Victory at Sea!

E Nicely

Mac V said:
I wasn't too interested in these rules when they first appeared in S&P. I was waiting for General Quarters 3. Now that I've reread VAS and had a chance to check out GQ3, I'm really thinking VAS might just be a perfect fit for a Tuesday night game. I'm interested in seeing what the air rules look like.

The air rules are pretty straightforward and playable. Planes do what they're supposed to.

ISigtrygg: Is there any chance we'll see expasions for VaS that cover earlier periods - say from ironclads to dreadnoughts - and perhaps a book or two that can take us up to modern day - or even beyond...

You'll probably see some of that stuff in S&P.

oggie x

I am very interested in the VAS rules, mainly as I have been playing occasional naval wargames and the rules being used though historically accurate made the game slow, particularly in the case of carrier warfare. I want to try and get my wargaming society playing naval wargames but when suggested they usually respond with "Aww it will take ages", "I don't want to calculate all the modifiers" and/or "Good God look at the size of that hit percentage table"! I swear that one member is tablephobic.

If you were to do a WW1 supplement I would be off to the shops like a dingbat (my German battlecruisers are itching for an excuse).


Mac V

Just saw they added a counter pack for the game.

This deluxe set of counter sheets greatly expands those found accompanying Victory at Sea. It includes multiple copies of every ship featured in that book, enabling you to literally double the size and scale of your naval combats!

Different eras would be fun as well, especially with nice counters. They would save me all the painting time. Pre Painted minis would be better though....