Lorestone of Nyaxtor

Timber Wolf

Okay I'm trying to get the locations and who is in possession of the various Lorestones of Nyaxtor when Lone Wolf finds them.

The Lorestone of Varetta - A tomb within the crypt of Tekaro Cathedral.
The Lorestone of Herdos
The Lorestone of Ohrido
The Lorestone of Tahou
The Lorestone of Luomi
The Lorestone of Xaagon
The Lorestone of Nyaxtor
Those names of the last two stones were not those given to them by Joe Dever... it also seems rather unreasonable that the Elder Magi would place a Lorestone in Xaagon.


Varetta - in the Tekara Cathedral as you say.
Herdos - kept by Zahda in some sort of force field together with a Doomstone above his throne.
Ohrido - where the Elder Magi left it in their temple. A bit unclear exactly where, as it materializes in LW's hands.
Tahou - according to legend, thrown into the Tahou Cauldron by the Anarians. There guarded by the Crocaryx of Zaaryx. Also a bit uncertain exactly where it is kept as it materializes in a similar way t the one in Ohrido...
Luomi - captured by Gnaag during the Hammerland invasion of Eru and kept in an energy "fountain" above the shadow gate of Torgar.
Gamir (Darke) - captured by Gnaag, also in Torgar.
Vinaldo (Sphydar) - captured by Gnaag, also in Torgar.

Of the last three stones, LW only manages to grab one in Torgar; a second he snatches from a scarlet clad warrior who picked it up where it landed in the Daziarn, in the Grand Sepulchre in burial grounds of Tolakos. The last he takes from Vonotar after killing him in the Temple of the Sandai in the city of Haagadar.
Thank you it was an idea for an adventure I had where the player's come into possession of the stones, but a Dessi seer tells them they have to take the Lorestones and put them in these various dangerous locations for a future hero to find and save the world from eternal darkness.