Sons of Cimmeria -- 1st and 2nd printing


It's just one corner of one page. I would hardly call that 'marring'. Besides, it's for a new book at a massively cheap price. I would call this a good deal no matter how one looks at it.

There are days I am very proud of the company I work for... :)



If they offer a discount on the second printing I would give up the title page of the first. It's the TOC and copyright info on one side and the credits on the other, so it will have no effect on the usability of the book.


Don't get me wrong, August, I think it's an honorable thing you're doing. Now I just gotta figure out postage to send my page corner to the land of tea and crumpets ;)


One issue I still have not seen adressed here is: TIME.

If I cut of a corner of my last page today... when will I get that legendary second printing?

This year?



I'm ok with waiting, I just feel that if it is somewhere beyond 2004 I don't mind as much paying full price again, cause I will have absorbed the cost for the first book by then, if you know what I mean.

The book will arive when it arives. Who cares about the wait. You can still play as it is.

So, there are a few misspellings and errrrrrrors. Hell my post has mispellings. I could care less.

My question many systems does Mongoose publish? How many actual authors, playtesters, and *Hell* emploeyees does Mongoose have that are under the payroll of Mongoose?

This entire conan board sounds like the entire US attacking how many bugs are bedridden within the MS os.


Just give mongoose a chance...not just one... a few...they are only human. Humans do make mistakes. Right?

Or am I not on Hyborea...err..uhm earth....


Odovacar's Ghost said:
The book will arive when it arives. Who cares about the wait. You can still play as it is.

I don't care about the wait, I think I said that in my previous post. And I don't think the game is to bad to play in the time between, I think it is excellent.

The reason I wanted to know about time is, like I said, that I really don't mind paying full price for the game "again" if it won't be released until, say, late 2005 or so.

I say again, a long wait is a-ok with me, but I don't want to cut up my 1st printing in that case. I'd rather keep it intanct and wait.



I wonder if there will be a confirmation that the company has received our mail. I don't demand it, of course; I merely wonder.


If they're smart, once they feel they have received all the requests (or, at least, 95% of them), they'll send a confirmation email to all the people on their list.
I elected to not get the discounted 2nd printing, but instead get the other goodies. I'd like to see a Conan tshirt offered among the other "goodies" for the members of this club.

I've got a few other thoughts on souvenirs and useful things, like maybe a nice fold out or poster style map, maybe a select miniature of some type or Conan style dice etc.

Mongoose, any word on what sorts of things are being considered for us who aren't interested in the 2nd printing?

Lando The Archmagi