Lycanthropes in Magnamund?


Here's a question:

I'm working on a new campaign and was wondering if there's ever been any references to lycanthropes in the world of Lone Wolf. I can't remember any off hand, but then I've only read the first 12 books and it's been a while since I've done even that... :lol:

It isn't something I'd expect to see from Joe Dever, as he pretty much avoided using classic monsters/races in Magnamund. If you want a real Lone Wolf feel to your game, create a new creature to fill the niche of the lycanthrope :)
Hmmm for me a good old werewolf is allways welcom at the dinner's table! :wink:

I like the opportunity to have NPC that are not what they SEEM to be. Helghasts are perfect in that role but you can perfectly imagine some less "striclty evil" ennemies.
Lycanthropes are sometimes more "cursed" men than really evil minions, and that's good for roleplaying...

My conclusion: don't hesitate to build your own lycanthrope in Magnamund! :wink:
columbob said:
There were some near the end of book 21, in Dessi.

Voyage of the Moonstone?

Typical, I only got that one fairly recently and haven't had the chance to go through it properly yet :(
Found it, section 248

CS 40
End 40
Immune to Mindblast, but not Kai-Surge

Man turns into clawed furry beast.

As with some other in the books, you can take an existing concept, but it's best to call it something different rather than use the "traditional" name (and a twist is always good, too). There's also no indication of how he came to be that way, so you might want to make it a breed of shapechanging creature rather than a disease passed on by the bite. Or you might not. :)