[Traveller Battlefield Dev] Designer Observations


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Hey everyone,

Just a few observations from our born from some of the comments made thus far:

Ignoring AP
Just to confirm, just the AP trait is ignored if it does not beat a target's Protection - damage is still rolled and will overwhelm armour if it is enough (thus representing concussive effects, armour degradation, weak spots and joints, etc).

Integration into Rules
There have been some worries about what the effect would be of shoehorning this into the current rules. It won't - if we go ahead with some form of these rules, it won't appear in the Core Rulebook until a new Update, and that is years away. Years. Entirely possible it would be done in conjunction with some future CSC Update too, making its introduction very 'flat' and easy.

We just want to get a head start on initial playtesting, this is not an imminent change.

AP and Protection Scores
These are not set and are really just 'this is what we are kinda thinking of'. All AP and Protection scores are open to change (and we would love to hear thoughts on that!). Reflec and Ablat are obvious areas that need to be increased, but you might find the likes of blades and pistols need a look. Damage scores are also areas that can be looked at - for example, we might decide that blunt weapons have no AP and do more damage but blade weapons get a minimum level of AP.

All sorts of fun we can get into playing with that, and that is before we start messing around with TLs and how weapon vs. armour is very much an arms race...

New Attack Rolls
The new Ranged Attack Rolls is actually the section I am least keen on, and I am pretty much of the opini0on that Traveller does not need that kind of complication with. The only reason they are in there is because I think it is just possible that Traveller could benefit from a bit more 'cut and thrust' in melee combat. However, the problem there is that a mis-match between ranged and melee attack rolls feels... inelegant.

All that said, both systems are going to be highly desirable in a 'variant' form of Traveller we are currently working on and so, if nothing else, this is a great way to gauge your opinions on the actual mechanics, regardless of whether they are suitable for Charted Space.