What Advesaries and Adventurers book would you like to see

which OGL rulebook would you like to see an A&A supplement for first

  • OGL Cybernet

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  • OGL Horror

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  • OGL Ancients

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  • OGL Steampunk

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We are in the process of developing our A&A line which has 12 to 14 NPC characters both Heroes and Villians in each book. The books will be like a comic book (same size and style) but with good paper on the inside. Retials for under $10.00 each. If you had a choice what would you want to see first, one for OGL Cybernet, OGL Horror, OGL Ancinets, or OGL Steampunk??? We have gotten suggestions for all, we would just like to see a count of what is most popular.
Hmmm, I see that OGL Steampunk has a strong lead here... And I voted for it too!

The Auld Grump, going through all the topics involving steampunk one by one...

*EDIT* A critters book would also be appreciated I think!
OK what specific characters/NPC's would you like to see, we have 12 in mind right now but any suggestions are welcome. BTW: If you go over to our forums under OGL Steampunk we have a brief intro as to what campaign setting we have in mind for OGL Steampunk. Feel free to chime in. Note we would start out with a non-creature version but add another book down the road to include elves, gnomes, dwaves, etc to the mix. This additional book would fit right with the first one and would not double up too much if at all on information.
I voted for OGL Steampunk. I was hooked on Arcanum for the longest time and still play it every now and then. I would really like a setting similar to that one. ............I need to dig out my game disk now. Thanks!
Is OGL Steampunk winning because it is the newest or it just works out that way. BTW: Our forum went down today and I had to do a backup from July 15th if anyone tried to post overthere today. Sorry.
It probably is largely because Steampunk is the newest. Cybernet wasn't far behind, but both are great for using in multiple types of futuristic games which there seems to be a shortage of good material for.

I would think that OGL Horror would be the most useful.

I mean, it pretty much already has a setting (the real world, sorta). And you can use them fairly easily in other settings as well.

It's much easier to move something like a serial killer from say, modern day to say, victorian steampunk england or 2040, than it is to put a mechanized chimneysweep to modern day.
Though I gotta say, after looking at the list of people in the book on your site, it seems pretty cool, having famous literary characters like that. (I'm not so sure about the historical ones, but...)
Hmm, I just checked the list on the forum of your site, and it sounds like the pdf will include the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with other characters as well. While that sounds great to me, it seems a little risky to include such characters all together.

Allan Quartermain
Captain Nemo
Mina Harker
The Invisible Man
Dorian Grey
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

There are a couple of characters missing from that setting, and you do list where the characters are taken from, but it might be worth checking that you won't get problems down the line with the recent film etc. I would love to see these characters in d20 format (I could easily use some in Judge Dredd).