A Sample Starting Ship's Locker


Emperor Mongoose
For my Starter Set campaign, the players are starting with a Type A2 Far Trader named the Windfall.
One of my players is well-read into Traveller, but hasn't played it much. The other is brand new to the system. This is what I've equipped them with as a basic, bare-bones, regulations-compliant ship's locker.
Note that not all this gear is one space. Stowage locations are noted.
Note that one player mustered out with an Air/Raft, which is not included in a Type A2 otherwise.


Ship’s Locker

The following items are included in the ship’s locker. I intend this to be a very basic inventory of the minimum gear necessary to safely run your ship under regulations. Anything extra included in the locker is done at your expense.

Protective Gear

4 x Vacc Suit TL 8 [a very basic working vacuum suit, PLSS 6 hours duration]

4 x Thrust Pistol [for movement in zero-G without hand holds]

10 x Emergency ‘Skin Suit’ [an emergency only disposable vacc suit, PLSS 4-8 hours depending on conditions, 1 per cabin]

10 x Rescue Ball [a 2 m. diameter vacuum proof ball for those unable to use a vacc suit; 24-hour duration; 1 per cabin]

4 x Combination Filter /Respirator Masks


4x Cutlasses

4 x Combat Shotgun; 200 rounds each of buckshot and slug ammo total

4 x Combat Snub Pistol [a very simple zero-G pistol]; 200 rounds ball, 50 rounds tranq


Note: Tool kits are stowed in the Engineering spaces in racks and bins. The listed items are as if all tools were gathered up into a satchel.

Starship Engineering Tool Kit TL 12

Electronic Tool Kit TL 12

Mechanical Tool Kit TL 12

Damage Control Tools TL 12 [hull patches, disposable cutting torches, etc.; at several points around the ship]


1 x Medical Kit TL 12 [able to treat most sophonts with emergency needs to physician level of care – does not replace a dedicated medical facility]

5 x First Aid Kit TL 10 [simple ABC treatment with instructions; on Bridge, Engineering, Crew Lounge, Passenger Lounge, Air/Raft]

Note that the Low Berths [Windfall has 6] may act as emergency cryoberths for patients too traumatized to treat. This does not ‘freeze’ the patient. It just slows their metabolism drastically. Therefore, the ABC’s [airway, breathing, circulation/cardio] must be attended to before the patient is ‘berthed.

Should a patient require medical care beyond the competency of the crew to treat, it’s perfectly legal to attempt to save their life by putting them in low berth. Should a paying low berth passenger need to be awakened in such an instance, the remainder of the trip is at no cost to either passenger [patient or low berth’er]. However, it’s completely within the rights of the captain to request that the low berth passenger help with maintenance tasks, if skilled.
ShawnDriscoll said:
Vacc suit

That's a little bit... sparse.... :lol:
I'm just operating from the lists in previous editions. It's not unreasonable to have the tools necessary to work on your ship, after all. Beyond that, there are only 4 decent EVA quality vacc suits aboard [one per crewman], the firearms are limited to shipboard weaponry, and one of the NPC's has Medical 2 [roughly an RN] so she'll have seen to it the medical supplies are slightly above regulatory requirements.
Condottiere said:
Sword, cutlass, or other large blade weapon might be a question of preference, cultural or personal.

Sword, cutlass, saber, katana, whatever. Call it what you want, they're all roughly 3 feet /1 meter of steel with a handle on it that does 3D damage.
Traveller is not ADnD. There is no need for glaive-guisarme-forks or some other bizarre left-handed pandy bat with special stats.
[A 'left handed pandy bat' is an old SCA term for a weapons with so many silly points, edges, and other striking surfaces that it is patently more dangerous to the wielder than any opponent]
Someone one more pragmatic might replace the cutlasses with machetes.

The Confederation Navy appears to prefer something more thrusting than edgy, either because they like being contrarians, or they prefer something more armour piercing.
Thrusting weapons are probably more practical in a boarding context. Never mind the armor piercing aspect; the fact that you're liable to end up fighting in narrow corridors and amidst various equipment/crates/obstacles is enough of reason.
Except, Condo, Traveller ships don't have anything like the wasted space that Star Wars ships have. The only space in a Traveller ship large enough for the fight you just showed is the cargo bay and only if that's unloaded.
While Traveller vessels aren't packed quite as tight as a current wet navy ship, with knee-knockers and pipes everywhere, they're also not the hotel atriums in space that Star Trek /Wars ships are. A typical ship corridor in Traveller is more like Firefly or the Expanse... Only 5 feet wide, relatively clear of fixed obstructions, but with ladders, door frames, equipment lockers.