Magnamund Map

Would you buy the Magnamund Map?

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I liked the maps in the main LW books. The roads, cities, villages were all clearly shown with little icons rather than dots. What I would like to see is all these maps compiled together into one larger map which is in scale with all those in the books. Such a map would be at least 36" x 36".
Lone Wolf needs maps! Lots of them! That's why he always got at least one per game book! He'd get lost real fast without them! :wink:

Yeah, a Game Master's Screen and large map in one package would be nice. (And maps of smaller areas could even enhance that package - but they rather belong to regional source books. And those I'd dearly love to see!)

KillerKatanas said:
I liked the maps in the main LW books. The roads, cities, villages were all clearly shown with little icons rather than dots.

Oh, yes, have to agree with that! Maybe they don't take your breath away, but they had a charm of their own. I'd love to have maps like that accompanying the Lone Wolf Rpg ... Well, okay, maybe that's just a bad case of nostalgia ... :D

But they would add to the authenticity of the game ... Yeah, okay, holding my tongue already.
a real pitty karen wynn fonstad passed away :-/

I think she would have been the only one doing a real magnamund ATLAS as she did the middle earth atlas, the forgotten realms atlas and the dragonlance atlas before ..

I would prefer an atlas with descriptions and many small detail-maps a lot more, than a simple poster map ..
That reminds me to ask the question: what about this poll?

Is there any plan now to publish a kind of GM pack with GM screen+full colour map (+ let's say 1-2 adventures, 1 booklet with all the gear and weapon tables, 4-5 country maps and 4-5 city maps)?

Must be mad... :p
I would not buy a poster map of whole magnamund..
it is pretty much useless due to its lack in specificity and being unpractically big for a table to use during a campaign...

I would definetly buy a collection of regional maps with a booklet where there are more regional info (cities, towns, rivers, mountains, passes etc)

I would evaluate a GM screen (it needs to have the proper and useful tables not like the 2nd merp edition that was really crap)...

I would definetly buy booklets with ready to run adventures ;)
would buy this if done like say conan with a awesome GM screen as well it would be a must buy for me too also like the dredd screen idea of a most wanted book inside or the old tsr idea of a mini-adventure but yes I would buy it.
I'd buy anything with the Lone Wolf tag on it, well almost anything.

Can't wait to put my hands on Dawn of Destruction next month.

I am a little concerned over the lack of news on the future releases; hope "Dawn..." is not the last one ! :?
I'd buy it or a pack of smaller maps and would definitely be up for a screen including such. I keenly await any new LW stuff.

Eternalknight said:
Whatever happened to this idea? I for one would still be interested...

The unofficial map is here: