ACTA:SF - Alternative Universe Project Timeline and thoughts

The overloaded phasers have been nixed in the X-ship errata; they were simply too good. (The errata was also added into the data published in Module X1R, if I'm not mistaken; in any case, if you have an older copy of Module X1, I would strongly recommend checking the errata file out, since it made some important changes to how X-technology works in SFB.)
Thanks Guys for the input and Jean I will have a look at the books - is there any indication of what proportion of the book is fluff and waht rules - I was pleasently suprised how much fluff was in the present ACTA:SF rulebook :)

re the discussion
I guess what I am trying to establish is if the Romulans have superior technology to their equivalents in the Primary Universe will this allow them to build exploration cruisers that can actually match main line warships of the other powers.

For the most part I don't want to make up Romulan X-Warships (although there may be a few produced as the galaxy goes to hell around them) So could superior tech allow the Romulans to use a roomy hull (which the SparrowHawk seesm to be ) to mount such weapons.

This would allow the use of iconic SFU designs for the ships whilst having very different stats.

Humanity under the Celestial Empire, the Klingons, Kzinti and Gorn are pretty much at the same tech level as in the Primary Universe, so ths would not be a change of tech levels all round and X-Ships for them would not appear any earlier so we would not have to worry about them at this point. The develeopment of these would also likely be associated with recovered and reverse engineering of other races technology especially the Andros.

Also other thoughts which I would value your opinion:

• Drones being a Kzinti weapon rather than apparently the weapon of choice for all Empires.

• My thought is to have the Roomulans as more of a scenario specific race rather than a warring Empire. How big of an issue is this? Another option is to have an element of the Romulan Conglomorate actively interfering (if discretely) - A bit like the Culture's Special Circumstances or B5's Shadows/Vorlons which would allow players to field special strike fleets.

• In a similar manner can a ship the size of the Snipe with advanced tech and a couple of crew act as a Explorere / Scout? Does the original ship have many crew - does the Plasma torp tech take alot of room that once removed allows other options? Any input on ths sort of info is I feel really helpful to loooking at the development of the Romulan ships

• The Romulans would not need or want to use Klingon designs as their own vessles are sufficent (or usually superior)- is this an issue?

I would like to sort out the Romulans first then move onto the steadily less alternative Empires - probaly in the order of my knowledge


Clestial Empire
Not sure about the Romulan questions, though would think that removing the R-Type Torp from a Eagle would allow lots of refits.

Still thinking on the Gorn using 'Bolts' instead of torpedoes, as these would be better 'Hunting weapons' that Torps, as you can't run away. Also, in this regard, i can see a change in fleet structure, in that they could (would ?) have lots of little (up to CL) class ships as main 'ships of the line' for hunting the enemy, with the bigger ships as the killing blow vessels against damaged prey. Possibly even operating in more of a Pack/Clan structure (the more i think about this, the more the Kzinti/Lyran style of Empire seems to fit the Reflective Gorn), but with a solid structure of leadership down though the system.
Da Boss, all I can tell you is that I like reading the rulebooks. They tend to interest me and I come from an RPG background. Your interest may vary.

Just to keep the discussion going here are a couple more speculative designs for the Romulan Conglomerate.

Eagle Class Trading Cruiser 140pts
Whilst the Snipe was designed to seek out new trading opportunities or interesting races to contact, the Eagle would deal with first contact and establish initial trade. Used to convey diplomats and executives, the ship had superb communication systems, but also provided superior protection for its passengers. The Eagle was the first Romulan vessel to field the Plasma weapons, initially designed as the ultimate in close defence, but later evolving into weapons that would "discourage" any enemy.

Turn: 6, Shields: 25, Damage: 12/4, Marines: 2 Craft: 2 Shuttle
Traits: Cloak, Lab 2, Probe 2, Tractor Beam 2, Transporter 1,

Phaser 1..........18..........FH......2.........Accurate +2, Kill Zone 8, Precise,
Plasma D........16..........PH......1........Devastating +1, Energy Bleed, Multihit D6, Reload, Seeking
Plasma D........16..........SH......1.......Devastating +1, Energy Bleed, Multihit D6, Reload, Seeking
Phaser 3...........6...........PH......2........Accurate+1, Kill Zone 2, Precise
Phaser 3...........6...........SH......2........Accurate+1, Kill Zone 2, Precise

King Eagle Cruiser 180pts
The King Eagle was produced in small numbers to provide the Romulan corporations with a warship to deal with some of the stranger lifeforms that dwell in the void as well as in extremis the warships of the younger races. On occasion it was used as a to control and co-ordinate small groups of Romulan vessels in the defence of their colonies and other races worlds, but luckily the designers had provided for this logical eventuality. Future ships - the Hawk series - would build on lessons learnt and technology used in these ships

Turn: 6, Shields: 30, Damage: 12/4, Marines: 2 Craft: 2 Shuttle
Traits: Cloak, Command +1, Enhanced Bridge, Lab 2, Probe 2, Tractor Beam 2, Transporter 1,

Phaser 1..........18..........FH......2.........Accurate +2, Kill Zone 8, Precise,
Phaser 1..........18..........FH......2.........Accurate +2, Kill Zone 8, Precise,
Plasma R........16..........F.........7........Devastating +1, Energy Bleed, Multihit D6, Reload, Seeking
Plasma D........16..........AH......2........Devastating +1, Energy Bleed, Multihit D6, Reload, Seeking
Phaser 3...........6...........PH......2........Accurate+1, Kill Zone 2, Precise
Phaser 3...........6...........SH......2........Accurate+1, Kill Zone 2, Precise

Plasma-D Torpedo: If a ship has not used a loaded Plasma-D torpedo in a turn and is attacked by enemy drones, it may choose to forego any firing of the Plasma-D in that turn and instead gain the Anti-Drone trait with a score equal to the number of Plasma-D torpedoes it is dedicating to this duty. When finished, the Plasma-D torpedo will require reloading. If it runs out of ammunition whole using the Anti-Drone trait, it may continue to use the Plasma-D torpedo during the battle but it will need reloading first
Hello, still playing with this

I have worked up some more background info on the Empire and how it works, the other races and technology etc. Played with the timeline a bit and following some requests made it a bit more conflict based...... Enjoy :)

Some new ships, tech and ideas for making the Drones more Kzinti centered............

feedback and thoughts always appreciated :)
Excellent Da Boss, looking forward to reading this, downloading now. Never know it may spark off some painting ideas.
Updated Here:


Background and organisation of the Celestial Empire and the Imperial Fleet
Five sample ships:
Gēng fū (Watchman) Class Patrol Frigate (FFG),
Fúcóng (Duty) Class Light Cruiser (NCL)
Xiànfǎ (Constitution) Class Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Lóng (Dragon) Class Battlecruiser (BCH)
Zérèn (Duty) Class Dreadnought (DNG),

Background on the Klingon Empire and the Deep Space Fleet
five sample fleets
Ureth (Dagger) Class Frigate (F5)
Du'keth (Conquest) Class Battlecruiser (D6)
Malir (Triumph) Class Battlecruiser (D7)
K'lsck (Oblivion) Class Dreadnought (C8)

The Gorn - background and warships:
Lusk'ha (Seeker) Class Frigate (FF),
Ragh-ack (Tracker) Class Strike Destroyer (DD),
Urush (Striker) Class Fast Cruiser (CL)
Mugr (Leader) Class Battlecruiser (BC),
Kris (Master) Class Dreadnought (DN),

some Extracts:

The Celestial Empire

Named for the first pure human Empress, Celestia, the Empire has roots in the structure of the ancient Chinese equivalent in the Han Dynasty. The Emperor (or Empress) is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and supreme judge and lawgiver, and perhaps more importantly the only person who can award top posts in central and local administrations. Below the Emperor are his cabinet members known as the Three Instruments of State. These are the Chancellor, Imperial Commander of Works, and the Grand Marshal.

The Magistrates of the Court
These privileged individuals follow precise and interwoven circuits of the Empire and with the exception of the Imperial Fleet are the only Imperial organisation allowed to possess true warships, allowing them to both travel in security and impose their judgment on both civilian and military personnel alike. Regular reports are filled with the Emperor/Empress and the Instruments of State, although on occasion one or more of these have been left out of the loop for political reasons or because the Instrument himself is under suspicion.

Humanity is very much the ruling race, with only humans being allowed to be full citizens of the Empire. The exact treatment of subject races has varied considerably from Emperor to Emperor, depending on his or her tastes. Slavery is fully legal in the Empire with both humans and aliens suffering in this state, there are nominal laws that give some limited protection to slaves but these are often flouted

The Gorn Fleet
A fleet composed of only vessels from the Striking Jaws list has Initiative score of +1
A fleet composed of only vessels from the Enveloping Claws has a Initiative score of -2
A fleet composed of vessels from both lists has an Initiative score of -1

The Striking Jaws - Frigates and Fast Cruisers
As previously noted, the commanders of frigates and other strike ships are predominately female and usually hungry for battle. First contact by an alien race with such a vessel usually results in combat. Armed primarily with phasers and fast firing plasma bolts, these ships are dangerous opponents but can be overpowered.