ACTA:SF - Alternative Universe Project Timeline and thoughts

Da Boss

Soooo following on to my other post on the Reflection Universe had a play with timelines :)

-Y1100 A powerful Vulcan merchant, sick of the continuing fighting on his homeworld secretly commissions a small fleet and leaves the home system for a new start, eventually settling on the twin planets of Romulus and Remus. The Vulcans (and Romulans) have Non-Tactical Warp spaceflight from at least this time. The remaining Vulcan's care little for their deaprture and continue their incessant warring
-Y1010 Austus Tal, head of the newly formed Romulan Corporate Council completes the process of creating a society based on trade and exploration.
-Y997 Kahless begins is rise to power on the Klingon homeworld. The Klingons are in the “horse and broadsword” period (and have been for two thousand years).
-Y942 Kahless unites the entire planet of Klinshai into a single empire before being killed by his jealous wife who establishes a short lived but bloody rule..
-Y274 The Romulan Tsu-Sar Corpotation take the Klingons into their service as starship crews and guards. The cloaking device is perfected, allowing Romulan ships to escape primitive but warlike races when threatened. The technology proves dangerous to unprotected other species
-Y117 Seltorian revolt in the Tholian Home Galaxy M81. Most Tholians are wiped out but some escape in various directions. Most go to the nearby M82 Galaxy Two groups (a small Dyson sphere and the 312th Battle Squadron) head for the Milky Way Galaxy. Seltorians later send expeditions to other
galaxies to hunt down and destroy the last of the Tholians.
-Y100 Following years of war, enhanced humans take over Earth and begin to construct a new Empire, which they pattern on the ancient Chinese Empire, dividing the world into continent sized States, each controlled by a Emperor. Almost immediately they each attempt to subvert each other. Human Ministers carry out the day to day running of the Empire. Further creation of enhanced humans is banned so as not to provide new threats to the New Order.
-Y94 Conflict between competing Romulan corporations causes several crisis over the next century with several Council Heads being assassinated. The revised position is limited to a single two-year term by Romulan law.
-Y70 Brutal repressions result in a series of rebellions that see the few remaining enhanced Emperors overthrown and killed. A series of "pure" human Emperors take control and begin to rebuild the world, using enhanced scientists to perfect various forms of technology. All known traces of the enhancement technology are destroyed.
-Y60 A devastating plague sweeps through the Romulan race and results in a severe economic crisis felt throughout the Conglomerate. The Romulans begin to withdraw from the rest of the galaxy, having discovered that the plague was brought in from a alien world. They continue to perfect their cloaking device, hoping to continue exploration without dealing with other races. Tsu-Sar suffers a massive collapse and returns their Klingon starship crews to Klinshai (and other starship crews to their own home planets), abandoning some of their obsolete or inoperative equipment in various locations.
Y1 Gift of the Gods
First contact between the Celestial Empire occurs when a Romulan exploratory cruiser with a dying crew of plague struck drops out of warp in the Sol system. Its subsequent capture allows the Humans develop what will be known as Fast Warp and enhances their already powerful weapon systems. Enhaced Scienists are defrosted to reverese engineer the Alien technology
Y2 Klingons build chemical-energy rocket boosters and primitive space capsules, and use these to reach the obsolete ships left in their system by the Romulans. Within a few years, the
Klingons have been able to make some of the old ships operational.
Y4 The Celestial Empire conquers the remnants of the Vulcans and encounters the the Andorians, Alpha-Centaurans and Rigellians, beginning a multitude of conflicts which over the following decades will see the other races conquered by humanity.
Y8 Klingons, using star maps drawn by the last of the Klingons who served on ships of the Romulans
conquer the Dunkars and begin to use them as subject race crewmen,
Y10 Klingons conquer the Vergarians
Y12 After an unsuccessful fleet-wide mutiny by Vergarian crewmen, the Klingons execute all Vergarians on their ships, bombard Vergar (reducing it to the stone age). Vergarians are not allowed into space for decades, and the planet is forced to pay huge tributes to the Empire. Klingon Emperor Belak-Kyn relishes his role in subjugating the Vergarians.
Y17 The Klingons are able to reverse-engineer the abandoned ships and produce their own primitive starships. Unlike the Romulan ships the Klingons inherited, the new ships are patterned on a predatory marine reptile found in the oceans of the Klingon homeworld.
Y21 The Celestial Empire encounters the Orions, a smaller star-faring culture on their border who appear to immediately submit to their emissaries.
Y38 First Lyran-Klingon War begins. While few details are known, it is clear that both have been expanding for some time from their respective homeworlds. While these expansions were not at the same rate in each direction, this was the first contact either race had with a military capable spacefaring race.
Y42 Lyran-Klingon War ends when several Lyran counties abandon the war to protect their homes from the Hydrans. Lyrans are forced to accept an unfavourable settlement.
Y43 Lyrans defeat Hydran invasion, but reach negotiated settlement rather than continue the war. First Lyran-Hydran War ends.
Y48 Lyrans, trying to outflank the Klingons by moving around the WYN cluster, run into the previously unknown Kzintis. The first Lyran-Kzinti War breaks out almost immediately and ends eight years later (Y56) with both races suffering devastation of their thinly settled worlds in the region.
Y62 First cruiser capable of Combat Warp is launched by the Celestial Empire, as the fleet expands
Y63 Klingons convert the first of their sublight war cruisers to use Combat Warp and disruptors.
Y66 Gorns develop Combat Warp power, but their ships are still armed with sublight weapons (atomic missiles - Drones and lasers). The conflict between the Gorns and Paravians begins
Incidents erupt along Hydran-Klingon border. Klingons want settlement rights on oxy-nitrogen planets in Hydran territory; Hydrans want the same rights on Klingon methane worlds - neither will comprimise.
Y67 Gorns begin an all out war following increasing Paravian raids. Most Gorn ships have already been upgraded with new developed Combat Warp and begin receiving plasma bolt refits at forward bases. Using this decisive advantage, the Gorns quickly destroy virtually every unrefitted Paravian ship. The Gorn devestate their enemies and descend upon their world, killing and devouring them.
Second Lyran-Hydran War begins.
Y71 Second Lyran-Hydran War ends when improved Hydran weapons (e.g., nova cannon) give them a decisive advantage over the Lyrans.
Y76 Klingons, expanding their territory to the Galactic Rim, encounter the Vudar, and later absorb them into the Empire under special semiautonomous conditions. The Klingons launch the D4 class cruisers, the first designed from the keel up to include Combat Warp. The Lyrans, Hydrans, and Kzintis follow suit with their own ships of this type.
Y79 Tholians arrive in our galaxy and enslave the local Klingon colony as they look for new resources to exploit. First of several vicious border wars lasts two years, causing heavy losses among the Klingon ships (who cannot fight the new technology effectively). Tholians wipe out three minor Klingon colonies, the
largest of which is Kalesta. The Klingons will forever after regard the Tholians as “foreign invaders.” The shame of having a part of the Empire occupied by a foreign power will stain the honor of the warrior class forever.
Y85 First contact between the Klingons and Celestial Empire results in a skirmish which escalates into a series of battles before outright war is declared
Looks pretty cool so far. Have you posted that to the other board? Are you going to keep adding events to the timeline, all the way up to when we invade the Andro home galaxy?
Thanks thats kind - just throwing it out there at the moment ;)

Anything you spotted thats not allowed - was not sure about the Enhanced humans?
I *think* you're okay with "enhanced humans", as long as you don't use the name of one particular well-known enhanced person.
To be absolutely sure what is allowed, you would need to get SVC involved and that means posting to the BBS.

It is worth a shot, in my opinion.
Thanks :)

I'll post it over there and see if people are interested :)

I have added a bit more as well.................
May need to alter your warp designations. First Warp Developed is NonTatical Warp followed by Tactical Warp (your Combat Warp) followed by High Warp. Above High you could call it Strategic Warp.

Other things to remember Old Kings, Lizard Kings, and Leopard Kings, Jindarians or Carnavons. Any of these could also alter your history if they are ignored or dropped.

I will look it up when I get home but you may want to read the published Alternate Paravian history in one of the Captain's Logs. Also with out fighting a Veil Device Empire why would the Gorns bother making a Plasma Carronade.
The question you need to answer is "when di the bifucation happen"?

Most fan-fic I've seen states, and I beleive the TV show implies, that the event was when a doctor saved a young woman from being run over by a truck, and she later went on to convince FDR to not do the Lend Lease Act, changing the outcome of WW-2. If you split the timelines elsewhere, you can get a different history.
Rambler said:
May need to alter your warp designations. First Warp Developed is NonTatical Warp followed by Tactical Warp (your Combat Warp) followed by High Warp. Above High you could call it Strategic Warp.

Other things to remember Old Kings, Lizard Kings, and Leopard Kings, Jindarians or Carnavons. Any of these could also alter your history if they are ignored or dropped.

I will look it up when I get home but you may want to read the published Alternate Paravian history in one of the Captain's Logs. Also with out fighting a Veil Device Empire why would the Gorns bother making a Plasma Carronade.
Thanks Guys

Its an early draft so not really sure of some things - Ill have a look at warp types

Probably go with Warp (Non Tactical)
Combat (Tactical)
and Fast (High Warp)

I was thinking tha the Universe may not have all the same weapons due to the very differences you mention? Would that be a major issue?

My idea is that there is no unifying figure on Vulcan and the Romulans are the "sane" Vulcans who set up a more civilised system well away from the warlike ancestors who are doomed to live on a devestated planet. They are locked in a cycle of warfare until the Celestial Empire arrives and subjugates them.

The Old Kings etc - I will admit my ignorance :oops: but I like the idea of the Romulans as their replacements, interfering with various races until the plague shifts them into isolation.

I have finshed the altered timeline - but it does seem alot to just dump on the ADB forum in one go?
I would agree with the idea of posting this on the ADB BBS, if anywhere; the bulk of ongoing SFU web-based development takes place there, and you'll find that many of those who would be likely to respond to this proposal would only be found there (i.e. they don't post here or on the FC forums).

For what it's worth, I'm quite leery of the idea of having yet another timeline in which a vast number of vulcanoids end up being killed off en masse. The Franchise has it happen to Romulus in the "Prime" timeline, and to Vulcan in the new movieverse; the Mirror Universe book series deals some pretty harsh cards to both worlds in their extrapolation of the MU timeline; and even in the SFU, we have the devastation on Remus to consider. Is yet another act on xenocide against one of the keystone species of the setting really all that necessary?
Da Boss, if you want to really work on this, you'll need to add some Prime Directive books to your collection. They have some information about some of the ancient beings that you will need to know for your Reflection Universe split to work. The GURPS books are on e23 and the PD20M ones that I've edited are on DTRPG. They both exist in print. Or will ... Romulans PD20M is scheduled for March of this year.
The plague plot device is a blow to the Romulans but its real purpose is to drop them out of mainstream affairs of the galaxy allowing the younger races to become the primary players in the galaxy. It has no long term effects on the population but more on their outlook on the galaxy.

They continue to imporve their technology and in particular the cloaking device to allow them to pass unseen as the war continues about them - my thought was that by the time the general war errupts they have cloaked or phased their planet/s to keep well out of it all.........They still carry out exploration and investigation, just avoid everyone else. However this is not always possible..............
by the sound of it, Your Romulans could end up taking a similiar role to the 'ISC', as they appear to be more interested in monitoring the Galaxy than conquest. It would fit in with the seperation theme you have given them, as they could mass a fleet (under cloak), then intervien to 'stop the madness'.

If you are thinking of differing weapons, i have a question. You meantion the Gorn using plasma bolts, does this mean that the Gorn primary weapon is the bolt, not the Torpedo? It would make the fleet actually quite different. Also did you intend to add ISC (i've got a mad thought of a Sparrowhawk with PPD), or actually have them meet up with the Romulans as an aggressor - that would make the change on that side of the Quadrant almost total (Romulans as Fed, ISC as Klingon).

Have to have a think about Gorn 'reflection' colour schemes - maybe a green instead of grey)
Jean, are there any good sources on the Gorn in the RPG range, and also the ISC (my 2 main forces).

I like alternate history's, and would be happy to help out as able, though my SFU knowledge is limited. Upside, i suppose, is that i'll look at things from an outsiders view, so might help with some of the 'issue' areas that might create IP issues (or not)
Thanks for the input :) I must admit my knoweldge of the SFu comes form the ACT:Sf rulebook and the various forums/websites :wink:

The bit I have written thus far has the Romulans working reluctantly with the ISC (they would prefer to remain out of it exploring etc) but with little direct support.


Y185 ISC forces begin occupying Gorn territory and enter Celestial Empire territory. The ISC Echelon of Judgement (X-ships) demands that the Seltorians stop attacking the Tholians. When the Seltorians refuse, the ISC destroys the Seltorian Hive Ship and bases. The Klingons discover a secret about the Seltorians and destroy the last of them.
Y187 Celestial Empire forces assault the ISC protected Fornax star system (SH24). The ISC briefly attempts to pacify the Tholians but decides that the Tholians really do want to be left alone.
Y188 The ISC attempts its “conquest” of the galaxy, attempting to occupy the Neutral Zones between most of the warring parties but its forces are shattered by the various fleets.

My thoughts on the Gorn were much more belligerent carnivores.

Regarding weapons - I don't know that much about the various weapons really and had not really thought about it yet.
Keeper Nilbog, for the ISC, the RPG material is only in the GURPS core book. I'd have to check, but I think there is more information scattered hither and yond.

The Gorn are in the core RB and the intro (I think, going from memory) is in the ACTA SF book and in the latest Captain's Log.
Curious about how the basic psychology of the Empires change in the reflection universe? The Terran Empire becoming a conquering aggressive empire I can understand - but how have the Klingons changed? Have they been influenced by the Romulans at all and incorporated knightly virtues into the warrior culture (protection of the weak, co-operative expansion rather than aggression?).
The Klingons in the original TV series were playing the role of the USSR.

Perhaps in this, the Klingons have maintained the ideals of communism - equality, social provision of food, housing, healthcare - and pacifism - without descending into totalitarianism.

No secret police or political prisoners, just a planet-wide hippie commune (just less smelly and more efficient and productive, being Klingon).

They'd only take up arms reluctantly, to defend themselves and to liberate the (quite genuinely) oppressed victims of the Terran Empire.

I'm thinking Iain M Bank's Culture, particularly during the Idirian War.
Thanks for that Nomad - I guess I was being influenced by later non-SFU ideas for the Klingons having a 'warrior culture'. The 'caring, sharing' more cuddly Klingon Empire would make some sense - reluctantly taking up arms when negotiation or diplomacy fails!
Da Boss opened a topic over on the ADB board.

It might be better if ya'all continue the conversation over there as ACTA doesn't use a history timeline.