Standard vs Closed Hull

J Harper

Cosmic Mongoose
(Note: I have the first MgT2 High Guard, not the update)

So I'm trying to familiarize myself a bit more with High Guard and right out the gate I have a question - when building a starship from scratch, is there any reason to use a standard hull over a closed hull? Both are partially streamlined. Closed hulls are 10 percent cheaper to construct and improve hull points by a like amount. I'm going thru options right now and am not seeing any that are not compatible with closed hulls as of yet. Are there drawbacks to closed hulls that I haven't come across yet?
Close Hull causes armor to cost 50% more space. So if you are trying to build a warship, close sucks. But for civilian ships, it is pretty good.
With the update, there's actual trade-off. Before the update, Closed just made more sense and Standard didn't. Ever. Now there are real trade-offs, so I would recommend the update for that reason alone.

(So, way back time machine - in the original days of Traveller, a 'standard hull' had a certain amount of tonnage dedicated to the engineering space, and if you wanted bigger drives, you would have to pay more for the hull. That's why, originally, the x-boat was built the way it was (no m-drive or power plant) and why weird decisions like the yacht which was built with only jump-1 but with tankage for two jumps (that extra tankage got lost along the way. Still, we 'live by' certain standard designs that only made sense with a ruleset long since gone.)
Outside of costs and performance, deckplans.

I would guess that modularized construction is easier on a close configuration, than a standard one.