble and Captain Cunningham. Marissa explains that when she came onboard she did detailed scans of all the command staff, including Rathenn, and he is now in better condition than he was then. A couple cracked rips have been completely repaired and even a minor genetic defect has gone. The captain explains to Ben that a Centauri freighter located his escape pod adrift in hyperspace and they brought him here. Ratheen awakens shortly after the conversation starts and says that he has no recollection of anything after being abducted by the Psi Corps, but since he is back and feeling better, he would like to simply get back to work. Doctor Fletcher really cannot say otherwise given his condition and so he is free to go.

Back in their quarters they talk, though Rathenn keeps any mention of the Vorlons out of the conversation (he placed that info in a mental block so even he doesn’t remember for now). Rathenn wants to seriously get to the bottom of the Tempest situation and suggests that in the morning they leave for the Freedom Station and hope that nothing gets in the way this time.

Fate being a cruel mistress gets in the way. During the night, Rathenn is awoken by a call from C&C informing him that the station has picked up a distress signal from their freighter, the Redemption. The Pegasus is being prepared to head out if he and Ben want to tag along. Rathenn rouses Ben and they take their shuttle over to the destroyer. Captain Mobuto welcomes them aboard and orders the ship to set a course to the Vendis system.

When the Pegasus arrives they quickly locate the wreck of the Redemption adrift in local space. Scans find no life-signs, but indicate that it was hit hard by raiders. They head into the system scanning the three planets and local space for anything, but the system is dead. Knowing that raiders tend to be short range, they ask Captain Mobuto to check the nearest two systems for signs of the attackers. Neither system reveals any clues to the attack so they return to Vendis to salvage the Redemption.

While a flight of starfuries is launched to tow the freighter, Rathenn dons a spacesuit and heads over to the ship. Once he finds entrance through a breach in the hull, he finds a lifepod has been launched, so there is still hope for Jonas the pilot. He makes his way to the bridge and tries to access the logs and scanners. It seems that Jonas picked up a distress signel from an Earth Alliance destroyer named Anubis, and came to investigate. However it was a ruse and a raider Strike Carrier gates in behind him. Back onboard the Pegasus, Captain Mobuto contacts the Anubis (which is on patrol along the border of Vree space) to see if they know anything of this situation to which he receives a negative.

Back at Tantalus, Ben puts the Redemption in for repairs, grimacing as he hands over the credit chit. In the end, they decide that if there’s anything in the Vendis system it would be well concealed especially if raiders were using the system as their base of operations. They power up their shuttle and return to Vendis. They spend several hours scanning the system for the barest hint of anything, and they pick up a heavily disguised power signature coming from the second planet. Ben assumes that it’s a base of some kind but unless they get closer they won’t know for sure. He powers down the ship and drifts towards the planet using only thrusters. Just before they reach orbit, they detect a powerful signal directed at the planet from somewhere outside the system. Ben tries to intercept but with no luck. Then from below him, he detects the distinct silhouette of four Delta-V fighter craft roaring up to engage. He spins the shuttle about and heads with all speed to the Jump Gate. The raiders open fire clipping the shuttle and knocking the sensors offline (light crit), but they do not follow into Hyperspace. Ben keeps the shuttle near the gate’s lock-on signal and sends a message to Tantalus requesting the help of the Pegasus. It’s a two hour trip but if they can make it they might have a chance to stop them once and for all.

As they wait in hyperspace for the Pegasus to arrive, they pick up the barest trace of an approaching ship headed for the gate. Not wanting to risk it, Ben drifts the shuttle away from the gate and hides amongst the swirls of hyperspace. From their position they spy the approach of a Strike Carrier which enters the gate. Ben uses that brief moment to speed over to the carrier and grapple onto the side (damn good piloting!), remaining undetected as the carrier entered the system. Rathenn intercepts the communications between the ship and the ground, learning that there is an underground base on Vendis 2 and that they have been warned about the approaching Pegasus. The raiders planetside are loading up and preparing to head out and dock with the carrier.

Ben decides once again to do something foolhardy. He dons a spacesuit and tries to access the ship by crawling into a heat vent, and from there try to reach the engineering section. Crazy as his plan is, he manages to do just that. He takes off the suit and tears his uniform to look more like he imagines the crew does. Thankfully for him, the crew are so busy preparing to depart that they pay little attention to him. He locates a computer console in engineering and links a connection to Rathenn onboard the shuttle. Rathenn accesses their communications and learns that they are relocating to a hidden base in the Beta 4 system.

Outside two shuttles escorted by four Delta-V’s ascend from the planet below towards the carrier. They dock and the carrier starts to get underway heading for the Jump Gate. As it approaches, the gate activates and the Pegasus barrels through firing upon the poor carrier. Ben is knocked to the ground as the Pegasus scores a direct hit to the engines. Outside fighters launch from both ships. Fearful, Ben gathers himself and makes a run for the docking rings, grabs a remaining fighter and launches himself. He contacts the Pegasus to identify himself, which makes him a target for the raiders who make docking with the Nova difficult.

Still attached to the side, Rathenn hears a Vorlon voice in his mind reminding him that he “has forgotten something.” Rathenn quickly accesses the carriers computers and locates the cells where Jones and another individual are being held. He releases the locks, and using the bulkheads, directs them to the hanger deck where the shuttles are. He then declamps the shuttle from the side of the burning carrier just as it explodes from a direct hit. Flying from the engulfing explosion is a lone shuttlecraft. Without their carrier, the surviving raiders surrender.

Onboard the Pegasus, the second prisoner is revealed to be Shinchiro Watanabe. Jones explains that he was contacted by Shinchiro who wanted to be picked up from Earth to brought to Tantalus. There is a pregant pause between Ben and Shinchiro before they say hello to one another. When asked why, Shinchiro explains what has happened since they parted company.

Shinchio continued to try and help Allison Fernandez with her problem. However it soon occurred to him that the files and transaction reports they recovered from the offices outside Geneva were faked and planted there to be found by them. Further more since then, there has been two attempts on his life. One on Earth, and more recently on Ceti Gamma 2 while he explored a possible connection to IPX. Whether Anderson is involved, he’s not sure, but it’s a possibility. For the time being, he is relocating to Tantalus to be closer to the two people he hopes he can trust – Ben and Rathenn.

Back onboard Tantalus, Rathenn and Ben locate some quarters for Shinchiro before checking computer records. They access the communications grid and find a transmission sent from a COM unit in the markets at the time the raider base received a transmission. They check the video records to see who it was, but there is a missing section about a minute in length. Rathenn tries to ascertain who could have deleted that length of vid, but finds only a username – Goldilocks. Whoever warned the raiders of their arrival and return was onboard the station and most likely someone on the command staff. Paranoid mounts.


End Cutscene:

We see the same woman from earlier writing up a report. It says that the operation to remove Shinchiro from the field of play has failed due to intervention from Rathenn and Ben Noble. Next to her on the desk is a thick folder marked with the title: Operation Eclipse.


is the return of Shinchiro because the player is coming back, or are you being clever and using old P.C's as NPC's?

either way this is really good stuff.......


omegar said:
is the return of Shinchiro because the player is coming back, or are you being clever and using old P.C's as NPC's?

The player wants to come back as a semi-regular guest spot, so a little of both.

either way this is really good stuff.......

Thanks. :)


Episode 15: Storm In A Teacup.
July 7th 2258.

Note: Ideas and names taken from Tempest Feud, a D20 Star Wars module.

Guest Stars:
Angelina Jole as Lt. Commander Angela Krin.

The show opens with Ben and Rathenn returning to the Freedom Station on the hunt for Tempest. They are met at the docking bay by the station security who warn them to keep their noses clean and not to cause trouble. Freedom may a home for raiders, smugglers and criminals from across the galaxy but that doesn’t excuse making trouble here.

The first stop is the T-Bar, where Ben jokingly tells his friend about the bar fight he was in last time he came to the station. Rathenn is not impressed, and questions the judgement of Ben coming back here. Over a bowl of Spoo and a couple of drinks, they make their plans. First stop is the station’s medlab facility, where they pay the resident doctor to talk about Tempest. Tempest does indeed come through Freedom although only in small quantities before being shipped out to the nearest League worlds. Mostly what comes through here is Dust and the less destructive drugs. With some prodding the doctor admits that over the last few months there have been instances of Tempest addicts going on a rampage, but security subdues them, puts them back on their ship and sends them packing. Not their problem after that. As they turn to leave, the doctor says that they aren’t the only people asking after Tempest. Two days ago a woman came in asking about it as well. From here they try to appeal to the security guards to let them see the vid records of visitors to medbay but are turned away. Rather than cause trouble, they leave.

Next stop leads them to around the bars of the station gathering information for a few credits. In one bar they talk to a dealer who doesn’t touch Tempest but knows that it is coming out of Centauri space through Freedom bound for other worlds. Before they can get any more info from the man, an old friend of Ben’s arrives with a few friends. Targo Rashi has not forgotten how Ben screwed him over when he was here a few months earlier and he’s looking to even the score in a final way. Rathenn flips the table they were sitting at and the two of them dive behind it. The Centauri do likewise and PPG fire is exchanged as patrons flee the bar. Ben gets hit once in the shoulder, but his aim is true and he is able to put down Targo’s guards. Rathenn makes a molotov from a bottle of vodka at the next table and throws it where Targo is hunkered down. The Centauri makes a run for it, with Ben is hot pursuit. Rather than risk shooting into the grounded market place, Ben grabs a gold statue from the stall of a Centauri merchant and throws it over the crowd and strikes Targo on the head stunning him. Ben binds Targo up and returns the statue to the merchant. Rathenn pays the barkeep for damages, and then they both drag Targo to their quarters on Freedom.

Waiting for them is Angelina Krin, who comments on Ben’s subtlety. They enter their quarters and tie Targo to a chair and bring him round. Threats fly on both sides, before Targo warns them that he has friends. Anything happens to him and the characters lives won’t be worth anything. However, he’s not an unreasonable man, and if they pay him the value of the generator that he wanted in the first place Targo will consider the matter closed. Ben is outraged by the idea, though probably because it would cost fifty thousand credits. Rathenn pays the cash but warns Ben that their money is not to be used to pay off all the debts he has amassed over the galaxy and that Ben will pay the credits back. They let Targo go, happy with his money, but Ben is not pleased with the outcome.

Angela Krin explains that she came here for the same reason that the characters did, to find out more about where Tempest is coming from. And she may have done just that. It was fortuitous that Ben and Rathenn arrived when they did because if they are willing, the two of them are just the people for this task. She has identified a freighter named the Paris, which picks up a Centauri drug known as Spice from a planet in the Rilith system and transports it elsewhere. Since her research would indicate that Spice is a building block from which Tempest is created, she assumes that the Paris is taking the drug to the main manufacturing site for Tempest. If Ben and Rathenn could capture the freighter (no small task) they could get the co-ordinates from the ship and perhaps a name for the individual behind the drug. It seems a bit above them but they agree.

Ben visits Medlab to get his injuries seen to first and receives a visit from station security to verify what happened at the bar. The barkeep vouched for them but they ask for a statement before they go and pick up Targo.

A couple days later they leave in their shuttle and head to the Rilith system where the Paris is meant to be picking up their cargo of Spice. When they arrive through the local Jump Gate Ben puts the shuttle into a controlled spin and vents some engine vapours to make it look like they are distressed. They put out a weak distress signal and shortly a freighter appears from behind the nearest planet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they care and the Paris heads straight for the gate. Ben pulls the shuttle out of its spin and levies a couple warning shots across their bow. Response from the Paris is to activate their defence turret and return fire. Dodging their shots, Ben manages to take out the turret and then disable the engines. He pulls up along side and makes contact with the Paris. He tells them to get into the escape pods and leave, but the captain of the Paris calls his bluff saying that he’ll destroy his ship before he allows them to get it. Either way he’s dead considering who he works for. It takes diplomacy rather than threats to get some co-operation, plus 150,000 credits. In return for the credits the captain agrees to take them to the manufacturing site and fill them in on what he knows. Ben attaches the shuttle to the side of the freighter’s airlock, and they talk to the captain while the crew set to fixing the engines.

The captain reveals that he was contacted by an anonymous individual who gave him the Paris purely for this work. He comes to Rilith where the cargo pods containing the Spice are a drift in orbit around the moon of Rilith 4.They pick them up and take them to a world coreward of the Republic named Varl, which is the site of the manufacturing plant. When they arrive they transmit codes to a base on the surface and then shuttles are dispatched to collect the pods. At no point do they speak with anyone down there or on the shuttles. He assumes that once the Spice has been turned into Tempest other ships transport it elsewhere in the Republic and beyond. He also does not know who is behind the drug, as they were hired and deal only with blind contracts. Even their payments are handled anonymously.

When the Paris reaches the Varl system, the captain pursues an orbit that passes by an asteroid so that the characters can launch and hide their shuttle behind it. They watch as modified shuttles launch from the surface to collect the pods and return planetside. The Paris then departs back through the Jump Gate.

Having pinpointed the site of the landing shuttles, they wait till the asteroid drifts around the planet and then they descend into the atmosphere and speed over to that site. They land a mile or so away and make their way on foot. The landing site consists of a communications building and four pads where the shuttles now sit. There are over twenty Centauri here unloading bundles of white powder onto the back of waiting skimmers that then speed away to the north towards a range of mountains. Ben and Rathenn skirt around the edge of the site and make their way down the path in the direction of the skimmers.

After an hour’s travel they reach a wide tunnel dug through the rock face, and lit by lights string ever few feet. Figuring that the skimmers must have gone this way they head in, but are forced to turn back when they detect the approach of six guards. Hidden behind vegetation they watch the guards head down the pat back towards the landing pads. They give it a few minutes before venturing back into the tunnel. It takes them almost two hours to follow the tunnel to its end. The tunnel exists above a shallow valley where a structure can be seen covered in scaffolding and camouflage netting. Rathenn’s keen eyesight notices that it isn’t a building but another derelict vessel similar to the one they found on Endregaard. There is movement below so they approach under cover as quietly as they can. Its definitely from the same source as the prior crashed ship but much larger, being almost 700 metres long. Rathenn finds a tear in the hold along the ground and they climb in through the wreaked opening. They find themselves in an alien corridor crushed flat at one end but with a functioning lift at the other. Neither of them understands the alien symbols on the buttons but figure they must correspond with decks above them. Ben also theorises that this ship has been here for a very long time and so the Centauri must be the ones supplying power to the lifts and the lights.

They take a risk and press the button that they think may be the next level up. Each level seems devoid of anyone though they do hear Centauri voices, so there are people about. They continue to check levels, venturing into a couple of them. On one they find two alien skeletons, which neither of them can identify. Rathenn collects a finger bone from one on the chance that they can identify the species later on. Further into the ship they find catwalks over sublevels packed with bundles of Tempest. This must be the main manufacturing plant. As they continue to explore they almost stumble into a small party of guards. Gaining the surprise, Ben and Rathenn drop them quite quickly. They take their weapons and communicators and hide the bodies in a side room. Unfortunately this plan backfires when neither guard reports in and more patrols are dispatched to find them. In an ensuing firefight Ben is dropped and Rathenn retreats into the lift, climbing up onto the roof of the lift. The guards drag Ben away, and inform the bridge that the other intruder is in the lift. The lift then ascends and opens up onto the bridge where a detachment of guards waits for Rathenn. They order him down and with no where else to go he surrenders.

Ben is taken away to the medical bay and Rathenn is thrown into a makeshift jail cell. He is surprised when Mika visits him in the cell. Mika was most surprised to learn of his arrival and capture, but yes, now that they know the location of the crash site he can’t let them go. While Mika gloats, Rathenn senses the presence of telepathy and finds out that Mika is a Telepath! When Rathenn blocks his scans, Mika departs saying that Ben’s unconscious mind will be much more malleable and he’ll learn how they found his base of operations. When Mika leaves, Rathenn looks around and finds a weak section of panelling, breaks it open and climbs into an access crawl space. He has a plan.

Crawling through the bowels of the ship towards the engineering section, Rathenn locates the room where the Centauri have set up generators to power the lights and the lifts. Without an energy weapon, he plugs the generators into one another and runs as they explode! The ship is plunged into darkness. Rathenn feels his way back into the crawl space and tries to find a way down to the lower decks.

Eventually he locates an access to the lower decks and finds a hold containing workers mixing Spice with the same purple powder that Rathenn found in the other derelict on Endregaard, and turning it into Tempest. A cargo door has been forced open giving the workers light but with no power to the mixers they are having to combine the two by hand. Rathenn knocks out a guard and takes his weapon and communicator. He then orders the workers to leave and they run out through the cargo doors. He listens into the com channel as Mika berates his guards for failing to capture the damn Minbari! Rathenn then locates the skimmers and sets them on a course for the landing platforms, and sends them speeding away. Doing his best Centauri impersonation he orders the guards to stop the escaping prisoners. The Centauri guards outside the crash start after the skimmers taking the occasional shot at them.

With the guards out of the way, he crawls back into the access ducts and begins climbing. Mika calls for him over the link saying that if Rathenn does not surrender he will kill Ben. Rathenn replies that the death of one is better than the death of thousands from Tempest. A response that infuriates Mika. Rathenn climbs through the ship towards the medbay. When he reaches it, he drops down outside and listens. The Centauri doctor is arguing with Mika, saying that he cannot allow him to murder the Earther in cold blood.

“No. But I can.” Says Rathenn as he enters the room and takes Mika down with a single shot to the small of the back. Mika drops to the floor unconscious from his wound. The doctor drops also and checks Mika’s vitals. He’s alive and stable thankfully. Rathenn orders the doctor to sedate Mika for transport offworld. He then grabs the communicator and orders everyone back to the shuttles and to evacuate. Thinking this is an order from Mika everyone drops what they were doing and runs, headed back to the shuttles.

Rathenn watches as the shuttles take off and head into space. Against the bright sun he also spots the blue glow of a jump point opening, and then after a few minutes an orange glow as a ship departs.

For the next couple of days he has the doctor work on Ben and he recovers three days later. Rathenn offers the doctor a ride to Tantalus if he will keep Mika sedated. The doctor agrees and they head to their shuttle. They use the weaponry on their shuttle to destroy the landing pads, the tunnel entrances and the alien derelict forever. Then they set course to return to Tantalus. On route they contact Krin and ask her to meet them at Tantalus.

At Tantalus they hand Mika over Angela Krinn and give her the full details of what happened. She says that she owes them each a favour one day. All that they ask for now is that their names be kept off any official documentation regarding this.

As they watch the Repulse leave Tantalus they wonder is this the last they will see of Mika and the Tempest?


Damn that was a long session. About 5 hours from beginning to end. :eek:

Almost lost Ben twice, but Rathenn saved the day.

So at the end of that session the characters are now:

Ben Noble. Human. Soldier 3/Officer 2.
Rathenn Mayan. Minbari (Religious). Telepath 4. Vorlon Agent 1.

Shinchiro needs to add a few levels when I see him next so I'll update then.


Episode 16: Out In The Cold.
July 28th 2258.

Guest Stars:

Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.
Julianna Margulies as Doctor Marissa Fletcher.
Juaquin Phoenix as Lt. Jean-Paul Barbeau.

The EAS Kraken, a Poseidon Carrier arrives to deliver fresh fighter wings to the station. It also brings a man by the name of Michael Edwards, who makes contact with the characters on behalf of General Hague. The General has a mission for Ben to undertake. The Adellie 14 system is a political and scientific no-go site, designated for scientific research only. Recently however, information has across the General’s desk that scientific Think-Tank are using the site of Adellie-14 Beta to conduct trials in biological weapons research, specifically a bacteria designed to prevent blood cells carrying oxygen around the body. The orders are to infiltrate the base, learn the truth of this bacterial research, and then call for backup. Edwards arranges for a shuttle drop on the surface, and gives them a signel device to call a waiting cruiser to come and pick them up.

They reach the site of Adellie 14-Beta after a couple days in Hyperspace. The planet is a barren ice covered world, devoid of indigenous life. Sensor scans detect two bases on the surface. One is the target site, the other is a Minbari scientific outpost 200 miles north of the target. The shuttle heads down and drops them off with cold weather gear about 5 miles west of the outpost, then heads back up into space.

Ben and Rathenn head towards the site passing a limited range communication tower, and a site that looks like someone has been drilling core samples from the ice. Beyond that is the outpost. They bang on the doors until one of the researchers opens it, and they claim to have been forced to set down after engine troubles. They are brought in with no questions and introduced to the rest of the team, including their Russian chief scientist, Vladimir. The scientists are happy to have fresh faces to join them as they only have six month old vids and each other for company. For a couple hours they make small talk and find them rather nice people, no hint of any suspicious going on. After everyone retires for the night, Rathenn scans for sign that they any are telepaths and finds no trace of telepathy, and Ben tries to gain access to the secure labs but fails to do so.

In the middle of the night, one of the scientists notices that Vladimir is missing. The outpost is roused and a full search is conducted. Ben notices that the chief scientist’s coat is missing and he heads out, following tracks towards the communication tower. He forces his way inside, finding Vladimir sending back to Ceti Gamma 2 for information on Ben and Rathenn. Ben confronts him about their activities, and Vladimir knows nothing of any bacterial research and demands to know why they thought his research base was being used for such. Ben makes an unfortunate comment about Vladimir’s heritage and this leads to Ben learning first hand that the chief scientist is an expert martial artist. After the fight goes badly, Ben is left on the floor with a broken leg. He pulls his PPG but is forced to shoot Vladimir, putting a shot into his chest, killing the man outright. When Ben contacts Rathenn, he is scolded by his companion for his hasty action but tells him to stay put.

When Rathenn arrives he hides the body behind the communication tower in a snow drift. They then concoct a excuse, saying to the other researchers than while looking for Vladimir, Ben slipped and broke his leg. The scientists are too busy looking for their boss to query the accident. Using this to their advantage, they manage to break into the secure labs and have a real nose around for evidence. They find nothing but more proof that this outpost is a genuine research station.

Ben decides that since the information was wrong they should get out now. Rathenn carries him out to the communication tower, and Ben activates the signal device.

Up in space, an EA Cruiser jumps into the system and releases a devastating salvo of energy beams down onto the site of the research lab. Ben and Rathenn dive for cover, and can do nothing as the base is reduced to burning metal and melted slag. The Cruiser then departs the system.

Ben and Rathenn search the ruins the next day but no one has survived. With no other choice left to them, they use the communication tower to reach the Minbari outpost and request assistance. Within a couple hours, a small flight of Flyers arrives with medical equipment. They are taken away to the Minbari research base for Ben to recover. Rathenn makes a request to the chief scientist to inform his superiors that there were no survivors of the outpost. The truth really, so the lead Minbari complies with his wishes.

Two days later, Rathenn’s computer link records the usage of “Goldilocks” on the Tantalus station. Proof that someone there has set them up to be rid of them. With Rathenn’s contacts, they are allowed to leave Adellie 14 on a Minbari trading vessel headed for the colony on Beta 4. There, they buy fresh clothing and arrange a working passage to Tantalus on a Centauri freighter.

Whilst going through customs, the security are suspicious of Ben’s disguise and escort him to a side room. He tries to bluff them and even offers them credits! In the end, Captain Cunningham is called down. Ben explains to him what happened and asks that his return to the station not be revealed to anyone. He also asks if the Captain will help flush out the traitor by informing his staff that Ben was seen arriving at Beta 4 on a freighter. The Captain reluctantly agrees.

Ben and Rathenn wait to see if “Goldilocks” accesses the computer system. When he does a short while later, they track the source to Lt. Commander Barbeau. Ben grabs his PPG and heads down to confront him, while Rathenn informs the Captain directly.

Ben and Barbeau engage in a nasty firefight in the corridors, but Barbeau is a better shot. Ben is killed by a nasty critical shot that takes him down. At that moment, Captain Cunningham arrives with security in tow. Barbeau surrenders without a struggle. The next day, a ship arrives to take him back to Earth. Before he leaves, he makes an unusual salute to Rathenn (Same as Jack’s from B5 season 2 before he gets shipped Earthside).

Cunningham expresses his sympathies to Rathenn over the loss of his friend and asks what his plans are now? Rathenn plans to stay busy, working on the station is commercial telepath role.

RIP: Ben Noble. :cry:


Ack player deaths.

So new character will be joining in then.....

an intresting time all round!!!


Unfortunately, in the rather rash firefight, the NPC managed to get a couple nasty shots and then a critical hit. Poor Ben didn't stand a chance.

The player has decided to play a similar line of character and will be coming in next session with the Tantalus stations new chief of security.



reminds me of my first Stargate SG1 game.

Where the entire team nearly died, and that was with the GM not activating crits that would have been a totally dead team, as it was we spent several weeks in the infirmary and then a month before we got back on fully active status.......

But i digress, i hope you have fun messing with the players some more......


omegar said:
But i digress, i hope you have fun messing with the players some more......

They seem to be loving it, oddly enough. The player in question was a little dissapointed but he was pleased Ben went out in a blaze of glory.


it can of course be useful to have a dead character. cos then you can have family come around looking for all that money that he used to have.....i'm sure he left a note for his family......could be good for a quiet session....


Episode 17: The Eye.
August 5th 2258.

Guest Stars:

Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari.
Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.
Julianna Margulies as Doctor Marissa Fletcher.

The new head of station security, Ethan Greenbridge (new PC) arrives onboard the station and is introduced to Rathenn. Captain Cunningham suggests that they get acquainted as most likely they will be working together on some areas of station security.

Shortly after Ethan gets settled in the station receives an SOS from a Centauri liner on route to the station. Ethan and Rathenn take a Badger class Starfury out to investigate. In a neighbouring system they find the liner under attack by Raiders. A brief firefight destroys or drives off the few surviving Delta-V's. From here they escort the liner to Tantalus. Just before they reach the station however, two raider carriers jump in and launch fighters. They seem overtly desperate to capture or destroy the Centauri liner. The characters defend the liner as best as they can while Tantalus launches its fighters to deal with the threat. As soon as the liner docks, the two carriers jump out.

Once docked, they are surprised to see Ambassador Mollari step off the liner (a small wooden box tucked tightly in his arms). Captain Cunningham welcomes Mollari aboard but is dissapointed that the station was not alerted to his presence onboard. Mollari makes apologies but says it was a matter of secrecy, though he admits that someone seemed to know where he was going.
Until such time as the liner is repaired, Cunningham assigns quarters to the Ambassador, and asks Ethan and Rathenn to escort him there. Mollari is intrigued by Rathenn and makes a point of asking what his relationship with Ambassador Delenn is? Mollari says that Rathenn's visits and few communications have been noticed. Rathenn is tight lipped and simply says that he has had some dealings with her in the past.

Ethan makes his excuses and departs after they reach Mollari's quarters. Londo invites Rathenn in and they talk. Rathenn asks what is in the box, and reluctantly the Ambdassor shows him the Eye and explains its past history. As he finishes, the door opens and a band of 5 men step in brandishing PPG's. They have come to finish the contract they had, to collect the Eye and recover its ransom from the Centarum. Rathenn suggest that Mollari hand the Eye over for now, which he reluctantly does. He then scans the mind of the leader and finds an image of the Centauri who paid them to recover the Eye. He also sends a telepathic message to Ethan warning him of the situation. The Raiders then take Mollari and Rathenn as hostages and head for a shuttle waiting in the docking bay.

Ethan quietly contacts the Captain and arranges for armed teams to converge ahead of the Raiders near the docking bay. When the Raiders with their hostages emerge into the bay, Ethan's team steps out covering them with PPG rifles. He calls out for them to surrender, but the Raiders know the score and try to fight their way to the shuttle. Rathenn saves Mollari's life, throwing him to the ground and taking a shot meant for the Ambassador. The Raiders are quickly dealt with, and the wounded taken to medlab.

Laying in medlab, Rathenn is visited by Mollari who thanks him for saving his life. Rathenn describes the Centauri he saw in the leader's mind, and Mollari recognises him as a member of Lord Kiro's house. He will deal with him when he reaches Centauri Prime.

The next day, Ethan and Rathenn see Ambassadore Mollari's ship off. An interesting start to Ethan's time on the station. When asked if this was a normal day for Tantalus, Rathenn replies that this was quiet for "around here."