Old Electronic Lone Wolf RPG


Hey, does anyone know where a database or list of stuff that was created in the old Electronic RPG? They has some interesting ideas that i'd like to take a look at for my campaign.

the things that i know:

There was another ancient kai book "Tome of Skarn".

One of the darklords survived in it, and one of the new order Kai defected to the darklords side.

Is there any other unique stuff that was created for the game? I'd like to hear it.



Sorry, I don't know such a thing existed...

wayward_sage AKA sunwolf said:
One of the darklords survived in it, and one of the new order Kai defected to the darklords side.
Mmmm, is it me or this sounds like Star Wars ? In the New Jedi Order (NJO) era novels, we saw that same storyline too often for my taste. Personaly I will not follow that idea; it's not a bad one mind you, just overdone IMHO.

Wise Eagle

Well, the erpg site is still up and all the content ever posted to the mailing list (stories, and other material) can be viewed on the site.

The only lists of items, creatures and so on that have ever been made (to my knowledge) are on the site, just look around in the player section and character section.

The group is slumbering a bit at the moment but every once in a while there are some new posts.

You shouldn't have any problems at all finding the site, since you knew the name of the Tome and a web-search will find it for you.

The darklord that survived has now exiled himself in the Daziarn (as to not break the flow of the story.)

When it comes to defecting new order kai. I don't know who you mean. There hasn't been anyone taking that step willingly and on their own initiative as far as I can recall. (Kai has been corrupted but that is another thing as the corruption has been outside the characters control and desires.)

There are many unique things created over the years. Too many to name them here. I'd suggest try looking around on the site for what you need.