Story Hour: Beyond Babylon 5


I thought it might be a nice to post my campaign on here, as its easier than trying to update the website story hour.
I hope you like it. Comments and observations always welcome.

Note: It does have spoiler info for B5 modules and scenarios.


Shinchiro Watanabe, Human (started as Lurker).
Ben Noble, Human (started as Soldier). Works security on B5.

May you live in interesting times, the saying goes.
I live at the dawn of the third age of mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari war.
Times don't get more interesting than these, when the night draws in and the shadows lengthen everyone has a part to play.
You don't have to be a commander to be a hero and you don't have to be an ambassador of a planet in order to save it.

Look beyond the ambassadors and the commanders.
Look beyond what you know or what you think you know.
Look beyond.... Babylon 5.
In the Beginning... (Pilot episode).
January 22 2258.

Guest stars:
Jurgen Prochnow as Roland Anderson.
Michelle Rodriguez as Alison fernandez.
Brenden Gleeson as David McCollugh.
Fisher Stevens as Rasheed Isanda.
Robert Foxworth as General Hague.
Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi.

The characters are brought together by a freelance agent named Roland Anderson, to work as agents for him. All above board, and Ben Noble is allowed to go since he has some holiday time to take. Anderson tells them that he has been paid to rescue some scientists from a remote world located between the Narn Regime and the Drazi Freeholds. With hostilities on the rise in that area due to raider activity, it is believed that the scientific expedition has run into trouble, hence the loss of contact.
Anderson supplies a ship and pilot, and has two of his associates go with them. The journey is long and potentially dangerous as most of the route goes through Narn space. After almost a weeks travel, they reach their destination. On the planet's surface the team's base camp is deserted with signs that someone has ransacked it and taken anything of value. Reading the leader's journal the group discover that the team found the ruins of an old building partially buried below the alien surface, including what they believe is an ancient hanger. Investigating this building, the party finds some proof that this may once have been occupied, if not built, by the Minbari. Further searching reveals signs that the scientists may have been abducted.
In order to draw out the kidnappers, the group send out an SOS signel from Anderson's ship. Their plan works and a small Llort shuttle arrives and the party easily overpower them and gain control of their ship. From the crew they learn the location of the Llort base camp and hike through the wastes to the site, where they find the Llort ship and the kidnapped scientists. They prepare an ambush for the returning Llort and succeed to capturing them. The group disable the Llort ship and leave the planet with their charges, returning to Babylon, but not before informing the Drazi of the Llort pirates location.
Anderson is very pleased and offers them further work.

End Cutscene:
Back on Earth, the lead scientist informs an Earth Alliance General and a Psi-Cop of a discovery that he found within the supposed Hanger... a section of spine from a Shadow Vessel!

Episode 2: Body of Evidence.
14th February 2258.

Guest Stars:
Brian Glover as Simon Howe.
Jennifer Hetrick as Linda Thompson.
Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi.
Jeffery O'Hare as Commander Sinclair.

The death of a Brakiri leads the characters into a murder mystery onboard Babylon 5. The body of a Brakiri diplomatic aide is found murdered, and branded with the mark of the Home Guard - a racist alien hating terrorist group. Investigation by the characters reveals that he was the survivior of a Home Guard bombing plot that destroyed a Brakiri embassy on Earth two weeks earlier. The dead Brakiri escaped by one day, coming to the station to serve his ambassador.
When an EA Investigator, Linda Thompson, arrives looking for the killer, who was also responsible for the embassay bombing, things look up as he is lured into a trap and arrested. By the next morning, the prisoner is found dead and the plot thickens. As the characters work to unravel the conspiracy behind the terrorists death, they are left with but one possible suspect... the investigator sent to recover him.
Further investigation uncovers that Thompson's brother was killed in the embassy bombing and that she has gone rogue to hunt down his killer.

End Cutscene:
As Watanabe sleeps, a Vorlon shaped shadow falls across his door. In his dream he sees himself looking back through the window of a ship as an immense Shadow Cruiser open fires upon... something!
Raid On Ranasha Part 1.
March 1 2258.

Guest stars:
Jurgen Prochnow as Roland Anderson.
Michelle Rodriguez as Alison Fernandez.
Brenden Gleeson as David McCollugh.
John Rhys Davis as Captain Morris Thorgrimson.
Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi.
Richard Biggs as Dr. Stephen Franklin.

Ben Noble starts his day badly, as he is suspended by Chief Garibaldi due to a known Home Guard agent depositing two thousand credits in his personal account, along with a recorded message saying thanks for his recent aid. Garibaldi admits that it is a likely frame up due to their actions with the recent Home Guard terrorist, but he doesn't have a choice in the matter until it can be investigated.
Shinchiro meanwhile recieves a visit from Roland Anderson seeking their help again on a very important matter. A corporation that Anderson represents has lost an executive to the Drazi. He has been accused of spying and shipped off to a Drazi prison on an asteroid in a neutral system. This leaves the Earth Alliance courts to lodge protests and propose sanctions. Anderson wants Shinchiro and Ben to perform a rescue operation.
Their ride, an armed transport called the Veil of Tears, is to take them to the system the prison is located but it is controlled by raiders and smugglars who have taken over an abandoned EA station last used during the Dilgar War. Because of this the captain of the ship that takes them is forced to launch an attack on a Brakiri convoy to give them a credible cover. Unfortunately, one of the Brakiri vessels is a disguised military ship and it scores a direct hit to the tarnsports engineering section. Shinchiro renders aid to them while Noble prepares to go with the boarding parties, making sure that the Brakiri crew are unharmed. The military vessel is driven off and the Veil of Tears boards one transport and makes off with the cargo and quickly makes its escape into hyperspace.
Arriving in the Ranasha system they dock with the Freedom station and start to carefully enquire after the information brokers. They are directed to a Narn named T'Shon who runs a bar near the docking bays. In exchange for a few credits he lets slip the name of a Centauri on the station who it is rumoured managed to sneak into the prison and out again. As they turn to leave, a party of drunken Narn accuse of them being little better than the accursed Centauri. Ben throws the first punch and soon fists and chairs are flying.
The Centauri are uncaring raiders but their leader offers to give them the knowledge that they want in return for the primary thrust regulator from their ship. Ben and Shinchiro refuse but come up with a ploy to fabricate one from spare parts. The next day they return and hand over the cleverfully faked regulator and are told that the best way is to stowaway onboard the prison supply ship, and he lets slip that it arrives in a couple hours.
Shinchiro and Ben check out the docking bays and await the arrival of the supply ship...

Raid on Ranasha - Part 2.

Ben and Shinchiro stow away onboard the Drazi ship, hidden away inside supply containers. Once the ship lands at the Ranasha colony they wait till the hanger empties and then climb out. They locate a terminal and work out the schematics of the colony. After much debating they decide to use the lift to descend to the sub-basement and cause trouble with the generators. Once done, the lights go out leaving the building lit only by computer screens. When two Drazi come down to check out the outage, Ben and Shinchiro capture them and extract some more information on the prison. Hoping that the darkness will aid them, they dress in the stolen drazi uniforms and work their way to the airlock. Donning the spacesuits they investigate the prison huts and learn from the prisoners that the man they seek is suffering at the hands of the prison commander back inside the main building. Ben can't promise anything but does say that he will inform their ambassadors on Babylon 5 about their plight. Ben then proceeds to shut down the communications tower but not quick enough for the Drazi to send a message to their nearest ship that they have a problem..
Back inside the main building, they track down the commander's quarters and find him torturing Dr. Hendrix. While Ben fights the commander, Shinchiro is forced to space the level thus removing the threat of the armed Drazi guards.
With Hendrix in their hands, they get as many prisoners as they can onto the ship and take off. They call for help from the Veil of Tears but before it can arrive they find themselves under attack from a Drazi Sunhawk come to investigate the signel it recieved from the prison. They are rescued just in time by Captain Thorgrimson.
Back on Babylon 5 Anderson is overjoyed to see Hendrix again and Shinchiri makes sure to inform the ambassadores about the prison colony.

The Drazi evacuate the prison colony but as they do so, two jump points form in front of them. A Narn cruiser and a Centauri warship. Although there to rescue their people, the warships turn on each other with the luckless Drazi could in the middle.
Who Framed Alison Fernandez?
March 20th 2258.

Guest stars:
Michelle Rodriguez as Alison Fernandez.
Robert Patrick as Ambassador Ian McLeery.
Ed Wasser as Mr. Morden.

Alison Fernandez contacts Shinchiro on a personal matter that she would like help with. She asks him to bring Ben to Earth, to her home in London. But she won't say why over an open channel, only that it will be of interest to Ben. They scrape together enough for flights to Earth. Ben requests information on Fernandez from his contacts in General Hague's office and learns that she was once an attache to the diplomatic corps on Earth but following the attempted assassination of Ambassador Kosh almost 8 months ago, she was blackballed and booted from her job.
Back at her home, they meet Ian McLeery, who tells them an incredible story about a conspiracy to learn more about the Vorlons. This conspiracy involving EarthForce agents and G'Kar, the Narn ambassdor is of great interest to Ben, however, they can see no reason why this should affect Alison.
She wants their help in learning why she was choosen to be the scapegoat in this affair, and asks them to break into a diplomatic office just outside Geneva, where Ian has learnt those records are being held.
They fly to Geneva and make their plans. Unfortunately, Shinchiro feels that Ben's gung-ho attitude to this mission could put them in danger and shoots him with a tranqualiser. Their plan to shut down the substation that feeds power to the offices is enough to allow Shinchiro to get over the fence and into the compound before backup power is restored. Unfortunately, he is captured by the guards very quickly.

When Ben awakes, he grabs his gear and heads after Shinchiro. Ben manages to tranq the guards and then shoots Shinchiro with a dart as well out of a sense of revenge. He is successful however in breaching the offices and locating the information they need.
Back at the hotel, they read through the details and learn that the IPX corporation paid Alison's former boss in the diplomatic corps a lot of money to have her framed, although there is no mention why. She asks Ben and Shinchiro to help her find out more here in Earth, but their sudden rivalry puts down any hopes of that.

Cut Scene:
Back on the Freedom Station, Mr. Morden pays a visit to a familiar face.
"What do you want?"
"Strange," says Morden. "Thats exactly what I was going to ask you."
Fingers crossed I can get this game back up and running soon. *Crosses fingers* I've been without a B5 game for too long.

Might get to continue the campaign after all this time. One of the original players wants to play again, and one of my regular D&D players (also a B5 fan) wants in. So tonight I'm gonna go through my notes and write something. I'll post back soon.
Your game is running very well! Pretty Cool! Please keep us all posted. I'd like to keep reading it as it progresses.
Aramanthus said:
Your game is running very well! Pretty Cool! Please keep us all posted. I'd like to keep reading it as it progresses.

Thanx. I'll post last nights return session later this afternoon.
Eryx said:
Thanx. I'll post last nights return session later this afternoon.

Is that the one where everyone gets marooned in hyperspace and possessed by the aliens determined to wipe out all corporeal life?

Episode 6: Relic Hunters
April 10th 2258

Main Characters:Ben Noble, Human, Soldier 3 (B5 Security).
Rathenn Mayan, Minbari (Religious Caste), Telepath 3.

Guest stars:
Jurgen Prochnow as Roland Anderson.
Brenden Gleeson as David McCollugh.
Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi.
Richard Biggs as Dr. Stephen Franklin.

Ben Noble has returned alone to Babylon 5 (just in time to miss the events of Infection), and is temporarily reinstated to his job as security due to the recent events. Shinchiro has decided to remain on Earth assisting Alison Fernandez.

Ben recieves a call from Roland Anderson, checking in on him, and offering him some more work. Dave McCullugh is coming to Babylon 5 with a Minbari Telepath named Rathen Mayan, another of Anderson's contacts. Since Shinchiro is out of the picture for the time being he would like Ben and Rathenn to work together. Mr. McCullugh has all the details.

Later that day, Ben meets Dave and Rathenn at Customs and they retire to a quiet bar in the Zocalo to talk. This time Mr. Anderson represents a scientific group interested in getting their hands on any remaining artifacts from the Ikarren machine that recently distrupted life on the station. Though all known artifacts were shipped Earthside, it is possible that there may be some small samples left... fluids, DNA, casing...etc, and there is a suitable reward depending on what (if anything) can be collected. McCullugh stresses that everything should be above board with regard to station security.

Rathenn and Ben's first stop is the site just off the docking bays where Commander Sinclair took out the machine, but other than some repair work they don't find anything here. Next stop is Down Below.
They check Shinchiro's old place but its deserted, he must have had his few belongings shipped Earthside. Rathenn decides that it will be a good place to stay for now, especially as it still has a month paid on it.
They head down to a bar a few levels down and talk to the barman, sliding him more than a few credits for any information about anyone who may deal in illegal alien artifacts. The discussion is brief, and the barkeep tells them that a guy comes in every night about 8, name of Jones and he could probably help them out.

Since they have a few hours to kill, Ben visits Doctor Franklin to get first hand information on these artifacts and the events of a few days ago. Ben thinks (though he doesn't tell Franklin) that a MedLab tech may have stolen something to make money.

When 8 rolls around, the barkeep points them to a well dressed guy who walks in and sits down. They make their way over to the next tabel over, and Rathenn starts small talk, and then says that Jones name was given to them as a possible source for information. At first he's nervous but warms up to Rathenn, and says that maybe he knows something but if he did it would cost. 5000 credits is his asking price as he wants off B5 with some spending money. Ben agrees, and Jones hands him a data crystal that contains transaction details for an account where the money should be deposited. He'll return in two hours, if the cash has been put into the account, he may have some information for them.

Back in Rathenn's new quarters, they check the data crystal, do a little decompiling on the program (Rathenn is a wiz at computers it seems) and they learn that it connects to an offworld bank on Brakir. Ben contacts GAribaldi and says that this guy may have parts of the Ikarran artifact and gives him a run down on whats been said. Garibaldi prepares to team to move in when Ben gives him the go ahead.
Meanwhile, Rathenn has had a plan... he opens a bank account in Ben's name at the same bank so that he see what the account screen looks like. He then writes a fake account program that he ties into Jone's details so that he will see what Rathenn wants him to see, an account with 5000 credits in it.

Two hours later, back in the bar, Jones returns happy with his new financial situation. He says that two Ikarran artifacts have been sold to agents of N'Grath and that they are being auctioned off in about an hour at a site in Brown 7. Ben lets the chief know that "one" artifact is up for sale and that he will head there now to check on it.

They arrive just in time for the start of the auction, though Ben has to bribe his way past the guards because they don't have tickets. On display is one of the artifacts, but there is no sign of a second. Rathenn telepathically talks to Ben, saying that they need a distraction so he can steal the artifact. As soon as the autioneer emerges from a rear room, Ben alerts the chief quietly to come in. As security rush the scene, Ben dives over the display table, tipping it over. Rathenn grabs the artifact from the floor during the confusion but is seen by the auctioneer who pulls a PPG on him. Ben reacts to protect his new friend, and shoots the man, a fatal shot to the chest. Rathenn hides the artifact under his robes.

Security round up the goons, and the patrons of the auction, though Ben has to speak up to keep Rathenn being arrested as well. A search of the back room finds the second artifact.

At the end, they meet up with McCullugh at his ship, The LIberty, in bay 12. He's happy with what they recovered, and pays out 1500 credits to both Ben and Rathenn. Since Anderson would like Rathenn to remain, he arranges for more reasonable quarters be kept for him on account.
Episode 7: Tantalus.
April 22nd 2258.

Guest Stars:

Micheal O'Hare as Commander Jeffery Sinclair.
Jerry Dole as Security Chief Michael Garibaldi.
Jurgen Prochnow as Roland Anderson.
Brenden Gleeson as David McCollugh.
Fisher Stevens as Rasheed Isanda.
Robert Foxworth as General Hague.
Ed Wasser as Mr. Morden.
Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.
Juaquin Phoenix as Lt. Jean-Paul Barbeau.
Morgan Freeman as Captain Elias Mebuto.

(Yes, we spent most of the budget on this episode. heh)

The episode starts with Ben Noble in Commander Sinclair's office, speaking to the Commander and Mr. Garibaldi. After an Earthforce investigation that has cleared his name, he is being reinstated fully to active duty. The money deposited to his account by Home Guard terrorists has been removed by EarthForce intelligence.
His first assignment is to take a briefcase containing sensitive documents to the new Tantalus station ( see ).
Mr. Garibaldi suggests that perhaps Rathenn, the Minbari who assisted in breaking up the illegal auction in alien artifacts a few weeks back go along as well, as they both work well together.
Commander Sinclair informs Ben that the EAS Pegasus is arriving sometime tomorrow to take him Tantalus.

Ben informs Rathenn, who agrees providing that Roland Anderson is not going to have need of him. They contact Anderson and give him the basic rundown and that they will be off station for a while. Anderson takes an interest in the mission but does not push too hard despite his obvious interest. He says that he has no need of their services just yet.

The next day, the EAS Pegasus arrives to take them to Tantalus. Captain Mebuto welcomes them aboard and has them assigned quarters for the jump. Rathenn uses the onboard computer to check the details of the EAS Pegasus, and its history, but finds nothing that seems relevant.
The next day the Captain contacts them to say the Pegasus has arrived. Ben and Rathenn come up to the bridge just in time for the Pegasus to enter through the jumpgate.
As it does so, another vessal shimmers into local space! It looks like an old model Minbari scout but its hull is an odd black-gray.


OOC: Here I used A Call to Arms to play the fight between the Nova class EAS Pegasus and the Minbari Heavy Scout. Both players enjoyed this, which was cool. :D


The fight was brutal. In the end, the Minbari vessel was destroyed, but the Pegasus had lost its engines to several well placed shots by the enemy. Support vessels had to come out from Tantalus to tow the Pegasus home.

The Tantalus station was a former Centauri mining outpost that has been recently leased from the Republic by Earthforce who seek a presence this far out, closer to the League Worlds. Located in a backwater system, it seems more like dull assignment. As the Pegasus is towed in, the characters notice that scaffolding covers most of it, and maintence crews are making repairs or replacing parts.

Their shuttle lands in the EA section of the station, located near the top of the pyramid, where they are met by Captain Cunningham and his aide Lt. Barbeau. After brief introductions, they retire to the Captains quarters where they discuss the attack. Already, maintence bots are bringing in what little debris survived the destruction of the scout vessel.

When Ben hands over the briefcase, it is empty with no sign of the documents. A full search of the Pegasus is ordered, but nothing is found and during the battle, the location of everyone onboard can be confirmed. Where there any documents in there to start with, and is that connected with the attack?

Then the Captain hits Ben with the shocking news that he has been reassigned to the Tantalus station. At Ben's request, Cunningham sends a message to Earth Central to verfy that transfer orders. Lt. Barbeau has quarters assigned to both Ben and Rathenn.

The two of them then decide to check out the station. According to the station schematics there are two levels sealed several years ago by the Centauri before they abandoned the station. Curious, they investigate but find all entrances to those two levels have been sealed up. Rathenn, hacks the computer files remaining, and learns that the Centauri sealed them under undisclosed biohazard conditions. A disturbing revelation, and one that they bring to the Captain.

He explains that this was a mining station up until seven years ago when the Quatium 40 in the system was used up. Now that the Earth Alliance want the station, the Centauri have returned in small numbers, and he has been assigned a Centauri Liason Officier who should be arriving in the next few days. The Centauri did explain before hand that those two levels had been sealed and should never be opened. As long as the EA wants control of the station, Cunningham is willing to go along with that so long as it does not pose a risk to the inhabitants of the station.

Since Ben has assigned here, Rathenn asks if he can earn his keep in any way. Cunningham thinks it over and suggest the role of a commercial telepath. Since this is not officially an EA outpost, the Psi Corps won't supply a telepath. Rathenn agrees and asks for a uniform.

Ben asks that camera footage of the the fight be sent to B5 and Ambassador Delenn in case they can shed some light on the attack. Confirmation on the transfer orders come through, which Ben is not happy about. He also recieves a message from General Hague informing him to sit tight until he can find out why he has been reassigned.

The next day Anderson contacts them to express his apologies that they were relocated, but hopes this won't be a problem in their working relationship. He seems a little concerned about it, but doesn't say so however.

A couple days later, a courier from Delenn arrives with a package for Rathenn. With Cunningham's agreement, they give the courier some of the wreakage to take back as well in case they can ID the ship.

The package is an old Minbari religious tome, that speaks of the Shadowsouled - Minbari who sided with the Shadows in the last Great War. Altered by them, they acted as agents of chaos, but vanished shortly after the war. Could this be who attacked them? Rathenn does not explain to Ben or Captain Cunningham who the Shadows are, instead saying that these "Shadowsouled" are alien raiders, using captured ships to raid isolated worlds.

Cunningham has put some thought into Ben's position on the station - he already has more security than he really needs - and suggests that Ben work as an agent for him dealing with anything relating to station security off world, and perhaps looking into this Shadowsouled situation. He agrees, and Cunningham authorises both Ben and Rathenn full access to the Earth Alliance areas of the station.


End cutscene:
We see Mr. Morden standing before a vidscreen, though we cannot see who he is talking to.
"Anderson's puppet survived the attack on his ship, but he is now assigned to a corner of space where he won't be a problem anymore, Mr. Vice-President."
crizh said:
Is that the one where everyone gets marooned in hyperspace and possessed by the aliens determined to wipe out all corporeal life?


No, that particular one was one of my own evil doing. :twisted:

And anyway, I didn't possess everyone, just you.
Intresting use of the Shadow Souled. have to admit that i would never have thought of that use. I may have to steal it when i get my campiagn up and running :)
I'm quite intrigued by the ShadowSouled myself, I think they are a great idea. And in this situation, you don't want to send a Shadow Vessel because it would raise questions, and since no one knows of the ShadowSouled, they would think it was merely a Minbari attack.

This already has a follow up scenario building in my head. An Internal Affairs type idea, where EA investigators come to the station to check out the incident and investigate Rathenn. Will they find the book about the ShadowSouled if they "search" his quarters...etc.
Episode 8: End Run.
April 29th 2258.

Guest Stars:

Juaquin Phoenix as Lt. Jean-Paul Barbeau.
Nathen Fillion as Robert Ender.
Jaime King as Ana Patrick.

A week into their stay on the Tantalus Station, Captain Cunningham has returned to Earth onboard the Pegasus for a security briefing, leaving his 2nd - Lt. Jean-Paul Barbeau - in command.

Lt. Barbeau summons Rathenn and Ben to the command deck, and gives them a rundown on a mission he has for them. A EA supply ship picked up the faint echoes of a distress signel a couple hours out of the Tantalus jumpgate, but the signel was so weak that they could not trace its location. He authorises a Transport for the two of them, skeleton crew, to head out there and try to discern the location and nature of the distress signel.

They are given the use of a Hermes transport codenamed Echo 5 to begin the search. When Lt. barbeau said skeleton crew he was not joking, as the ship is supplied with just the one pilot (Jones), forcing Rathenn and Ben to help in the flight.

As they head out through the jumpgate into hyperspace, Rathenn does a search on the computer for any records regarding the area of space where the signel was heard. He finds one system, designated 14 Herculis, that is on the charts but never fully explored, though the system does have a solitary jumpgate.

After two hours, they pick up the faint strains of a repetative voice transmission. Running it through the systems, they pick up a faint female voice that lasts for 10 seconds and then repeats, but the signel is so weak that there is no way to discern what the voice is saying.
Ben Noble decides not to use the jumpgate and instead has Jones bring the ship back into real space at the edge of the system where they can monitor things safely.

A scan reveals several planets but no immediate signs of life. Ben gives the order to enter the system, and once clear of the outer worlds, the sensors detect something in orbit around the second planet. It appears to be a derelict Earth Alliance Explorer Ship, though heavily damaged. Attactched to the side is a smaller civillian trader. The Explorer Ship is dead, but there is enough power to the trader for the Echo 5 to recieve its ID code, as the Ender's Run.

Rathenn checks Earth Force records and finds the following information. Several years ago, an Explorer Ship named Beagle was sent out to investigate the system. After a couple months all transmissions ceased. but for some reason no rescue mission was attempted. Two years ago, Earth Dome recieved a transmission from a Salvage crew aboard a ship called the Ender's Run, saying that they had found the Beagle and wanted salvage rights. After a few weeks permission was granted, but shortly thereafter all communication with the Ender's Run ceased as well.

As they approach, the crew onboard the Echo 5 notice that both ships are heavily damaged, though it looks more like collesion damage than weapons fire. More worrying is that the engines of the Beagle had been crippled by what look like charges placed on the hull, preventing it from ever leaving the system.

Contact is made with a single crewman onboard the Ender's Run, the owner, Robert Ender. He seems a little space happy having been stuck out here all alone for two years. The Ender's Run has mimimal power and is attached to an airlock on the side of the Beagle. As Jones manuevers Echo 5 to attach itself to a docking port on the otherside of the Ender's Run, he notices that there is only one life sign on the Run, and one on the Beagle.

Further communication with Robert Ender has him asking them to come over in space suits, for health and safety reasons. To humour him, Rathenn and Ben do so. Upon entering the airlock of the Ender's Run, they find it badly damaged. Ender refuses to let them into his ship until they take their suits off. When Ben refuses to do more than remove his helmet, Robert swears at him and tells him he needs his ship repairing so that he can follow them out. When asked who the other lifesign is, he is quite adamant that its a ghost image and that there is no one on the Beagle.

Ben and Rathenn return to the Echo 5 and tell Jones to fly over to the Beagle so they can get a better scan. As they start to fly off, a hidden weapon on the Ender's Run locks onto the Echo 5, and they recieve a warning from Ender that if they go near the Beagle he will fire. Its there job to rescue him, he says, not chase sensor shadows.

Since Ender's ship can fit easily into the empty hanger at the rear of the Echo 5, Ben decides to bring him aboard. Rathenn hides in the hanger still in his space suit and waits. As the hanger doors open, Rathenn throws himself into space hopefully towards the Beagle. He drifts over and does manage to aim himself at one of the breached hanger doors on the side of the Explorer Ship.

Ender's ship is safely tucked into the hanger, but he refuses to come out or let anyone in until he gets to this Tantalus Station Ben has mentioned. Ender also lets slip that "Mother wouldn't like it." Ben decides that Robert could be a danger on the flight home and starts preparing a plan.

Meanwhile on board the Beagle, Rathenn finds that once away from the hangers the ship has limited life support so there is air, just no gravity. He searches the ship looking for the lifesign. One odd thing he notices is that there are no bodies onboard. The crew seem to have vanished. Eventually he finds the lifesign, a young woman looking a little worse for wear, but ok. Her name is Ana Patrick and she was Ender's pilot before he went berzerk and killed them all. She escaped over here and he has never bothered her, but her supplies are almost out. Rathenn finds her a space suit and a pair of rocket packs so they can return to the Echo 5. Ana is rather disturbed to find that they took Ender on board their ship.

Once they cross the void of space and return to the Echo 5, Ben explains his plan. He is going to jury rig a battery pack and use it to short out the weaponry of the Ender's Run since he has figured its a custom job and probably easily damaged. Ana is put into quarters and locked in. Jones keeps Ender's attention occupied at the front of the ship, while Ben climbs up onto the top of the Ender's Run and shorts out the gun. Rathenn heads to the bridge to prepares to leave.

Ben hacks the airlock and lets himself into Ender's ship. He is surprised however when Robert emerges from the shadows with a fire axe in hand. The two men struggle, grapple, shoot and hack. Ben is badly struck in the shoulder with the axe, put scores a critical shot to Ender putting him down. He's not dead however, and they stabilise him. Rathenn patches Ben up as best he can in the limited medbay, and they set boff back to Tantalus.

On route they read Ender's log entry. When they arrived two years ago, the Beagle was badly damaged already and with no sign of crew. The engines had been sabotaged by looks of them, but where the crew went there was no idea. It did not take long to realise what the danger in this syetm is. Circling the sun is a belt of dust, asteroids and other stellar debris. Every 26 hours this material is flung into the system by solar flares. The first and second planets in the system are pletted worse, and so where any ships in orbit. The Ender's Run was neautralised by repeat impacts. As the crew sat there alone, Ender's mind seems to have snapped and he took an axe to the crew. Only Ana escaped and she fled to the Beagle, where Ender decided to leave her.

Back at Tantalus, Ben requests a med team to come over and give everyone a contamination check before they dock. Nothing is found. Ender is taken away to medbay, and so is Ben who has to stay there for two days due to his injuries.

Before submitting his report to Lt. Barbeau, Rathenn sends a message to Roland Anderson informing him of what was found in the system before he had to tell anyone in authority. He also asks if Anderson could do them a favour. Since Ender is now clearly insane and likely to be imprisoned or worse, could he have his lawyer contacts have the ship turned over to Ben and himself. Anderson agrees in exchange for a small cut of any profit they make with the ship.

A couple days later, once the Ender's Run is theres, they sell it for a cheap price of 9 million credits. They give 1 million of that to Anderson, and opened a exceptional bank account at the First Bank of Brakir with the rest. Looks like they plan to save up and purchase a ship of their own.
Episode 9: Last Best Hope.
May 5th 2258.

Note: Ideas and names taken from Tempest Feud, a D20 Star Wars module.

Guest Stars:

Angelina Jole as Lt. Commander Angela Krin.
Scott Bakula as Captain Jake Cunningham.

Rathenn and Ben are called into Captain Cunningham's office aboard Tantalus Station. He shows them a scan of a regent of space that lies beyond Golian space, known as the Intrexu Spiral. Due to extreme Hyperspace tides this region of space is almost impassible, forcing ships to go days or even weeks out of their way to reach the colony worlds on the far side. However, EarthDOme have recently learnt that a certain minor Centauri House has been sending ships through this region of space for some time now and so Earthdome wants to purchase any information that House Drenal has. To facilitate this, Rathenn and Ben are being sent to Centauri Prime to deal with Popara, the head of the house, with a datacrystal that contains half a million credits (to be used to purchase the information of no other way presents itself).

Later that day a Centauri personal liner arrives outside Tantalus, and it docks a shuttle craft to pick up the characters. They are met by Vargo, who handles the needs of the House so that Popara and his two sons don't have to. Rathenn and Ben stow their gear on board the shuttle and wait to depart.
The shuttle leaves Tantalus and docks with the much larger liner, which heads for the local Jumpgate. The characters are escorted to a private audience chamber where they are to meet Popara. On the way they notice that there are several Drazi aboard. Vargo explains that Popara's first son, Zonnas, likes to keep them around as handy bodyguards.

The audience chamber is nicely decorated even by Centauri tastes. Popara sits in a throne like chair at the head of the room, Zonnas and his Drazi sit to his left, and there is an empty chair to his right. After introductions, Ben gets right down to business and explains why they are here and what it is that the Earth Alliance would like to purchase. Popara listens and is impressed with Ben's manner and bluntness. However, it is not money that he will exchange the information for. His youngest son, Mika, is on Endregaard - a world on the far side of the Spiral. Endregaard has been quarantined because of an outbreak of an unpleasent disease. The League Worlds have asked the Earth Alliance for help, and a cruiser has been dispatched to blockade the planet. If they can rescue Mika and return him safely, Popara will gladly hand over the nessecary Hyperspace information.
The characters agree, and Popara gives them a medikit that contains a powdered cure (just add water). Enough for themselves and one or two others, though one must be kept for Mika. Popara also orders Vargo to prepare a ship to take them, stocked with medicine to give to the Earth Alliance. As they head for the hanger, Zonnas catches up with them and (not in so many words) suggests that if Mika didn't come back things might be better for them. Then he walks away surrounded by his Drazi entourage.

The liner drops out of Hyperspace at Centauri Prime and lets the characters launch the smaller vessel. They reenter the gate and set cause for Endregaard. Ben plots the cause and the information about the Hyperspace tides into the computer early so that they won't have any trouble when they arrive. Rathenn spends his time on the flight studying up on the planet itself and what little House Drenal has on the plague, which isn't much.
Symptoms seem to be dehydration, extreme loss of bodily fluids and eventually death. From what little is in the computer, it seems that no species is immune to this condition.

After a few days in Hyperspace, they come make a stop at small world on the edge of Golan territory, only to be assaulted by a small flight of Raiders. The battle is brief, with the Delta-V's blasted into dust. Rathenn and Ben consider it rather co-incidental after Zonnos last words. After a few quick repairs they head for the JumpGate.

Once through the gate at Endregaard they are picked up on the sensors of the EAS Repulse, a Nova class Destroyer in orbit above the planet. A squadron of Starfuries intercepts them and escorts them towards the destroyer. Ben hails the ship and explains that they have come with the nessecary vaccines for the plague.

Once docked they are met by Lt. Lockerbee, the first officer. He escorts them up to see the commander of the Repulse, whilst he oversees meditechs checking the vaccines.

Lt. Commander Angela Krin, welcomes them aboard and thanks them for bringing the vaccine but explains that she cannot allow them to go down to the surface of the planet. Rathenn makes an empassioned speech about helping and with some reluctantce she agrees to allow them to accompany a shuttle down to the single settlement on the surface, but they have to remain there, no walking off. Ben and Rathenn agree.

With the vaccines loaded on board shuttles, Rathenn and Ben join Lockerbee and head down. The shuttles land on a stretch of grass near the cente of the city and (wearing containment suits) the techs prepare to give vacinations to the locals. Ben and Rathenn decide to sneak off and look for Mika. They help themselves to an abandoned ground car and head off to the last place they were told Mika may be.

On route, Ben spots a ground of men beating on an olderman. He pulls up, and heads over to intercede. Rathenn uses the car door as cover and prepares his PPG just in case. Ben notices that these men seem ill but in a different way. They are bright red with black distended veins. Despite Ben's attempt to talk them out of a fight, the gang grab makeshift weapons and Ben is forced to put them down, though he sustains a few bruises for his efforts. They send the old man to the drop point to recieve his inoculation.

First stop is a small office that seems to have suffered badly from rioting. Inside they find the words "Fallen Warrior" painted on the wall. They look for any hidden rooms, places of safety that a Centauri may hide in, but find nothing. Rathenn coners a man outside the office and learns that the Fallen Warrior is a bar a few streets over.
Upon reaching the bar, they find a single non-human - a Drazi, slumped in a corner suffering badly from the plague. Rathenn uses Ben and his own robes as cover to give the Drazi an inoculation. Within a few minutes he has come around. The Drazi was working for Mika, when the plague hit. To escape the plague, Mika took his men and left town to a place hidden in the mountains. Since they are working to get them off world, the Drazi agrees to take them to him.

Brief stop to pick up the downed Gangers and drop them off at the drop point in the hopes the techs can do something for them. A brief examination reveals the presence of an unknown drug in their system. The characters don't have time to wait, and with the Drazi in tow, drive out of town towards the mountains.

Several hours later, they reach the mountains and drive into a rather well hidden valley. At the far end can be see the wreakage of a large alien vessel, and a campsite next to it. Mika and his fellow Centauri have made the crashsite their safe base. He is pleased to see his rescuers and even happier to receive the vaccination, even though neither he nor his men have any signs of the plague. Perhaps they got out in time?

Ben and Rathenn have a clever idea and decide to disquise Mika up in one of the containment suits, smuggle hum onboard a shuttle, get back to their ship of the Repulse and then leave. Will it work?

As Mika makes preperations to leave, Rathenn examines the crashed derelict. Its old, and of no known species that he is aware of. However, inside he finds traces of a white powder with a purplish tint. He scoops up some into an empty container and keeps it for later.

Back at the vaccination point, their plan seems to work and no one notices an extra body walking onboard the next shuttle to return to Repulse. They then stow Mika away in their ship and inform Lt. Commander Krin that they are ready to depart, and with a simple thankyou, are able to leave.

Upon their return to Centauri Prime, a lavish meal is laid out for the rescuers of Mika. Popara tells them to keep the money, having his son back is his payment. Ben and Rathenn decide not to tell that part to Captain Cunningham and keep the 500,000 credits, placing it in a new account with the First Bank of Brakir. Ben asks for one favour for rescuing Mika, that they get to keep the Transport they used for the trip. Popara agrees.

As they leave, they notice the sneer from Zonnos.
Episode 10: One Night on Centauri Prime.
May 20th 2258

Note: Ideas and names taken from Tempest Feud, a D20 Star Wars module.

Guest Stars:
Angelina Jole as Lt. Commander Angela Krin.

About a week after their return from Endregaard, the characters recieve a message from Popara. He asks them to come to a dinner appointment on Centauri Prime, as he has a loose end to tie up from their trip to Endregaard. Since the station is rather quiet at the moment, they agree, board their ship and head to the Centauri Homeworld.

Upon landing just outside the Imperial City, they are greeted by Mika who has come to escort them to his father. As they start off, Ben notices a figure on a rooftop aiming a rifle at Mika. He throws himself at Mika just in time, as the assassin fires! The shot missies because of Ben's quick wits, and the assassin runs. Despite a brief chase, they loose the would be killer. Shaken by the attempt, Mika suggests that they get to his father with all speed.

When they arrive they find the meal in full swing. Several influential Centauri nobles, and off-world traders are in attendence. Mika quickly informs his father of what happened. Popara excuses himself and takes the characters into a side room. He has done some investigation into the mysterious drug that Ben and Rathenn discovered on Endregaard, and fears that his rivals are behind it. The drug is being spread throughout Centauri Space. He is concerned that the assassination attempt was somehow linked to this investigation. Popara asks that they look into it, and find out who on Centauri Prime is selling this drug.

As they finish their conversation, Popara visibly pales and doubles over clutching his stomach. As he topples forward onto the floor, the door opens and a horrified Zonnos walks in. He cries out that the characters have murdered his father, poisoned him! With nowhere to go and no chance given the number of people in the main hall, Ben and Rathenn surrender to the house guards. The guards escort them down into the dungeons.

After a couple of hours, lanquishing in the cell, the door is opened by Vargo. He knows that the two of them had no reason to kill Popara and belives that one of the two sons is responsible. They can't leave Centauri Prime easily as Zonnos has had their ship impounded. It is in their best interests to find out the truth and exhonourate themselves. With a thanks to Vargo, Ben and Rathenn head out and escape the house.

Their first course of action is to investigate the seedier side of the Imperial City, looking for anyone who knows of this new drug. They don't find any dealers or uses, just rumours, but they do learn the name: Tempest.

In one bar they are surprised to encounter Lt. Commander Krin, who is equally surprised to see them here. After the plague was cleared, the medtechs had checked out those gangers that they left. They were suffering withdrawls to a new kind of drug, which she believes is this Tempest. She came here to learn anythign she could about it. Through her contacts she has learnt that Zonnos is a heavy user of Tempest and has been for some time.

Ben and Rathenn decide that enough is enough. Its obvious to them that Zonnos wanted to remove his father and take over the house, the drug just fostered that aggression into action. They purchase robes and decide to go back to the house and throw this at Zonnos and Mika.
Under disguise, they return to the House and are let in by Vargo. Sneaking around the house they soon reach Zonnos and have to fight his Drazi guards. By the time they catch up with Zonnos in the next room, he has taken a large overdose of Tempest and is laying almost comatose on the floor. Mika emerges and checks his brother. With a sad sigh he shakes his head.

Zonnos is hospitalised, perhaps permanently, and Mika now runs the house. He makes apologies to how the characters were treated, and promises to assist them in the future if they need his help. Ben and Rathenn understand, seeing how insane Zonnos became. They return to Tantalus, and Mika takes his place on his father's seat with an evil smile.