Pocket Conan Handbook?



Dear Mr. Sprange,

Will the Pocket Conan Handbook basically be a rules-lite version of the main rulebook or, will it be along the lines of the Mongoose Pocket Player's Handbook published earlier this year?

Thank you.

Blue Crane
Hmm, not sure how that got onto the site. . .

Just something we were considering guys, don't go dippy just yet!
This would definitely be a smart thing to publish. I know that Mongoose is a business, and would rather make $50 on full-blown copies of the main rules, but the pocket version is the more likely seller to those people who aren't rabid Conan junkies and find the full price to be too steep (ie, most of my group).

The full version will continue to sell well to those of us who expect to GM the game. A pocket guide will do away with the price barrier, allowing more of said GMs' players to own a copy of the rules. That makes it more likely that the game will be played as more than an experiment, and thus will drive the sales of supplements, scenario PDFs and even the $50 rulesbooks that started the whole thing.
I agree this would be a great product, my players aren't likely to buy a copy of the main book because of the cost, but I'm sure most of them would go for a pocket version.

Plus without the boobs and general RPG-geekiness of the main book, we could actually dare read the rules in public. :lol:

Put me down as voting an emphatic "hell yeah" for the Conan Pocket Handbook. :D


Same here. All for the Conan Pocket Book.
I have 3.5 rules and the SRD already in my house and I am not willing to shell out the $50 for a bunch of stuff I already have. I'd be happy to send you an outline or even an exact list of what to include (hint-hint), if you think you can sell it for under $20.
Think along the lines of classes, feats, sorcery, religion, geography and history with an addendum of skills list and new gear in the back. It would take you about a week to cull out the crap from the main book and fix the typos and copy/paste carelessness. A bit of time for layout and design and it could be on shelves in time for the first "summer job" paychecks here in the US.
I ll agree as well. When I announced to my players that I was starting a Conan RPG we were in the local gaming store (that I happen to be part owner of) and they all declared gleefully that they d buy the book immediately. About five minutes later all five returned empty-handed, having been discouraged by the price.

That was over two months ago, and so far only one player has ponied up the $50 (and that was because he s playing a Scholar and felt he d be unable to play without researching the class extensively). The cost is really prohibitive (especially considering the editing issues). A pocket version would really solve this problem nicely!
I agree. I have the Conan book and would gladly buy the pocket book as well since it's small and corrected. I really like my mongoose d&d 3.5 player's guide version. Only two of our group have the Conan book. The rest didn't buy it due to the price.
Ditto about the price scaring away potential customers. Based on my experience role-players don't have a lot of money. Thus, price is a major issue for them/us. While I have bought a copy, it was due to a combination of fandom, being a player, and now being a GM.

A pocket book that contains material strictly for PC creation as well as discusses some of the new combat concepts at a significantly lower price would attract much more buyers and thus players.