Where's the Dever in Lone Wolf


Mongoose August said:
I completely understand the desire to have Mr. Dever's name on the book and while I would certainly not have objected to such, it would probably have been somewhat out of place. Full homage is paid to the creator of the setting both in the Introduction and in the Production Notes. Also, he apparently felt he was recieveing enough credit as he never reqyested any further mention.

I would have been more than happy to do so. Writing is not about ego, it's about giving you all what you want. As proud as I am of the RPG, Mr Dever's name would have been a bonus on the book and I would have gladly given him top billing.

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Eternalknight said:
This breaks down to mean that, if you were to publish your own adventure or somesuch thing based on Lone Wolf, you couldn't use the term 'Lone Wolf' (as it is a character name), Kai, Ishir, Naar etc... but you could use Magnamund, Sommerlund, Sommerswerd and so on, as these are not forbidden in the legal text. You can also use the names of monsters and classes, though not the names of the Darklords. (Though you may refer to them as Darklords). You must also include a copy of the Open Game License, updating it to include everything that you have used from the game and giving proper credit for such, as is spelt out in the license.

What this pretty much means is that if other publishers wanted to, they could print material for Lone Wolf, but must follow a few basic rules.

You need to be very careful with the terms of OGL Section 7, with reference to "Use of Product Identity". While the entire of the text (with noted exceptions) is declared as Open Game Content, certain elements are also Product Identity, and it's not 100% clear quite what you're allowed to do with those.

Plus there's also the interesting legal ground that while Joe Dever has licenced the setting to Mongoose, it may be that they don't have the authority in that agreement to "pass on" that licence to others, leaving another possible trap to avoid.

The usual use of the OGL is to allow you to create a derivative work based on the rules from another game, as opposed to something set in the same game world. If anyone is considering doing any OGL work from Lone Wolf and including anything vaguely resembling P.I. (i.e. mentioning anything from the world of Magnamund), I'd strongly suggest contacting Mongoose first to see exactly where you stand, even if its just something you're going to post online for free.


Yea that is exactly right. OGL is just to say use it all for your gaming needs. Change it move it and add to it but you can publish works from it for sale or profit.

When I read the OGL I thought it was very vague so you really need to be careful if you start using it.


Well if your worried about it..

Just run the module or accessory by mongoose..they'd probably buy it then distribute it under their name. Then you could put all the names and refferences you want.