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Whilst looking through A Charity Shop I came across a journal that detailed another GM's planned main villain and his underlings for the final fight for a campaign and want to know what levels you'd suggest for a party that would have a decent chance of winning

He is A 13th level Str 9, Con 13, Dex 15, Int 22, Wis 11, Ch 17, AC 25 for normal 10, +2 Dex, 1 +3 and 1 +1 Rings of Protection, A Unique +3 AC Headband, +3 for paying A Sorcerer to use Wish to give him +2D2 to his AC and +3 Bracers of Defence and 35Hp out of a possible 55Hp Wizard whose Books hold all 1st level, all 2nd level, 11 3rd level, 10 4th level, 7 5th level, 5 6th level and 2 7th level Spells. He has 11 Kobloid Dex 17 1st level Thief's, 6 2nd level Str 14 Goblin Fighters and 2 charmed large lions as regulars, 5 2nd level Gnoll Trackers/evil version of Good Ranger, 3 of both Ogre and Bugbear Str 20 1st level Barbarians, 1 Kobloid Shaman/6th level Ch 17 and Int 13 Sorcerer and 1 Goblin Warchief/Str 16 and Dex 15 4th level Fighter/Thief as Elites and 1 each of charmed Wis 19 and Int 15 8th level Human Cleric, charmed 8th Dex 19 Human Thief and charmed 8th level Str 19 Human Fighter

So those are the relative facts about the planned main villain and his underlings for the final fight for a campaign from another GM in A Custom made Campaign that's part modern-day legend and part 3.5 edition DAD. So what levels would you suggest for a party that would have a decent chance of winning

PS sorry about not getting his AC 100% accurate 1st time
Sorry, it is really hard to comment on a D&D party even using something like Classic Fantasy.

However, you have:
13th level Fighter
11 Kobloids
6 Goblin Fighters
2 charmed large lions
5 Gnoll Trackers
3 Ogres
3 Bugbears
1 Kobloid Shaman
1 Sorcerer
1 Goblin Warchief
1 Fighter/Thief
1 charmed Human Cleric
1 charmed Human Thief
1 charmed Human Fighter

I make that 40 NPCs. In Legend terms, this would be a warband and it quite powerful.

Even assuming that only half are present and the rest are out scouting, guardinf, whatever, that still leaves 20 NPCs.

You would probably need a similar sized party to deal with them, or a smaller number of high-powered PCs, with a lot of spells cast.

In Legend, being outnumbered is very dangerous, as you quickly run out of Comabt Actions, so you have a lot of undefended attacks. If the attachers are weak and you have a lot of armour/magical protection then you might be OK, but criticals will take you down.

In Legend, the lions have multiple attacks and deal out a fair amount of damage, the ogres and bugbears are big and hard-hitters, so they would be especially powerful foes. The fighters are dangerous, but a PC should be able to take on an equivalent fighter without much trouble. The Wizards, sorcerers and shaman might be a problem, as they can hang back and cast spells.

I would expect this to wipe the floor with most Legend parties, to be honest. It would need to be toned down for a Legend combat, or split into smaller groups, each encountered separately.
Can I have some more ideas please?. Sorry but I want to do this 1 but I'm desperate. I'll even thank you in advance in case I forget later. So thank you
I know squat about levels in D&D, Sorry.
I would suggest to ask in the D&D forums on as you will certainly get lots of replies (like Soltakss's above) to help you.