NashCon 2012 - The Battle for Kh'rtis Rock - AAR


GalagaGalaxian said:
Some DefSat stats I cooked up a while back was 12 or 15 damage points (didn't decide which was better), no shields, 2AD of T-Arc Phaser-2s, 2 AD of T-Arc Phaser-3s and then two AD of the heavy weapons of the owning race (Plasma-Fs for Rom/Gorn, Photon/Drone for Feds, Disruptor-15/Drone for Klingons, Disruptor-15/Photon for Tholians and the usual Orion options). Immobile Trait and immune to impulse, shield and crew criticals.

Not that great. The can be nasty up close, but you can also destroy them safely from out of their range (unless they're drone satellites, but even those aren't too dangerous) which means they're a supplemental defense system that requires dedicated ships as well. Makes for good area denial though.

Any immobile thing that can't be on equal range is pretty much asking for trouble. You need to have some incentive then(time limit or something) to get them move in range.

Prolly need to give them ph-4's if you want them to be credible threat...


Well if the DefSats are stealthed, and you can't even see them until you get to 5 hexes, let alone target them past 5 hexes, many of the out of range concerns are obviated.

Especially if they're a surprise and one side has no idea they are there and moseys up to the planet, dropping shields to transport those Marines. :shock: "Sir, I we just saw 12+ satellites of some sort and they are all firing at us". "Raise shields right away, aaaaah, the ship is crippled". :lol:
Like I said, they're more for area denial, they're basically supposed to be set up around something valuable (such as in orbit of a planet). From a "in-universe" perspective they're more to discourage light raids and buy time for reinforcements to arrive in a major attack.

That'd actually make a good scenario "You've got to do XYZ on this planet, the only standing defense are these satellites, but a superior enemy fleet is nearby and will arive in X+d? turns. Do you take the safe slow approach and whittle the sattellites away from range and risk reinforcements, or dive in and exchange close range fire to get it done faster at the cost of damaging your ships?"

My sats were loosely converted from FedCom material. No reason you couldn't give them Phaser-1s at least. I don't think such little things should have Phaser-4s though, personally. If I could stuff the things needed for a Phaser-4 in a small satellite, why aren't ships carrying them? Ph-4s are Station armament.


Next years scenario will have several secretly deployed Phaser-IV bases scattered around. Their location will not be known until they fire on the ships. But the attacker will start out with superior forces, but the defender will have reinforcements steadily trickling in as ships int eh area are dispatched to the rescue.

He's going to then have a choice: Charge in quickly and take your lumps or advance slowly and allow resistence to build-up.