OGL Steampunk character sheet ???


There's already a message about this problem (the problem being there is NO character sheet in the OGL Steampunk rulebook) in another thread.
Obviously, this previous message is "lost" in this other thread, as no message is giving it an answer.
So... here's the problem-specific thread.
Well... maybe I'm blind... or maybe it is that I didn't scan through the whole book page by page looking for it but... I don't think it's there.
It's not on the website as a downloadable .pdf either.
And it's not gonna be a very standard D20/OGL character sheet... with all these vocation/trait stuff.
Sooooooooo ???
Any chance it's gonna be available on the website soon ?


I'm annoyed that there is no character sheet with the book as well. I am intending to start a game in the not to distant future and have all my background material and the like ready to go all I need if a character sheet for my player.

Any idea on the waiting time for this important piece of paper work as I'll go play something else and shelve what I've done so far if its not too soon. Haven't got the time to wait as my players are getting restless.

we are working on a character sheet as we speak to be released as a freebie. It may not have all of the pretty bells and whistles right off the bat but will be easy to use and have all of the info you need to set your characters up. It will be a FREE downloadable from our downloads section... I would say probably the weekend of GenCon! How is that...


Thank you!

I have been trying to make do with D20 Modern sheets, but it just feels wrong somehow...

The auld Grump, who will check your site in a week or so.
The skills section is taking longer to complete so it might take an extra 3-4 days not to mention it has to be proofread. So realistically it should be out the first of next week. Sorry for any delays...


I would do a sheet if I could get hold of the book, my nearest and only FLGS (40 miles away) has not got it yet. Time to 'Sigal GK' perhaps and order from Gameskeeper - kudos to anyone who gets the terrible joke there.

Right now the final proof is being looked over for anything that we are missing so if it is OK'ed by our proofer it will be uploaded to our site in a day or two. Again it is bare boned no graphics, just the text and boxes you need BUT we know everybody has been needing this so here is a little present for the masses....


Thanks for the Character Sheet downloads :)
Any chance of a GM Screen :?:
The problem with most recent D20 rulebooks is an almost complete lack of summary tables :(


Maybe I am overlooking it, but I thought OGL Steampunk has Damage Reduction (DR) armor - I am not finding a space for this on the Kiln character sheet?? :?
GM scrren might be a possiblitiy in the future, as for DR on the charcater sheet I will look into this and if need be it will be n the revised sheet that will be coming out late Fall early Winter.