So it would appear Mongoose will publish first:

Allensh said:
B5 second edition is a thing of beauty.

B5 in Mongoose Traveller would be even better :)


I think you'd have to change the minds of every single B5 player on this forum before you get away with that... although an adaptation "resource book" thing that lets Traveller players play B5 would be nice!
qstor said:
Deniable said:
I like reusing the old look and names. The old players will know instantly what they need.

I dislike that. I won't get Mongoose Traveller stuff if its a rehash of CT. From the little I've seen, that's all it appears to be. I'll only get new stuff that adds to the OTU. I won't use the main book for combat or PC generation thats for sure.

I like the B5 RPG material based off of D20. Too bad Mongoose missed the boat on the D20 license for Traveller years ago.


T20 didnt do bad, for what it was, but I still find it to be one of the weakest traveller editions, alongside T4.