Ship's Locker: Out of the Closet

V. Carbinization of pistol calibres tends to lead to some form of submachinegun variant, though semiautomized.

W. That seems to indicate a prioritization of close combat, over hunting.

X. If you do automate that, you'd want to move to at least assault receivership, to soak up the recoil.

Y. With medium pistol calibre you have three recoil, which gun combat/one could deal with, though if you only have a familiarity with it, minus one.

Z. Heavy pistol calibre has that, plus bulky if not assault receiver, so you'd want a Thompson.
Survival Gun

1. Prioritization includes at what range band you want to optimize performance.

2. It's rather obvious that the snub round's inherent inaccuracy, and lack of range, tend to make it unoptimal for long ranged sniping.

3. So you don't have to make the snub launcher optimized for such an operation, with attaching furniture, or increasing long ranged accuracy.

4. In ad hoc conditions, any distance over hundred metres automatically becomes extreme, regardless of how the firearm/ammunition is rated.

5. A weapon with no stock at all cannot be fired from the shoulder and is difficult to steady.

6. Aimed fire at ranges beyond 25m is subject to DM-2.

7. So, if you don't bother to aim, you don't have to worry about that minus two penalty?

8. A Stockless weapon may have a mounting for a stock, at negligible cost and weight, in which case it is covered by a butt cap until a stock of some kind is mounted.

9. This, plus modularization and folding stock rules, would either make me opt for bullpuppization or a hinged full stock.
Survival Gun

A. A Stockless longarm or assault weapon gains +2 to Quickdraw.

B. I keep forgetting you can't use this for pistols.

C. However, it would make an assault receiver the same as a handgun, and a longarm the same as an assault receiver.

D. A Full Stock is standard on most longarms and can be added to a handgun to create a carbine of sorts.

E. Usually such stocks are detachable. A Full Stock adds 10% to the weight and 10% of the cost of the weapon.

F. A full stock does not appear to penalize quickdraw on a handgun receiver.
Survival Gun

G. If you can hold your breath for thirty six seconds, you can max out the aiming bonus of plus six.

H. In theory anything further than a hundred metres becomes extreme range, which would require some form of scope to ameliorate.

I. Range twenty for a default snub round/assault barrel is forty metres long, eighty metres extreme.

J. Quickdraw is handgun (four), plus assault barrel (two), equals six.

K. So you might be able to outdraw the bunny, if you by default can't shoot him at extreme range of upto eighty metres (minus four), default snub round (minus two), stockless (minus two), aiming six combat rounds (plus six), scope not required.
Survival Gun

L. You should build a firearm around a round.

M. Spacers, current and retired, should be very familiar with snubbery.

N. Having a common form of ammunition, that is easily available, though the cost of the ammunition is double that of medium handgun.

O. On the other hand, despite the inherent inaccuracy, this is for crewmembers who have little combat training, who might not have a better skill than gun combat/zero, and who you don't want trying to assign more powerful guns in low or zero gravity.

P. And if you add a longer barrel, it's just point and click at that bunny.
Snub round (minus two) - forty metres default.

Handgun receiver, full stock, rifled barrel - short range ten metres (plus one), medium default range forty metres, long range eighty metres (minus two).

Bipod (plus two).

Aiming six rounds (plus six).

Gun combat/zero, target number eight plus medium, long range ten plus; aiming, two plus forty metres, four plus eighty metres.
I wonder if it might be more useful to just use a laser weapon, it runs on the same resource as your other pieces of gear (radio, distress transponder etc) so if you dont need one of them you have more power for the others, and also, especially at a higher TL, it cant be that hard to make a little universal charger doohickey, which you probably want anyway for if your radio runs out of charge. Also if the output is tunable you can probably use it for a range of tasks (starting a fire<small game hunting<anti-personel<combat vs armored infantry)

Edit: the main point here being that most places you might crash, there's probably not anything to shoot at anyway
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It probably is easier to have a laser gun, man portable; a laser pistol would tend to set you back three kilostarbux, has a twenty metre range, three dice of damage, technological level nine, hundred round power pack, and weighs in at two kilogrammes.

It's more of a question of access, whether you can afford to own such a weapon, how much maintenance is required, and are you legally allowed to carry one with you.

I'm inclined to think that interpretation of the law levels would make a snub round based sidearm the equivalent of a shotgun, which would be law level six permissible, compared to laser weapons, permissible at law level one.
HIVE CITIES: Reality or Fiction?

00:00 INTRO

This video examines Hive Cities, massive structures from the Warhammer 40K universe, symbolizing extreme class divides and survival struggles. It contrasts these with real-world concepts like arcologies and Parasitic Architecture, questioning humanity's survival instincts and the potential impact of AI on future societal structures.


2. Planned organic growth.

3. Trickle down economics.

4. Parasitic structures.

5. Autophagy.

6. Artificial intelligence on strike.
Survival Gun

Q. Handgun/minimal barrel, snub round, zero to six default damage, exploding bullet two to eighteen (presumably).

R. Short range one and a quarter metres, medium range five metres, long range ten metres, extreme range twenty metres.

S. Physical Signature very high (plus four), exploding bullet extreme (plus six), which I would think would be rather distracting.

T. Flashbangboom.

U. Interesting question if advanced projectile weapon would increase ranges to short 1.5625 metres, medium 6.25 metres, long 12.5 metres, 25 metres extreme.
Survival Gun

V. A snub handgun/minimum barrel might actually be considered a stun weapon.

W. Quickdraw would be twelve, handgun (four) and minimum barrel (eight).

X. You could try to outdraw the rabbit, shooting him before he has the chance to scoot.

Y. Penetration is minus two, snub minus one, hollow point minus two.

Z. Or you can use spread,
Very different, but if you ever want small ways for a planet to feel different, look at how different places handle common things than where you are. And as usual, 日本 is winning the different place award:
Partially it's cultural.

For the technological solutions, I tend to think it's access to technology plus a wish to express individuality, for the inventor; for the corporation, a way to distinguish itself from the competition.
That hovercraft at 8:48 can't be high performance, but I find the light construction intriguing. Boost it up a couple of tech levels and I can see that collapsing down into a handy carrying case that you just shake out and open when you need it.
Survival Gun

1. I think we've covered most of the potentialities of the snub round.

2. There are lots of firearms who have the potential to be useful survival guns.

3. The high end being covered by the advanced combat rifle.

4. The low end, by a snub handgun.

5. You should be able to store a snub handgun anywhere, indefinitely, and still be usable if the event that you need it.

6. While the ammunition is expensive, comparatively, it should encourage the user to try for one shot, one kill.

7. The snub survival (hand)gun should be prepacked as a kit, to cover most conceived situations.

8. While it should be as cheap as possible, it would not be the Saturn Night Special.

9. Though the engagement range would be optimized to twenty five metres and below.

.22 Belt-feed Machine Gun Tippman

1. Balloon popper.

2. I don't think we have the hand cranked automatic option.

3. Nine hundred starbux.

4. Doesn't seem worth the effort for the effect.

5. The Browning variant might be.