Defensive Blast: Fix Consensus Discussion

We just houseruled DB away. It didn't feel very Conan-esque, and made it more sensible to pepper enemy scholars with arrows than to run up and chop off their heads. That's just wrong. *smirk*

Wanting to give low-level sorcerers something, I offerred the following as a replacement:

Inflict Suffering
1 target
Requires a magical attack roll
Maximum range 30'
1d6 damage per power point expended

Pain grips the target's entire being as his blood boils and his
flesh crawls.

The other didn't dig it, so we didn't do it. I think it's pretty cool.

If you're determined to keep DB, I think making it a full-round action and leaving the scholar flat-footed eliminates many of the problems. If you don't kill the heroes with it, you're in for a world of pain. And no more master thieves with one level of scholar tumbling into a group of Picts and exploding...:roll:



<i> And no more master thieves with one level of scholar tumbling into a group of Picts and exploding...</i>

DB is easily abused. I am of the mind to make it cause fatigue/exhaustion and reduce the damage and add a concussion effect. Havnt really decided yet.

Mad Dog


I think I will also restrict this ability to scholars who have successfully summoned a demon lord (either by Greater Demon Pact or by Master-Words and Signs).


I make sure not to exploit DB on my group. Whenever I roleplay a Scholar NPC, I try to make his actions believable; I try not min/max.

Whenever one of my players decides to make a scholar, I will warn him. Exploit DB and the rest of the rules, so will I.


SetWorshipper said:
I've just removed it from my games. I really don't see a Conan Sorcerer doing this.

I did up the Curse of Yzil duration though. As Conan's thief lacky said "Its bad luck to kill a wizard".

Ah, Malak - the PG version of Subotai! What a wierd movie.