Games and Theory: Experimental Vehicles (VDR)

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I-13 Iguana High Mobility Tank


While many do not feel a tank is necessary, for the Light Mobile Infantry companies the Iguana is life when dealing with Arachnids that just don't seem wanting to die. Understanding the need for high mobility vehicles to satisfy transportation and rapid troop movements, the Iguana comes with four independent drive trains, each in their own pod extending from the tank's hull which provides 'all wheel drive' for the tank over all but the roughest terrain. The main gun, while not as effective as a nuclear weapon, is strong enough to bust open the heaviest of Arachnid carapace. This plus a kick'n sound system and built in mini bar (plus plush leather seating) make Iguana duty more desirable than being on foot.

Also, the I-13 is usually used in conjunction with the GK-12, making for an almost unbeatable team for long term campaigns (I.E. Saves money).

Weapons: 200mm Gauss Cannon, Hull mounted Bug broom Support Laser.

Special Rules:
Tank Squish – On a Wheel maneuver, if the tank makes contact with a enemy squad that consists of models smaller than itself, a special attack can be made on the squad, using a special tank sized template (or just lining up by eye), resulting in xd6+4-n (the plus 4 comes from the tank size) against the squad, x equaling the number of models to be ‘squished’, n equaling the size of the model (not per model)
Autoloaders: All weapons (other than One-Shot!) mounted on a I-13 count as Infinite weapons.

Type: I-13 Iguana Tank
Value: 350
Size: 4
Move: 5”
Close Combat: D6
Target: 7+
Save: 4+
Kill: 12+
Traits: Hits/6, Wheel/10”

200mm Gauss Cannon
- HEAT Range: 72”; Damage: 2d10+2; Type: Pack; Traits: Piercing/1, LZ (1”)
- HE Range: 72”; Damage: 3xD6; Type: Pack; Traits: LZ (3”)
- APDS Range: 72”; Damage d10; Type: Pack; Traits: Piercing/2; Accurate, LZ (1”)
- TOAD Range: 72”;, Damage 3xD10; Type: One Shot!; Traits: Flame; Killshot, LZ (5”) Multihit, Nuclear Protocols needed

Above vehicle is subject to change, tweaks, and other things.