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What is M3 (Cubic Meter) Size of a Vehicle ?

The M3 of the vehicle is used by the shipping company for RO-RO shipment to calculate the cost of transporting the vehicle to the destination port. Used car importers or individual buyers must know how to calculate freight charges while importing used cars from Japan or any other country to their final delivery port.

Each and every vehicle has its own M3 size. The cubic meter size of the vehicle is calculated by measuring the exterior dimension of the vehicle and multiplying width x length x height. Every vehicle maker mentions m3 size of a vehicle in specification. M3 size is very important while calculating freight charges for the vehicle at the time of shipping.

M3 size (cubic meter) of a vehicle is the product of length x height x width.

Some of major car maker’s models M3 Sizes :-

Nissan March 8.5
Toyota Starlet 8.5
Toyota MR2 9.0
Mazda RX-7 10.0
Nissan Sunny 10.0
Toyota Corolla 10.0
Some of M3 sizes by type of vehicle :-

small vehicles or sports coupes 9.0
sedan/saloon passenger cars 10.0
station wagons 12.0
short wheel base 4WD or vans 13-14
most long wheel base 4WD’s 15-16
seat high roof buses 26-30
seat high roof buses 29-36
Some of major car makers model by vehicle type and M3 size :-

Small STARLET / MR2 / MARCH etc. 9.0
Medium COROLLA / CORONA etc. 11.0
Large CROWN / SOARER etc. 13.0
Medium LWB RV Car HILUX / TERANO etc. 14-16
Large LWB RV Car PAJERO / LAND CRUISER etc. 16-18
Wagon HI ACE / CARAVAN etc. 16.0
Van HI ACE / CARAVAN etc. 15-19
Freight Calculation formula is :-

M3 size x Freight Rate per M3 = Freight Cost.

Example:- 1
If you want to find out FREIGHT for a sedan car which want to ship at Australia Brisbane Port.

Size of Sedan Car = 09.5 M3
Freight Charges = US$ 132 Per M3
Calculation will be 09.5 x 132 = US$ 1254
Freight Charges of Sedan for Brisbane Port will be US$ 1254
Mitsubishi Pajero shipped to Karachi, Pakistan

16M3 X US$135= US$ 2160


931 views Jan 6, 2024 #evtol #innovations #aircraft
Top 10 future aircraft concepts that will blow your mind.

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - ASKA Fly eVTOL
01:24 - Flying Taxi Aufeer
02:25 - Odys Aviation
03:28 - Orb Nomad
04:30 - Maveric Airbus
05:27 - GAC Gove
06:29 - Xpeng Aeroht
07:31 - Stratosfera Volatile
08:34 - Embraer’s Pulse
09:36 - Tire Flying Cars

1. Enlarged drones.

2. I think there's some physics border in size, like insects, birds, and planes.

3. What's really interesting, would be breakaway hulls (or whatever is the equivalent here), in that the removable passenger module is transferred to different chassis, which you could do for spacecraft in local orbit, or starships like the ecks boats, if you have an extensive network.
You Probably Don't Know Why You Really Have Mass

Have you ever wondered where your mass comes from? You might have heard it comes from the Higgs-boson or the Higgs-field. But that isn't quite right. It comes from an obscure goo called the pion condensate.


The pie is a lie.
The Most Disturbing Prison In The Universe

00:00 INTRO
01:19 The Panopticon - Background, Concept and Influence
02:28 Solitary Confinement Units
03:11 White Torture
04:54 Controversy of Prison Design
06:21 A different kind of prison (Halden, Norway)
07:10 Normality
07:38 US vs. Norway
08:22 Norway before the new program
09:10 Layout Typologies
10:57 The New Model

In this video segment, a fictional prison from the show "ANDOR" is described as a disturbing labor-focused facility, holding up to 5000 inmates in work teams, assembling unknown mechanical parts. The prison's architecture incorporates control mechanisms, like lethal floors and constant surveillance illusions, fostering obedience. The video contrasts various prison philosophies and designs, exploring the balance between punishment and rehabilitation. It discusses the panopticon concept, solitary confinement's psychological effects, and the ethical dilemmas in prison architecture, highlighting the role of architecture in exerting psychological control over inmates. The video concludes by examining Halden Prison in Norway, which focuses on rehabilitation and normalcy, contrasting sharply with traditional punitive systems.


Futuristic Cars in Science Fiction

Spacedock delves into the many scout rovers and flying cars of science fiction.


It is customary for the ship’s captain to contribute Cr10 from every low passage towards a lottery in which each low passenger randomly guesses how many will survive the trip. If the winner is among the dead, the captain collects the prize.

Pick two will die.

If you pick all survive, and all do survive, in theory, you win.

If you pick one dies, it might turn out to be you.
The truck of the future even had a incinerator toliet...

Make the Scoutship modular, and rent a truck with a compatible cradle.
Interesting little armed scout car. I'd never heard of it, so I thought maybe it never entered production, but Egypt bought 112 and Indonesia bought 28.

Wiki says "...not fitted with an NBC system, has no night vision equipment and is not amphibious...", but also lists six turret options (probably from production not modular, but certainly could be modular under a higher tech level).
  • Command Pod Scout
  • TOW Missile Scout
  • 106mm Recoilless Rifle
  • Twin 1m Turret [sic]
  • 20mm Turret
  • 40mm and 12.7 Turret
From the Traveller perspective, you can use hazardous environmental suits. and a hardpoint that you can attach a weapon system to, which would be the modular aspect.

Forty millimetre autocannon might be a little bit too much.

For a light reconnaissance vehicle, you could have some form of heavy weapon for self defence, which would distinguish it from a weapons carrier, where the intent would be to use it.

If you're not that worried about mines and roadside explosive devices, I was thinking about an amphibious beach buggy.
Wiesel: Meet Germany's small but lethal tank

The Wiesel tank was developed for the German Army to meet a requirement for an air-transportable light armored vehicle for use by its airborne troops, as the infantry of the German Bundeswehr. The German army first began receiving Wiesels AWC in the late 1980s and retains at least 176 of them as of 2016. Sixty-four carry wire-guided TOW missiles, 87 pack 20-millimeter guns and another 16 are for reconnaissance duties. A final nine Wiesels are engineering vehicles, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Pigs: History's Greatest Villains? - World History - Extra History

Thanks to Rovio for commissioning this episode on Pigs in History, in hopes that with more knowledge of past ecological mistakes, we can move toward a happier future for our feathered friends.

🐽 Discover the historical role of pigs, from being exploration companions to becoming environmental juggernauts. The impact of feral pigs on native bird species is a global issue, affecting wetlands, disrupting nesting sites, and even changing entire environments.

Pigs versus angry ponies.
Ion Cannon Interview w/ a Laser Optical Engineer

This interview with Tyler, the Laser Optical Engineer, was very interesting! We went over some of the questions that you guys had as well as mine, and got to the bottom of how such a weapon as the ion cannon could be made to function! We get into the real nitty gritty details on how particle weapons work, how lasers could be used as guides, and what sort of effects this thing would produce when it hit a target. Stay tuned for an animation of the Ion cannon effect based on the testimony of the channel's own scientist!

Interview with a Laser Optical Engineer about Command and Conquer Laser Tech!

My Interview with a Laser Optical Engineer about Command and Conquer Laser Tech! I go in depth with my close friend Tyler, a physics expert and optical engineer about the different weapons and units from command and conquer in this first exclusive interview! Our topics include the obelisk of light, the beam cannon, prism tower, and the ion cannon!

We are looking forward to having another conversation about the ion cannon sometime soon, as the information we went over in this interview was somewhat incorrectly communicated! If you have any ideas for what we should talk about in our next interview, please leave a post in the comments about it and I will get to it! I am also going to post a transcript of the interview somewhere, reddit probably, and other places for people to read if they are interested!

1. Visible light scatters faster.

2. Precise wavelengths.
Why are mercenary armies are so rare in Sci-Fi?

Generic greetings, todays video was suggested by and lightly contributed to by one of you patrons. I can't remember who while writing this. BUT. We're talking about mercenaries in science fiction, what conditions they need to really become prominent. How they operate and why most sci-fi settings are hostile to the profession of killing people for money.

1. Real mercenaries exist at a specific window in time.

2. Cheap supplies.

3. Scaling.

4. In theory, cheaper and faster solution.

5. Access to cutting edge technology.
Are We about to Discover a New Planet in Our Solar System?

Unravel the cosmic enigma with our latest video on the elusive "Planet Nine"! Join the quest as astronomers explore gravitational hints, peculiar orbits, and groundbreaking techniques in the relentless search.

Wiesel: Meet Germany's small but lethal tank

The Wiesel tank was developed for the German Army to meet a requirement for an air-transportable light armored vehicle for use by its airborne troops...
For a significant portion of my life, when I thought about it, the Jagdpanzer 38 (aka Hetzer) was my favorite tank (or whatever you want to classify it as). This was based on its form factor, sleek lines, and elegant asymmetry; it was a fun model to make. I finally saw one in person at the Koninklijk Legermuseum Brussels (which really needed better signage back then), and it was t-i-n-y. While the Wiesel does not have the same cachet, I gotta say it looks like a Warhammer 40k Hetzer.

The Jagdpanzer 38 (Hetzer) - In The Movies

An overview of the The Jagdpanzer 38 (Hetzer) including it's appearances on film.

Movies/Games featured:

Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2001
The Liberation of Prague 1977
Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977
War Thunder (Bo Time Gaming)
T-34 (2019)
Girls und Panzer Movie 2015
Girls und Panzer Series 2012
1944 The Final Defense 2007
Battle of the Bulge: Winter War 2020
Saving Private Ryan 1998
Hanover Street 1979

Usually, in context within the ecosystem they operated in; probably more useful than either the Jagdtiger or Koenigstiger, I'd have used them as fire brigades.

One way to gauge their usefulness, would be post war careers.