[Spells] Loft to the Sky


Okay we've got a question about the Loft to the Sky spell from Free Companies.

This spell allows the scholar to fling an object (20 lbs per scholar level) in direction he wills, out to max spell range (long).

My scholar player was curious if you can fling it in a straight line to multiple opponents. For example, you pick out a point 1200 feet from you and you are hurling a 400 lb boulder can you hit multiple targets in that line, if there were multiple targets along that line? Obviously I'm using a 20th level scholar for this example to max out the spell.

The spell says nothing about trajectory and i really can't see normal human guy doing anything to deflect a boulder, except getting creamed as this thing powers along its course.

As an FYI, we opted to go with the standard Conan magic system, and we are finding it to be very versatile at the lower levels. I know I had talked about maybe going w/ a variant to add a little more magic to the game, but it doesn't look like we are going to bother at least not this go. You can do a lot with it as my scholar player is finding out. He's also my rules lawyer and is finding all kinds of neat little combos and creative things to do w/ the spell selection.
If you target a creature with a ranged attack, interposing creatures are treated as soft cover. According to RAW soft cover doesn't seem to give any cover bonuses to the target of a ranged attack. This suggests to me that creatures not specifically targeted by the ranged attack can easily dodge it. If there is a friendly creature adjacent to your target, rules for shooting into a melee apply.
you aren't targeting a bad guy with the spell. you are whipping a boulder out to a certain point and hitting everyone that happens to be in that line, much like a lightning bolt does if it shatters/breaks thru a barrier.

it seem logical that you can do this with a large boulder. i'm curious as to what other folks opinion's are on the matter.
Bump, with good cause though.

I don't have Free companies, nor will I probably get it, seeing its out of print.

But for some reason this spell appears (here on this thread) to be a rather decent utilization of the powers contemplated by the Prestidigatation style.

Any comments from anyone that knows of the spell?

BTW what are the spell stats? like Power points, pre-reqs, etc.?

One of my gripes is that Prestid.. has so much potential but is relegated to throwing alchemical scholar bonds for the large part.
If you want more bang to prestidigation, add a feat "telekinesis mastery" or something that allows using greater telekinesis like D&D telekinesis:


Or make that a spell of its own.