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I have a question for any those more knowledgeable forum members out there regarding communications devices and computers in A:2089. The main rulebook describes that a hand computer operates as a phone so I assume it can link with the internet using a mobile phone signal.

In your opinion do hand computers or portable computers and their military equivalents use only phone signals or would they have a radio link or equivalent like a Mek comms processor ? Can they be used to conduct electronic warfare or do they need to be linked to a communications device? What frequency would they likely operate on (and what would their equivalent bandwidth be?).

I work off the idea that they have a standard cell phone modem for accessing the inernet. They would then need to be interfaced through a different device to be able to use radio signals, laser communicators, etc. for more secure links. Does this sound realistic.


There is no evidence to support that the personal comps use anything more than a (probably broadband) phone link. I would extend it to using a mobile (cell?) phone connection, but that's as far as I would go.

Your Gm will tell you what equipment is available for your campaign, and what their limits are. If you're the GM, then decide which way you want your campaign to go and do it. If you don't want every script kiddie with a personal comp trying to hack into your mek, then I suggest that you have personal comps use only phone signals and be incompatible with Mek electronic warfare.

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Lane Shutt

The description for the Mil. Hand/ Portable Computers state they include a military communicator. They could also be connected to a satellite comm system based on that description. Both Mil and civilian computers may be connected to a Warmek or vehicle system and run software to enhance their operation. I would assume any other comm system or sensor (radar, visual scanner etc.) could be connected as well.

While connected to a comms processor they may run any software installed and interface with the warmeks systems, from the text this would include EW, decryption, indirect fire and other software.
Note: Hand/ Portable computers are much cheaper than Artillery processors, as a balance I would apply a negative modifier to the indirect fire software bonus when using the computers in this role, -3 Hand/ -2 Portable.