Merchants, Traders and Raiders - Please tell us about this

Oohh.... nifty. My guys will be interested in that as they have started trying to run their own small commercial freighter business.
Well, I will send on a message to the webguys to try and get the ad copy up for the product...that will help...but if you have any direct questions that I might be able to answer for you (or as best as I am allowed to do, considering the nature of the product) go ahead and post them here.

I'll see if I can't give you guys some vague answers, as I wrote the book in question. :)

Absolutely! It essentially is the 'Guide to the Galactic Market' to make money legitimately, shadily, or downright illegally.

Smuggling was covered in the Zocalo book, so there is not much of that in there, but a whole LOT on building your own businesses or building your own Raider cells to hit those businesses up.

There is a bunch of new ships, equipment, places and stuff too.

I think you guys will dig it....

But I'd like to think there is more to the product than just (for lack of a better term) "fanboyisms".

We strive to make a product that anyone will find useful and enjoy thoroughly, not just a wink to the fans of the license.

I hope I have done both in this book. In two months, let me know if I did. :)

Mongoose Steele said:
The Ad Copy and the Cover Art is now up under the link...ENJOY!!


I've seen it and I did! [Enjoy that is :lol: ]

Now I just want the book! (But I'll settle for it before Christmas....)

By the way is it hard or soft back?

And we just keep on planning 'em too....

Aren't we just so devious? Giving you what you want?

It's almost like we might have Shadows influencing...

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