Starfury / Thnderbolt mix?


While the fluff suggests that the Tbolt is a next generation fighter in everyway, the in-game stats seem to suggest that the two fighters have clearly defined roels - the Starfury for anti-fighter, and the T-bolt for anti-ship. Givben that even the Starfury seems inferior to several other fighters (in terms of dogfighting, anyway), this suggests that a fighter heavy force needs a mix of the two.

In people's experience, what seems like a good combo?

Fireymonkeyboy said:
In people's experience, what seems like a good combo?
That depends entirely on your opposition. If they have few, or poor, fighters, take T-Bolts. If they greatly outnumber or outperform your fighters, take more 'furies.

So, against Narn, take all T-Bolts. Against Minbari, 2/3 to 3/4 'furies, the rest T-bolts (you'll probably outnumber them, so can use support to even up dogfights). Against Abbai... do what you like, Kotha ain't gonna stop you :)

After that, consider other things. Narn emines, for instance, will be more deadly against 'furies than T-bolts, Vree Anti-Fighter will hit T-bolts more often, but the T-bolts have better Hull to survive...

Basically, there's no easy answer :lol:

Me, I stick to Starfuries, because I generally play games set too early for Thunderbolts.

Mix and match is the best i think.

Though at supporting a Starfury is as good as a T-Bolt.

So consider your enemy, their number of fighters, kinda match that with Auroras and take T-Bolts for the rest.

Against Narn leave your fighters at home. Unless you play seriously terrainheavy and play very conservatively with them, they should not be able to reach their target.

Yes i had a crit happen on a Rothan (no fire ahhh), but the taskforce it was attached to had already breached enemy lines and was swinging around for strike at the enemy back......

Yes it depends heavily against what fleet you play.
Mix and match depending on your play style and opponent.

Remember though, that any ship listed with a standard loadout containing Thunderbolts, by the letter of the rules those Thunderbolts may not be swapped for Starfuries. Off the top of my head the only ships so afflicted in SFOS stas are the Victory Destroyer and the Shadow Omega. Dunno what if any have that 'problem' in Armageddon yet.

If I'm feeling like a beating and going up against Minbari I'd take mostly Starfuries as in Armageddon they stand a decent chance in dogfights, and since there's only two Hull 6 Minbari ships 2AD TL does pretty good. Against Drakh it's TBolts all the way. Otherwise I take about a 50/50 mix.
And as usual I'm in the minority here as someone who mostly chooses fleets based on the scenario storyline :) If the scenario is early in the timeline I use starfuries, if late I use thunderbolts, and in the middle I use a mix based on what I feel would have been upgraded.

I don't tailor my fleet towards the enemy I'm fighting, any more than the captain of a ship gets to pick which ship he takes to a battle. I pick what looks "interesting" to me (usually canon, occasionally a "what if?"). Of course, if I went to a tournament I'd throw that out of the window and pick something designed to win...
Yes well, that is good and well, but in light of the EA fleet spit, taking whatever you want is ok, cause yorue forced to obey the timeline frame anyway ^^.