Intrincate Swordplay feat and shields



Hi all,
I haven't seen this mentioned in the FAQ so I want to know if anyone on this forum knows the answer or can make up one :wink: .
Can a character wield a shield while using the Intrincate Swordplay feat?

The feat states that in order to get its benefits you can only wield a one handed weapon on one hand. This decreases dramatically the damage such character can inflict, and I think it is a fair drawback. But it doesn't say explicitally whether you can use one shield.

A large shield grants +4 to DV parry and you may wield whatever one-handed weapon you want -not only arming and broad swords. More importantly, you would be able to wear heavy armor and a shield, while heavy armor is banned for Intrincate Swordplay users.

My point is that if you can't wield a shield while using Intrincate Swordplay, then the feat isn't any good, since you will need a Cha of 20+ to best the DV of a shield using fighter, and he has not any aditional restrictions on armor or weapons as the Improved Swordplay character has.
I do not want to unbalance the game if I'm wrong, but I found this feat really cool and don't want to make it useless either.
Should I allow Shield+Intrincate Swordplay or not? What do you think?

PS:If someone at Mongoose knows the answer and reads this I think we all would be grateful if he told us.
Well, just going over the rules quickly, I would allow only a buckler to be used with the intricate swordplay feat. This would give your average Zingaran soldier at 1 st level a parry DV of 17 (ave of 14 cha +2 +1 parry feat+2 for the buckler+2 ave dex bonus.) Also, the IS feat is designed to use at least med armour which gives a DR value of about 6 (plus steel cap helmet DR 7.) A DV of 17 and DR of 7 sounds good to my for a 1 st level soldier.

A large shield does not lend well to an intracate style of fencing (which the IS feat is simulating,) picture Roman Soldiers with their shields...Not very mobile.

That's the way I see it, I could be wrong, however.
Sure you can, why wouldn't you?

Conan RPG said:
Intricate Swordplay (General)
You have been trained in the flashy, Western style of swordplay, erhaps at one of the great fencing schools of Zingara or Aquilonia.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (broadsword, rapier or arming sword), Parry, Combat Expertise, Cha 13.
Beneft: Whenever you have a broadsword or arming sword in one hand, and are wearing at most medium armor, you may add your Charisma bonus as a parry bonus to your Defence Value.
Special: A character who has seven or more levels of the barbarian class may not select this feat. If a character with this feat ever gains seven or more levels in the barbarian class, he immediately and permanently loses this feat.
Emphasis mine

The feat makes no mention of weither or not you can use a shield or even weither or not you can have anyting in your off hand at all. You just must be holding at least one broadsword or arming sword in at least one hand and not be wearing heavy armor. You can use your off hand to hold a shield, another weapon, a rope attached to a chandiler or a dark haired damsel by her voluptuous waist. Whatever you want.

Of course a true swashbuckler would take Two Weapon Defence and fight with arming sword and poinard. 8)