How old are you?

32 now 33 in december and yes conan players seem to be older but thats not a bad thing as conans world is a more adult world than others 8)
27, and a Conan fan since I was 12. I begun reading the comic books, then the novels, then the film... and now at last the RPG game! It was a big surprise when I saw the spanish rulebook on a local comic store.

...I feel like a kid with a new toy :D
Nice Avatar! My fencing teacher is the guy who was the Fencing Master for that movie, "The Mission", procured the blades, taught De Niro. Of Course, he's retired now.
Thanks, Joe taught the most of the guys who now teach other fight choreographers how to fence in the last 50 years. He's still deadly with a rapier!!
33 (soon to be 34), and played since 1986. For now Conan is only rpg (thank god), used to play in 3 different partis and different games also...
42 will be 43 in two months. I have been gaming for over 25 years. My first character (D&D) was named Conan!
Easily one of the youngest here, at 19, since last weekend! :)

I hope I'm still roleplaying when I reach the 40's :) That's really cool.
I am now 43 years wise, and have been gaming now for about 28 years. I regularly Play with a select group of mid to mature age RPG'ers, and We take turns of the GM's Cap as each Campaign plays out ...

I have run: Various incarnations of the Tekumel RPG, StarWars RPG and more recently Conan RPG. I've also wargamed extensively in the past, play Chess, and I'm a Living History re-enactor within multiple groups.

Currnetly, I'm running a lone PC through a two-parter Quest from Kusan. I regularly confer with my Friend Raven who has offered some excellent and considerable postings to this Forum ...
33 and played nearly everything :)

started with D&D (of course *g*) in the 80's

today it's mainly Shadowrun, Judge Dredd, Conan and D20 StarWars
Bregales said:
foxworthy said:
25 and I started back when I was 12, wow it's been a while...
34 and started when I was 12, so I know what you mean, it HAS been a while! :lol:

Yeah it's amazing that I've spent half my life on one hobby... hell I might have been able to put my self through college if I didn't buy all these books...