Ship's Locker: Out of the Closet

Russian Turtle Tanks Box armor tanks #military #tank #army

Discover the evolution of Russian tanks with a unique armor configuration in this video. As more of these tanks emerge on the battlefield, their distinctive appearance with wide metal shells covering their turrets and hulls has earned them the nickname 'turtle tanks.' Despite their formidable protection, these tanks face challenges with limited visibility and turret rotation due to their armor design. However, they excel in roles such as blocking missiles and explosive drones, as well as serving as breacher vehicles.


Scientists stunned at ‘strategic’ mice manipulating experiment

“They’re doing something which may be a little bit more clever than we thought.”

An experiment has suggested that mice are able to “change their strategy” to test the reliability of a reward, says assistant professor Kishore Kuchibhotla.

Violate their expectations.

The mystery of mortars in Star Wars (variants, rarity, odd ways they work)

Why are there no mortars in Star Wars? One of the most simple and effect battlefield weapons seems to be missing in Star Wars, or at least neglected. But the mortar has been seen used by just about every force from the Republic and CIS, to Old Republic eras and the Empire, Clone Wars eras etc.

1. Likely, mass driver.

2. Should be portable.

3. Cheap way to take out lower teched troops.

4. You exchange batteries for explosive propulsion.

5. Accuracy should be increased, since it's constant acceleration, rather than a surge of force.

6. Probably relatively silent, since subsonic.

7. Sandcasters.
I think the Army Vision Pro is more hype and experiment than real world use possibility.

1 - Cameras for pass through will never be as good as clear headset to look through. That is why the HoloLens versions have been thoroughly tested and preferred over goggles.

2 - Batteries are not up to the task yet for more than spot uses. That is the biggest complaint on the HoloLens military version. Needs more battery to last longer, more battery equals more weight etc. The Vision Pro has even more of an imbalance on that.

What tech level does the super light weight long lasting battery technology emerge at?
I agree that issuing one of these to every infantryman is a long way off as yet - but they have their uses even now.

Giving every vehicle driver, gunner and commander the cheap knock off F-35 helmet.

Some special forces missions - I remember an interview with Frank Chadwick where he talked about how the radios carried by every delta force soldier in Mogadishu made them a lot more effective then even the Rangers.

But yes, if you are carrying more batteries than ammo then it is not time for this tech yet.
Something Strange Happens When You Follow Einstein's Math

Einstein was wrong about black holes, what else?

Directed by Casper Mebius
Written by Casper Mebius, Derek Muller and Will Wood
Edited by Trenton Oliver
Animated by Fabio Albertelli, Ivy Tello, Mike Radjabov, David Szakaly, Jonny Hyman, and Alessandro Roussel
Illustrated by Jakub Misiek
Filmed by Derek Muller
Additional research by Gregor Čavlović
Produced by Casper Mebius, Derek Muller, Will Wood, Giovanna Utichi, Rob Beasley Spence, Gregor Čavlović, and Emily Taylor

1. You age faster in outer space.

2. White holes - something from nothing.

3. Anti gravity - superimposition of another universe into our own.
Holographic controls.
I do think that one of the best advances out of the headset development is the gesture capture sensors.

Starting back in 2015 with the magic touch (forget the actual product name can find it later if needed) and up to the newest ability to capture gestures I can see how using a pair of glasses will work to do controller free access everywhere. And holographic control at a projection station.

It is fun to show kids a beating heart in the HoloLens, then pinch and drag to make it big enough for them to walk inside and look around.
Sgt. Bilko (1996) - The Hover Tank Con Scene | Movieclips

Sgt. Bilko - The Hover Tank Con: Sgt. Bilko (Steve Martin) uses explosives to sell a hover tank demonstration.

Smart rounds.
The aircraft in the Fallout Universe are totally INSANE

1. The Vertibird probably could have a rear mission module that allows exchanging of roles.

2. That bring up the issue about the optimal number of troops that should be transported onboard a personnel carrier, wheeled or winged.

3. Lighter than air craft in a combat zone is a risk, which you could only justify as being comparatively dirt cheap.
Are we ready to Live in a SILO?

00:00 INTRO

The video explores the hidden world of silos and bunkers, contrasting their portrayal in popular media with their real-life applications (with a lot of references to the sci-fi show SILO). From Cold War relics to modern-day survivalist hideouts, viewers get an in-depth look at how silos and bunkers are designed, built, and repurposed, revealing the truth behind their mysterious and often misunderstood nature.

Can Architecture Imprison Your Mind? (Sci-Fi Breakdown)

00:00 INTRO
00:40 CUBE
20:21 ANDOR
23:44 THX 1138

This analysis explores architectural control in sci-fi cinema, focusing on films where design manipulates minds. "The Cube" uses a maze-like prison, "Platform" emphasizes vertical hierarchy, "Minority Report" integrates technology for societal control, and "THX 1138" uses minimalist spaces to enforce conformity. Each film illustrates how architecture can shape human behavior and thought, reflecting societal constraints.

1. You have facilities and accommodations constantly evolve and/or move around on a spacecraft, to give the illusion of infinite space.

2. You get to have fun with (multiple) hamster cages and double hulls.

3. You could reconsider using concrete as either/or hull or interior material.

4. Squarish rooms.

5. Central hole.

6. Elevated low berths.

7. Sharks and crocodiles.

8. Sweat equals salt.

9. Strip locations of identity.
Why Wyoming is so Weirdly Wealthy

1. Garden worlds.

2. Or(e) wilderness ones.

3. You could probably park your yacht on your property.

4. Actually, I originally had that thought for trailer parks for the labouring class, who could rent a spot with their crappy spacecraft.

5. Or scrapped hull.
Living in the Netherlands’ Futuristic Homes

Located about an hour outside Amsterdam is a village of spherical homes straight out of your futuristic fantasies. From a distance, Bolwoningen’s domes appear to be a set of golf balls, but up close, they are the architectural masterpiece of Dutch artist and sculptor Dries Kreijkamp. Built in 1984, each home contains three levels with round windows that give view to the scenic canal. The intent of the complex was to bring residents closer to nature. Although the designer has since passed, his legacy continues to live on in.

The Dutch use of urban space has fascinated me for the past quarter of a century. It is equally parsimonious/efficient and frivolous/inefficient, but in a way that is completely different from Japan. I like to look at them whenever I want to be reminded that there are vastly different solutions to similar problems even amongst humans.