Shadizar revisited


After almost a 2 year hiatus, my group has once again wanted to adventure in my Hyborian campaign. Happy days.
They put aside magic and house rule heavy Pathfinder Hybrids to play an Aesir Barbarian, An Aesir female Scholar and a Zamorian Thief.
With Character Packages from the Players Guide to kit them out the group started their story as the sole survivors of a caravan raid. The three new allies fought off an initial rush of forest barbarians and were chased deeper into the trackless tangle of forest.
Picking up another NPC survivor the group was struggling to stay ahead of another group of braves seeking to avenge their fallen brothers The two Aesir had the Fortitude chose to keep on but the wounded Zamorian gutter rat and NPC would have to be left behind. They chose to stand and fight.
With the forest offering a defendable posisition amid some ruins the group turned, readied themselves and faced their pursuers.
Then came the screams of their enemies, misshapen man-beasts stepping out of the forest and a night holed up in an old Zhemri temple that the moonlight could not illuminate.
Today we had our third game. The party is now third level and starting to explore Shadizar. I really missed this genre. And to have them appreciate the VERY close calls, no healing spells and magic crutches was worth the wait. Not to mention the fact that those creatures they faced in their first game were nothing more than wolves with 10' taken off their speed and a low Fear that only caused Shaken if failed. They wet themselves over the unknown!
Even though the line has been dropped and we know better than to expect anything from the current license holders I have enough published Conan material to play as long as I can find another interested gamer.
Just thought I'd share- haven't read of any new campaigns lately.
Love reading this stuff. The campaigns sound awesome. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one playing Conan in the entire world. Good to hear that I'm not.