[Newbie Question] Vehicle Damage


Hi again,

I'm still feeling like a noob as I've yet to play. I'm reading and re-reading sections of rules as well as the Third Imperium info so I feel like I know what I'm doing when my group start playing.

Having just built a vehicle (the snow vehicle I asked about in a different thread), I was wondering how vehicle damage works.
For example, the snow mobile I decided on, had an armour rating of 2 all round, with 8 hull points.
Now if a someone attacks it with a single hack of a broadsword and hits it, without any extra effect, then it will do 4D damage. On average that's 14 damage. 2 soaked up by the armour, 12 more to the hull which is way more than the vehicle has. So one swipe from a broadsword on my snow mobile, or indeed on a ground car, will totally destroy it.

What also caused me a brain strain, was that if I'm on foot and dive for cover behind a civilian vehicle, I get +10 to my armour, but the vehicle only has armour 2.

I understand how ground weapons and starship weapons are scaled with the x10 or /10 modifiers, but have I missed something similar with vehicles. If not, a single rifle shot or a single broadsword swipe will destroy a vehicle similar to a car with a single average hit.

Thanks for any help (or page references if I've missed something obvious)


Cosmic Mongoose
Don't think of it as "ruined beyond repair" as much as "ruined until repaired" when you take a vehicle's hull to 0. You broke the engine, it's axle, or some other vital part. You broke enough where it's not going to work without taking it to the mechanic that will make you cry when you see the repair bill. Repairing it will still be cheaper than buying a new one, but it will still hurt in the wallet.

You didn't turn the thing to slag, just made it useless as a vehicle, until it's fixed.

But you got it right.


What I liked about this post was that it was from a NEWBIE....being one myself.....Isn't it time there was a NEWBIE thread for starter hints for newbies????? I did a search using "beginner" as keyword today and there was some good stuff there....next I will search "newbie"..... then I will begin the new thread.... NEWBIE TAVERN....ho ho ho