Masive damage save?


am i reading the rules right?
is the massive damage save dificulty 10+ half the damage delt? so the dificulty will always be over 20?
say the damage of the blow is 22, 22/2=11, 10 +11+21, is this right?
if the damage was 24 the save dificulty would be 22?

Are certain creatures immune to massive damage?
Or how about just some huge creature with a bunch of hp (over 100 or more) that doesn’t specify in the descriptions it’s immune,
Can someone share some insight on how the rules apply to high hp creatures?

I strongly suggest you use the rules for creature types from 3.5 D&D in Conan. If you don't have these books you can download a free SRD with the relevant rules. According to these rules only constructs and undead are immune to massive damage saves. A huge creature with a bunch of hp will usually have a good DV, DR, and Fort save. It won't be immune to massive damage saves, but at least it will be somewhat resistant. You could also use an optional rule from D&D that increases the massive damage threshold of larger creatures. Save DC's will remain the same, but larger creatures won't have to save as often.
You could add 10 to the base of the save for each size increase of the creature 10=m 20=l 30=h 40=g

The whole massive dmg thing really does give it that movie feel... PCs love it when they do the dmg, they dont when there told, save for massive dmg :p
I go the opposite way of DasClay, and raise the threshold for larger creatures.

Large - can take 30 points of damage before requiring a massive damge save, DC = 10 + Damage/3
Huge - can take 40 points of damage before requiring a massive damge save, DC = 10 + Damage/4
These are good rules for Large creatures, but what about demons and others that are special, yet not big.

Im looking for ideas.
It seems dramatic and consistent with the source material to keep the massive damage save threshold at 20 even for large or huge creatures. Conan always seems to be able to thrust his sword deep into the creature and thereby kill it. As to demons and massive damage, if the weapon used will affect it then I would use normal massive damage rules as well.
Yeah, in one of the stories (The Black Man? or something) Conan just picks up a silver bench and throws it at a super-baddite demon (human sized) and knocks it into the fireplace, killing it. No muss, no fuss. I think that could illustrate a good massive damage kill.