Tales of Yggdrasil - Out Now!


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Tales of Yggdrasil has just been released, bringing 5 adventures for Shield Maidens that take place throughout the Nine Realms!

You can grab your own copy right here: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/products/shield-maidens-tales-of-yggdrasil

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The Nine Realms of Yggdrasil are vast, and the work of the Daughters of Freya drags them from toxic wastelands to frozen shores, and all the way down to the shores of the dead. Tales of Yggdrasil provides a set of adventures that can be used in campaigns throughout the Nine Realms.

In this book, you will find:

Everything and Nothing: The dead continue to arrive in Niflheimr, but now they seem to be disappearing from the realm. Souls are not invincible, and a string of grisly murders has shaken an entire district. The Shield Maidens must find out who is responsible and stop them before they kill again.

Ship of Stars: Defectors are rare, but not unheard of. What is unusual is a Fenrir lieutenant aboard a freighter hailing the Resistance and offering valuables from Muspelheim in return for his rescue. The Shield Maidens will sail an ancient longboat to rescue him, avoiding the dragons of the Rockaries on the way.

The Price of Peace: The elves of Svartalfheim face a constant onslaught of Pure military, all in the name of order. The Shield Maidens’s visit to the realm is badly timed, with the ground shuddering, chunks of crystals falling from the cave roof and nanobots lining up to cleanse the world. Now it is the job of the Sisterhood to help organise the Svartalfheim elves’ defence.

The Sun: Ymir’s Blood, the lifeforce of worlds, powers Midgard’s artificial sun. Unfortunately, the Fenrir Empire controls its supply to the world and has shut down the power in Zone 30, leaving the inhabitants to freeze in their homes. The Shield Maidens have to secure a supply of Ymir’s Blood, and fast, for the Resistance to distribute throughout Home Guard.

Banished: Honourable death is something all the giants of Jötunnheim seek, as they rage endless battles against the feral creatures that crawl from the icy core of the realm. Three exiled Jötunn have now arrived in Midgard to achieve this goal, and the Empire of Man is watching. Should the Fenrir Empire recruit them, they will wreak untold harm, and the Shield Maidens must race to get to the three Jötunn first.