Tell us about the Worlds you have Built!

How long will it be until someone pulls together a web app / spreadsheet to automate some of the maths? It's an impressive book....but dense.
Someone may do an app -not me, I've become a crappy programmer. I did a spreadsheet for texting purposes, but it doesn't cover all situations or more than six moons per world and even then, it's a memory and CPU hog.
I’ve been using the world builder methods to understand Lacaluju in the Athwa subsector.
It’s corrosive atmosphere is caused by volcanism pushing sulphur dioxide into the air, which then turns the rain into sulphuric acid.
It is also quite close to a red dwarf, so not quite tidally locked, but the solar day lasts 39 of ours. This means that it has 20 days of sunshine followed by 20 of night. Or you can think of it as 4 10-day seasons, going from baking heat to snow in a couple of weeks and back.
But the native and sophont life evolved there, so for them it’s a rich agricultural garden world, but for the human visitors it’s rather unpleasant. Spacesuits are being warn this and every season when out and about.
While the plant life is diurnal, the animals must cope either with a wide range of temperatures or be crepuscular: either living underground to avoid the noon and midnight and being most active in the twilight seasons, or constantly moving to remain in the moderate temperatures.
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Very cool! What are the high and low temperatures? Are there life forms that molt into different stages for day and night?
Very cool! What are the high and low temperatures? Are there life forms that molt into different stages for day and night?
Mean temperature is 300k (27C), reaching a daytime average high of 64C and nighttime average low of -20C

Taking latitude into account:

So, major evaporation on the sunward side, causing major rain on that side and major snowfall and accumulation on the night. Dawn brings thawing and flooding.
I expect that the rivers run deep!

For the polar temperature I think I need to calculate the twilight temperature as the axial tilt is only 1.2, otherwise the polar temperature is simultaneously +35 and -43C. Or should I just take the mean temperature at 90 degrees latitude, which is 0C?
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Now I need to find this one particular world buried in my files some time ago and give it the Handbook polish.

In summery, it's a very pleasant garden world with ground and floating cities. TL 15 with an A port. Thing is, you need special permission to land on the surface ports and they are very draconian about trespassers. The world population is in the millions. What you don't see are living laborers. Whether you see them or not, automation serves the elite. Vast robotic armies and system ships guard and secure the world. Robots build robots. All manufacturing and economics are handled by expert systems.

Where are the normal people? As the technology of the world rose and robotics became commonplace, the upper class slowly replaced the population with automation at all levels with the riches of the world always going upward. Poverty and an uncaring elite caused massive death over time. To speed up the removal of the lower classes, the ruling bodies became 'generous' and sent huge numbers of people to nearby worlds as refugees and the robots removed any traces of their habitation to be replaced with terraformed lands of natural beauty and grandeur only appreciated by the well to do.

Tourists can stay at the starport and take in the spectacular accomplishments the inhabitants are proud of. Other worlds still trade for goods and services of a vast robotic culture though some share a distain or even hatred for how it was achieved but can't do anything.

Oh, I need to find and rebuild!